11 December 2018: Updated the links page. Removed some dead links, fixed some broken links, added some new ones, etc. Just general upkeep, that sort of stuff.

01 September 2018: Damn, it's been a while. Had trouble finding time to update lately. Anyway, I wrote another Adventure Time fanfic (had this one rolling around my head for about two years now; since the show's ending on Monday, I figured this was as good a time as any to write it): "Solitary Company". So if anyone else is as much of a fan of TV, Charlie, and the episode "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension", as I am, well then come on down.

12 March 2018: Are you a Cardcaptor Sakura fan? Do you like the song "Okashi no Uta"? Are you constantly annoyed by the fact that no one seems to have transcribed the spoken parts in that song? WELL SO AM I so I hunted through the internet and finally managed to hunt down a copy of the song that was fully subtitled (albeit only in Japanese, but hey). After I'd written it down and transliterated it into Romaji (thanks, Google Translate), I figured I might as well toss it up on my site for others to enjoy, so: "Okashi no Uta" full lyrics! Which can be found on the misc page, for the record. Enjoy~

31 January 2018 (after midnight): Happy New Year! I'm only thirty days late ;). Slightly tweaked some of the footnotes for the cast list on the main index for the Cats Lyrics Page (nothing big, just clarified some stuff that wasn't worded clearly). Added a new link.

19 December 2017: Merry Christmas! I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Christmas in Space", which wasn't edited. Woohoo!

01 November 2017: Minor update to the Regular Show UK Edits List; fixed an error in the section for "The Dome Experiment". I somehow screwed up when writing the section for that one before, so previously it said Maellard's line was "Alright! The zombie apocalypse was a test.." etc etc, instead of "The experiment was a test". Anyway, it's fixed now.

30 October 2017: Ah.. it's the end of an era, the last "Terror Tales" ep I'll have to look through. Feels weird. Anyway yup, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Terror Tales of the Park VI"; I also tweaked the general edits section, and the section for "Terror Tales of the Park IV" (nothing new, just decided to clarify the differing credits, and the title card edit).

19 September 2017: Been working on this for the last few weeks, and it's finally finished.. I'm proud to present the Cats Lyrics Page! Cats is my favourite musical.. I picked up the Broadway and Australian cast recording CDs recently and it made me want to compare the lyrics between them and the London OCR, soooo I did :) And I threw in the video too, cause why not. So if you're a Cats fan and/or a nerd like me that is interested in comparison stuff like this, well, here ya go :)

19 August 2017 (at 01:53 am): Tonight I had a random urge to do something totally pointless! So I added the G1 MLP appearance chart. It's meant to go along with the G1 MLP cast list, so I added a link to it at the bottom of that page (I added a link to the main page, too - figured I might as well). Basically, I was curious who appeared the most and which ep had the most characters in it, so there we go. I dunno if it'll be of any use to anyone else, but it took me long enough to put together that I figured I should do something with it, hahaha.

17 July 2017 (at 00:48 am): Biiiig update tonight! To the Regular Show UK Edits List, specifically. (Again, I'm not gonna do all of season 8, just a couple of eps here and there.) Let's see. The section for "The Real Thomas" got a very small tweak. The three comparison images that were still hosted on Photobucket have been moved to KOL since Photobucket's gone off the deep end and all (for more detail, please consult Google - and if you have any images hosted on Photobucket, I'd suggest moving them off ASAP). Apologies if those images were inaccessible over the last week or so. Speaking of comparison pics, you might remember that a few of the older ones had bad colour distortion due to the DVD player I was using at the time. That really bothered me, so I re-recorded those eps and I'm happy to say that those screenshots are no longer all washed-out ^^ So "Sleep Fighter", "Skips in the Saddle", "The Postcard", "The Heart of a Stuntman", "Dodge This" and "A Skips in Time" have all had their comparison pics updated. Finally, I added comparisons for "Stuck in an Elevator", "The Dream Warrior", "Pam I Am", "Welcome to Space", "Cool Bro Bots", "The Dome Experiment Special", "One Space Day at a Time" and "The Space Race". Two of them are uncut and the rest have edits; I'll let you find out which are which. This update took a lot of work, so I hope you enjoy it! :)

28 June 2017: Got bored today, so I decided to check through "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" for edits. Turns out there was a redubbed line (well, two redubbed lines, but they're for the same thing), so I added it to the Regular Show UK Edits List. Also added a bit to the top of the page to reflect that I'm still updating the page every once in a blue moon.. I'm still not going to complete the page, but there's a couple more eps I'd like to check through for edits (mostly specials, since they're pretty easy to look out for.. I'll probably end up doing the finale, too), so I figured I might as well add a note about that *somewhere*, lol.

08 June 2017: Updated the links page (added some, removed some, fixed a few links, etc).

31 May 2017 (after midnight): Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite (for the last time, probably). Slightly tweaked the main page and the contact me to note that the AMZ fansite isn't going to be updated any more (or at least, it's incredibly unlikely that I'll be updating it again, lol). I fixed a small typo on the 'contact me' page, too.

30 May 2017: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

18 May 2017: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

10 May 2017: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

02 May 2017 (after midnight): Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

18 March 2017: Small update to the Regular Show UK Edits list. They reran season one recently, with synopses, so I went through and checked to see if the DVD edits carried onto the TV airings for them all (they do, except for "The Unicorns Have Got To Go"). Because when the DVD came out (in 2014), RS reruns usually just had generic synopses, so it was hard to check through for a specific ep. But now they usually have episode-specific ones, so it's easier to record a specific ep to check for stuff like this. And it bothered me how my page was all "well I THINK these were edited for TV airings too, but I'm not 100% certain cause blah blah blah", so I wanted to fix that. XD So I updated the general edits + season one sections (in particular, "Caffeinated Concert Tickets", because they seem to be airing another version of that ep now) with info on all of that. Nothing major, just small stuff, but it makes me feel better to know it's on there now. I also added a small aside/clarification/whatever to the section for "Terror Tales of the Park" (the first one).

15 January 2017 (at 01:39 am): First update of the year, wooo!! Added another Adventure Time transcript: "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension". Enjoy! I also fixed one or two errors in my transcript of "Summer Showers"~

31 December 2016: One more update before the year's out. I added a new transcript, specifically, for the Adventure Time episode "Summer Showers" :) Enjoy~

15 December 2016: MERRY CHRISTMAS have a Regular Show UK Edits List update!! It bothered me that these two eps weren't on there (since CN UK went from "The Real Thomas" to "Sad Sax", because that's the kind of ridiculous thing they do), so I went ahead and added "The White Elephant Gift Exchange" and "Merry Christmas Mordecai". Both were edited, though they were pretty small edits, all things considered. I also added a screenshot to the section for "Terror Tales of the Park V" and fixed a typo or two. Enjoy~ Oh, and I updated the main page to reflect that the RS edits page isn't being updated any more (well, not regularly, anyway. heh, "regularly"...).

01 December 2016: Updated the contact me page, because apparently it wasn't clear enough before.

05 November 2016: Slightly updated the Regular Show UK Edits List (and the Terror Tales 1 transcript thing). Nothing big, just fixing some grammatical errors, clarifying some confusingly worded stuff, etc.

03 November 2016: Happy November, have a site update. I said before that I'd probably still do comparisons for the Halloween specials, and I figure I might as well keep up with them :B there's only one more left to air in the UK, after all. So I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Terror Tales of the Park V". I also tweaked the general edits section (just making things a bit more concise/less wordy) and the section for "Over the Top" (no new edits, just amending a previous statement of mine that's - unfortunately - no longer true).

26 September 2016: Updated the list of titles for the original MLP specials with some more info. (Turns out even the original [?] TV airings had mismatched title cards. ..Yeah.)

20 September 2016: Okay, well, I wasn't doing anything today and I happened to catch the ep on TV by chance (it was on before today's Adventure Time!), and it always bothered me how I had to skip past this one since it was aired out of order over here, so I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Eileen Flat Screen". Just a small dialogue edit, nothin' major, but it's up now. :B

17 September 2016 (at 01:31 am): Added another link to the links page, and changed one text link to a banner :)

15 September 2016: Haven't updated for a while, huh. Partly because I was dealing with computer issues for pretty much all of August, and partly cause, well, I haven't really had anything to update with anyway. :B Anyway.. I fixed a small typo on the "Terror Tales 4" transcript page thing and added another link to the links page.

30/31 July 2016: I say "30/31" since I started this update on the 30th and didn't finish until the morning of the 31st, haha. (I mean, I took breaks every now and then, of course..) Anyway.. Big update time! I added some new links. Some cool stuff there, go and check it out. I also added some new info to my edits page.. thing for the Adventure Time episode "Bad Little Boy" (and before anyone asks - yeah, I know CN UK censor AT to hell and back over here nowadays, but I still don't have any plans for making any other edits pages for Adventure Time. I don't have the time or inclination; besides, other people have got it pretty well covered). Speaking of edits, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits list! Yeah, I know, I said I wasn't going to work on it any more, and that still holds true for the most part, but there were some little things I needed to fix, and a rather major edit that I happened to notice and wanted to write about. I'm not going to update it full-time ever again, like I did before, but I may come back and update it every once in a blue moon for like, specials, and stuff. (Emphasis on "may", I'm not promising anything here) Anyway, to get to the point, I added "Happy Birthday Song Contest" (because it was paired with "Terror Tales 4" for its premiere), "Terror Tales of the Park IV" (because they cut half of it out over here) and "Regular Show: The Movie" (because it's the movie, c'mon, there was no way I was missing that). I also slightly updated the general edits section and the entries for "The Real Thomas" and "Silver Dude". Finally, unrelated to RS, I fixed a small typo in my transcript for "The Diary". Whew!

09 April 2016: Finally finished a page I've been working on (on and off) for a while now: the G1 "My Little Pony" cast list! In case you ever wondered who appeared in the original series. (Original = not Tales. I dunno if I'll do one for Tales later, we'll see how I feel.) Dunno how much use it'll get, but whatever, it was fun to put together and hey, maybe someone else'll find it useful! (Also before anyone asks - no, it didn't literally take me two/three years to do this. I started the page in 2014 and it laid dormant for about a year - partially due to lack of motivation, partially because I couldn't access my DVDs of the series - before I started working on it again about a month ago) SO if you're interested, um, that's a thing now, I guess! I also updated the links page slightly, added a bit to my old transcript for "Escape from Catrina" (I finally noticed that there are two Poseys as well as two Lickety-Splits in the last scene.. dunno how I missed that before ^^;), and tweaked the misc page a little bit.

02 February 2016 (a couple of minutes after midnight): Updated the links page, slightly tweaked "May You Be The Road" (I added one line, the fic didn't work right without it, imo). Also I finally went and got myself an account on Archive of Our Own, so I updated the fanfics page to add AO3 links for my AT fics (and also I rewrote the summary for "May You Be The Road"). :B

11 December 2015: I wrote another fanfic! Specifically, an Adventure Time fic: "May You Be The Road". Like my last one, it focuses on King of Ooo and Toronto, so idk how much ~*universal appeal*~ it'll have, but there you go. They're my favourite characters, what more can I say. XD It does have minor spoilers for the ending of "Stakes", though, so if you haven't seen that yet... go and watch it now. XD

01 December 2015: Fixed up my transcript for "The Diary" slightly (to add a missing word ^^;).

14 August 2015: Turns out I missed an edit in "Daddy Issues", so I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to reflect that~

08 August 2015: Added "The Real Thomas" and "Sad Sax" to the Regular Show UK Edits List. This marks the end of an era, so to speak, as I have an announcement to make... I am officially closing the RS UK Edits List. The site itself isn't going anywhere, don't worry, but I'm no longer going to update it from this day onwards. To be honest, this has been a long time coming.. for one thing, real life is starting to become more stressful, to the point where I can't always update the site straight away, as is probably obvious. But mostly.. my interest in Regular Show in general has been dwindling increasingly since season four, and in general it's just not enjoyable for me any more. I stuck with it this long, but it's time to let it go. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone. Thanks to everyone who's supported this site - it's been a great four and a half years. :)

08 August 2015 (at 02:56 am): Yep, still working on the comparison for "The Real Thomas". (It's taking a long time in part because there are so many edits, but also because I've got a lot of other stuff to do, as well. But I'll try my best to have it done before the week's through.) Anyway, it was pointed out to me that I missed some edits in two earlier episodes, so I went ahead and updated Regular Show UK Edits List to add two edits for "Firework Run" and "Country Club". I also tweaked the section for the original "Terror Tales" ep very slightly, since they've shown that one every Halloween since 2012 and thus will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. :p Until next time..

03 August 2015: Aaaaaaand we're back! Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add higher quality comparison pics for "Skips' Story", "Paint Job", "Expert or Liar", "Gold Watch", "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" and "The End of Muscle Man". Expect another update either tomorrow or later on in the week (depending on how long it takes/how busy I am). :D

31 July 2015: So this is one of those "not really an update" kind of updates, sorry. I just wanted to explain why it's been so quiet 'round here lately. I dunno if anyone looks at this page and I'm probably just mostly writing this for myself anyway, but.. -shrug- I want to get it off my chest so here we go.
Basically, the reason why the Regular Show UK edits list hasn't been updated in weeks isn't due to my own procrastination/laziness/whatever.. for once. I really, really want to update it - it's been on my mind all the time - but y'see, I take these comparison screenshots by taping the episodes off my TV and onto a DVD, then putting that into a computer and going from there. Which is a pretty old-fashioned/outdated way of doing things, yeah, but I'm set in my ways and it works out fine for me anyway, so. Also I'm too cheap to get a capture card. But yeah, the problem here is that my DVD player, I have no idea what's wrong with it or why it's doing this, but it's currently screwing the colours up. What should look like this is displaying (and recording) as this. (Yes, this is definitely, for sure, a problem with the recorder and not the TV. I've checked.) Now, I really don't want to take screenshots with the colour all washed out (for one thing, some of the comparison pics I've already got up are similarly discoloured for some reason - I was going to try and re-record those and update the pics when I had time), so I've got to wait until the recorder's fixed. Which yeah, it's in the process of being fixed, I guess, but it's a slow process and I have little control over it. (I'd also rather not add the comparison for "The Real Thomas" until I can get screenshots, since they help to illustrate the many edits made to that episode, if that makes sense.)
So what I'm saying is that no matter how much I desperately want to update the site, I'm basically stuck and unable to do anything until I can get a hold of a working DVD recorder. I may, hopefully, be able to do this sometime next week, but unfortunately right now I can't make any promises. But yes, in summary, that's why the site hasn't been updating. So.. yeah. Just wanted to explain that, heh.. I hate not updating in a timely manner, I know it's annoying, I'm sorry.

27 July 2015: Added some new links to the links page. Sorry for the silence around here lately.. I can't update the RS site until I have access to a DVD player that works properly, and unfortunately that's out of my hands right now. Sorry :c.

06 July 2015: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

05 July 2015: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

24 June 2015 (at 01:23 am): DVD player's still broken. Sigh. Anyway, I went ahead and updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add comparison pics for "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!", "Paint Job" and "The End of Muscle Man". Low-quality photos, sorry, but it's all I can do atm and I figured low-quality pics were better than no pics at all.

08 June 2015: Tweaked my transcript for "The Diary" very slightly (one word was wrong.. :p), also slightly updated the fanfic page (partly to add an intro of sorts, and also because since the last update, Toronto showed up in Adventure Time again, so I rewrote my notes for my AT fic to reflect that.)

01 June 2015: Added a new fanfic: "Streets of Gold", an Adventure Time fanfic! I dunno how interesting it'll be to most people, since it centers on two incredibly minor characters (specifically, King of Ooo and Toronto the Shiba Inu), but hey, I like 'em. :p So there you go.

30 May 2015: Okay, so I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is, my DVD player isn't working properly, so I can't take any comparison screenshots of animation edits made to recent episodes of RS. So because of this, it'll take me a while to be able to add a comparison for "The Real Thomas" (it'll make a lot more sense with images, I'd rather add that update all in one go). I'm really sorry about this, I was hoping to get it up this weekend :( The good news is, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List anyway, to add "Tent Trouble", "Paint Job" (both censored), "Maxin' and Relaxin'", "New Bro on Campus", "Daddy Issues" (not censored), "The End of Muscle Man" (censored) and "Lift With Your Back" (uncensored). I also updated the "general edits" section. Again, sorry for the lack of comparison images for some of those; I'll add them as soon as I can.

29 May 2015: This is technically a "non-update", sorry. Just a heads-up that I spent all of today (er, "today" meaning the 28th, since it's after midnight now, I guess) going through Regular Show episodes and I'm caught up now. The bad news is that one episode ("The Real Thomas") literally contains so many edits that it's going to take me a while to put this update together ^^;; So I'll probably update later in the week. Just wanted to put up a "heads up" to show that I *have* been working on it ^^;;. That said, I did go ahead and add the airdates for the season 6 eps (that have aired over here so far) to the Regular Show UK Edits List. Figured it'd be easier to add them now, heh.

15 May 2015: ughh, sorry for the delay in updates. I've actually had this update prepared for a while, I was just waiting until I could get round to taking a screenshot of one of the edits.. but I figured it'd be better to just update the site now and add a screenshot later, heh. So yes, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" and "Take the Cake", both of which were edited.

29 April 2015: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Catching the Wave" and "Thomas Fights Back".. and yes, both of them were edited. I also added airdates for "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" and "Tent Trouble", since I forgot to do that before.

20 April 2015: Bunch of miscellaneous updates today, whee. First off, I added a transcript for the Adventure Time episode, "The Diary"! Didn't plan to transcribe any AT eps, but I really love this episode (I'm a shameless TV fangirl, so sue me :p), so what the heck. Speaking of transcripts, I also slightly updated my transcripts for "Bright Lights" and "Rescue at Midnight Castle" (typo fixes, things like that). I tweaked the section for "The Unicorns Have Got To Go" on the Regular Show UK Edits List very slightly (and yeah, I'll try and get back to updating that soon, just haven't had the time lately). Finally, I added some new links to the links page (as well as removing one or two dead links). :)

28 March 2015: Had a lot of spare time today, so I managed to get through some more eps :) Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Expert or Liar", "Gold Watch" and "Skips' Story", all of which were censored. (CN UK seem to be really cracking down on violence lately, huh?) Sorry for the low quality comparison pics, btw; as usual, I'll replace them as soon as I can.

24 March 2015: Aaand I'm back again, with another update to the ol' Regular Show UK Edits List thing! :B Specifically, I added "Real Date" (not censored) and "The Postcard (censored). I'm slowly but surely working through the backlog of eps I have to check through, haha.

24 March 2015 (at 02:45 am): I keep odd hours, yes. Anyways, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List, as I finally got the time to check through "I Like You Hi" and "Skips in the Saddle" (both of which were censored, sadly). Also added sections for "Thomas Fights Back" and "Catching the Wave". Will try and get through the rest of the season 5 eps soon, it's just a matter of having the time to check through them (and not being too stressed to do it, but that's another matter entirely..). Also added a new link to the Links page.

15 March 2015 (at 2:15 am): Yeah... it's been a while, huh? Heh. Anyway, first off, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add newer, cleaner comparison screenshots for "A Skips in Time", "The Heart of a Stuntman", "Dodge This", "Sleep Fighter" and "The Christmas Special" (and btw - yes, I know the season 5 screenshots are kind of washed out - I have no idea why they're like that, but there's nothing I can do about it, sorry). Also added sections for the rest of the season 5 eps.. Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The short version is, lack of motivation and also being too busy/overwhelmed with real life stuff; nowadays, it's hard for me to find the time (and again, motivation) to sit down and go through episodes. ^^; BUT I'll try and get through those eps soon, yes. Anyway, I also added a link to the links page (not a big update, heh, but I figured no page of Sylvanian Families-related links was complete without a link to SSK :B).

12 January 2015: It's late, but happy new year anyways. I updated the links page to add some new ones, fix some broken images/links, etc. ^^

24 December 2014: Merry (almost) Christmas!! Have an update. I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List; added a comparison pic for "The Heart of a Stuntman" (kept forgetting to do this, but it's there now! Not really much of a difference, but hey) and also added links to each section, since the page is getting pretty big now and I figured it'd be helpful. ^^

15 December 2014: Received an email with all the UK airdates for the season one eps, so I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to reflect that~

09 December 2014: Okay, so.. let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, I went to HMV and found a Regular Show DVD! Specifically, a season one DVD. So I bought it, mostly because I was curious about whether or not it was edited (yeah, I know). Well, the answer is yes, it is indeed edited. (So yeah, for any UK fans that were hoping for an uncut, region 2 DVD release, looks like you're out of luck. :c On the plus side, I'm pretty sure the region 1/US DVDs aren't censored. I don't imagine they would be, anyway) Anyway, the main reason I'm saying this is that, aside from the previous edits, the DVD contained some *new* edits. SO I went through them all last week and updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to reflect that. (I also added sections for "I Like You Hi" and "Skips in the Saddle" since they aired over here a while ago.. haven't had time to check through them yet though, sorry) WOO.

24 November 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add "Play Date", "Saving Time", "The Thanksgiving Special" and "Terror Tales of the Park III" (yaaay, all caught up again). Also updated the section for "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys" since I missed some edits before, funfunfun.

22 November 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add "Guitar of Rock", "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys" and "Bad Portrait".

21 November 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add "The Heart of a Stuntman", "Portable Toilet" (both edited), "Rigby in the Sky with Burrito", "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit" and "Video 101" (not edited). Sorry for taking so long to update, been busy with rl. I'll try and check through the rest of the episodes that have aired and update again soon..

10 October 2014: Alright, it was pointed out to me that I missed edits from three Regular Show episodes ("Survival Skills", "Bank Shot" and "Power Tower"), so I updated the UK Edits site to reflect that. (Didn't think I'd be able to update this until next week, but as it turned out, I had some free time this morning so here we go. :B) Once again, I'll be away this weekend, so I likely won't update again until later on next week.

06 October 2014: Woah hey, a Monday update! Been a while since THAT'S happened, huh? :B Anyway yeah, updated the Regular Show UK Edits list, to add "Survival Skills", "Bank Shot" (<33) and "Power Tower" (ugh). As a note, I'll be gone this weekend, so it's possible (probable, I'd say) that next week's update will prolly not be up until later on in the week. Just, y'know, for the record.

26 September 2014: First off, I updated my transcript for "Bye Bye Beavers", partially to fix some minor errors, and also to add a link to something I discovered last night.. some of the storyboards for that ep are online! Definitely check that out if you have the time. In other news, I finally got round to updating the Regular Show UK Edits list. Sorry it took so long, but.. y'know, it does take time to check through episodes for edits, I don't always have the time (or inclination, tbh) to do that. ^^; Anyways, I added "Silver Dude" (not edited), "A Skips in Time" and "Dodge This" (both edited - and before anyone asks, no, there wasn't a new episode this week, for.. some reason), and also updated the section for "Sleep Fighter" since hey, turns out that one was edited too. ENJOY. :B
23:50 pm: I take it back - turns out "Silver Dude" *was* edited. So.. I updated the site to reflect that. Yep!

13 September 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK edits list slightly.. mostly just updating the opening paragraph. Also yes, I am aware that new episodes are airing again, I'll update whenever I get round to checking for edits. (Probably next Monday, because the idea of a double update sounds super appealing atm) Because again, updating that site is low on my priority list in general, even more so nowadays, considering my interest in RS is waning fast (sorry to say, but I haven't really been enjoying most of the newer episodes).

04 September 2014: Added a new link to the links page.

11 August 2014 (at 03:39 am): Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

23 July 2014: Added some new links to the links page.
21:39 pm: Okay, I finally added descriptions for "Tants", "Every Meat Burritos" and "Laundry Woes" to the Regular Show UK Edits page. Sorry it took so long, but, y'know, none of them were edited, so you weren't.. really missing anything, lol. Also yes, the show is still on hiatus over here; I don't think the new eps'll start airing in the UK again until September, at this rate. (Again, that is just my guess, I don't know for sure either way) Just so you know..

30 June 2014 (at 01:23 am): I'm not dead, honest.. ^^; Anyway, nothing too exciting to report, just updated the links to some of the fanfics on the fanfics page since I decided to put some of them on here as well as ff.net. (Nothing against FF.net, mind, I just like having multiple backups of things cause I'm paranoid :p)
With regard to Regular Show - the show is on hiatus over here. When it comes back, I'll prolly update more regularly. But y'know, like I've said many, many times before, that site is pretty much at the bottom of my priority list; updating it is only ever a priority for me if an episode has actually been censored. Plus the show itself has been getting a little stale for me lately, tbh. But hey! I'll try and get back into the swing of things sometime ;).

02 June 2014: Yeah, I know, it's been a month. Sorry about that. Anyway, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Benson's Car", "Wall Buddy" and "New Year's Kiss". I also added sections for "Tants" and "Every Meat Burritos", however, they're empty atm since I've had neither the time nor the drive to check them for edits. Soon, hopefully.

02 May 2014: Okay, well, turns out "Family BBQ" was censored over here, so I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to reflect that. I also added a section for "Laundry Woes" since it turns out they *are* going to show season five right away over here, which is pretty cool. (I still need to check that ep for edits, but hey)

21 April 2014: Happy Easter! I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Party Re-Pete". Been a looong while since an episode's been censored over here.. I'm not sure if they'll put RS on hiatus over here now (since they've aired all of the season 4 eps in the UK as of today) or just start showing season 5 right away; I'd guess the former, but I guess we'll see next Monday. :B

16 April 2014: Guess. Go on, guess what page was updated. ...yeah, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List. Specifically, I added "Sleep Fighter", which was, surprisingly, uncut. :P

08 April 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Steak Me Amadeus".

01 April 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Blind Trust". I also finally got round to watching the UK airing of "K.I.L.I.T. Radio" and found it un-edited as expected, so I updated the section for that ep to reflect that. :B

29 March 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Fool Me Twice". Sorry for not updating it earlier on in the week, I've got a sieve memory for stuff like that. (Not that you're missing much, anyways.. Updating my site's only a priority when an episode's actually been censored, lol.)

20 March 2014: Updated the CatDog Music Page to add the songs from the movie, at last! (Okay, okay, I know I said I had no plans to rip them, but I caved. I hate leaving things half-finished :p) I also added two original demos, that were originally posted on Peter Hannan's site. So all in all, eight songs have been added :) I believe that I now have every song from CatDog available for download! So on the off-chance that any CatDog fans are out there looking at this site - enjoy!!
01:42 am: Changed the CD version of "A Pretty Little Piece of Paradise" from a .wma to an .mp3. :)

19 March 2014: FINALLY updated the CatDog music page! I know, it's been two years. In my defense, I didn't actually have anything to add to it before now ^^; Anyways, I found a copy of an old CD (I think it was also released as a cassette? I dunno), The Newest Nicktoons, on the internet, and it had some CatDog songs on it! :D And the quality was awesome so I decided to rip them and put them on my site, hee. (I put them up as seperate downloads, since they are slightly different from the episode rips) I figure since the CD was released in 2001, it wouldn't hurt. (Also, some people may not want to buy the CD for just a few tracks - I'm one of them - so. :) Although, that said, if you ARE interested in buying the CD, please do if you're able to!) Anyway, six songs have been added, so check them out if you're interested. :B In other news, I added "Last Meal" to the Regular Show UK Edits List.

10 March 2014: Added "Country Club", "Family BBQ" and "World's Best Boss" to the Regular Show UK Edits list. Sorry for not adding the first two before. I've been feeling pretty burned out on Regular Show lately, so it's hard to feel inspired to work on the site ^^;;; Heh, sorry.

21 February 2014 (at 12:16 am): Updated my transcript for "Rescue at Midnight Castle". First off, I made some parts a little more descriptive. I also tweaked the lyrics to "Call Upon the Sea Ponies" to correct one or two errors, since, amazingly enough, the storyboarder for that scene has uploaded the boards on his site! VERY cool, if you're at all interested in ponies (or just animation in general!), get the hell off my site and go and look at those boards instead! ;) I also slightly tweaked my transcripts for "Escape from Catrina" and "Crunch the Rockdog" (just fixing typos, also adding in Habbit's name since I only found out he had a name recently.. ^^;;;). Oh... and I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "The Last LaserDisc Player".

17 February 2014: Added my partial transcript/censorship notes page/whatever of "Bad Little Boy" to the misc page, since I totally forgot to do that before x_x; Please note that there wasn't a new episode of Regular Show today; there was an Adventure Time marathon instead (and speaking of, today's new ep of AT was slightly edited too; maybe I should just make a UK edits page for Adventure Time, too. We'll see). However, there's a Regular Show marathon in the UK this Wednesday, and it looks like they'll be showing a new episode then, so as usual, if it's censored, I'll update ASAP :). (Also yes, there was a mini-marathon on the 14th, but it was just re-runs. If you're wondering.)

10 February 2014: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Meteor Moves" (yes, there was only one new episode this week; on the plus side, it looks like there'll be a mini-marathon on Friday, and a full marathon next week). Also updated the section for "Skips' Stress".

05 February 2014: Okay, I'm an idiot. So I was just looking at the Regular Show UK Edits List and it turns out I never added air dates for "K.I.L.I.T. Radio" or "Carter and Briggs", even though they aired back in November. Sorry about that. I also added air dates for this week's episodes, "Skips' Stress" and "Cool Cubed". I'll try and watch through these eps and check for edits soon; just been kind of stressed and busy lately, so it might take a while for me to get round to it.

03 February 2014: Hey, remember the links page? Yeah, me neither. ANYWAY I got bored today and needed to take my mind off stuff, so I completely redid it. :D

17 January 2014: Added a new transcript, one for the G1 My Little Pony and Friends episode, "Bright Lights"! Enjoy! :)

13 January 2014: Re-formatted the transcripts of the Angry Beavers episodes "Bye Bye Beavers" and "Bummer of Love" (by "re-formatted" I mean "updated the spacing so they don't scroll so far to the right". If that.. makes sense.. -cough-). I've been in a transcribing mood lately, lol.
19:40 pm: Reformatted my transcript for the Flapjack ep "Come Home Cap'n", I also tweaked it slightly. Nothing too major, just added some missing words to descriptions here and there, lol.

10 January 2014: Tiny update to the transcript for "Rescue at Midnight Castle" since I somehow managed to leave Applejack off the cast list o_O; (The weirdest part about this is that she's my favourite, so I have no idea how that happened..). Ah well, she's on there now :p.

02 January 2014 (at 1:42 am): Happy New Year! I was hoping to get this up earlier, but ah well. Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add comparison pics for "The Christmas Special".

05 December 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "The Christmas Special" (which I nearly missed - they showed it half an hour earlier than usual. @_@; I'm guessing because it was a premiere and the other Christmas specials they were showing that day were reruns, haha). Been a while since an episode's been edited.. :/ Ah well. I'm guessing this'll be the last new ep for the year, especially since Regular Show's being moved to a later timeslot over here starting next week. That's just a guess, of course, I don't know it for certain. :)

18 November 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List (added "Limousine Lunchtime", "Picking Up Margaret" and "Trailer Trashed", which actually aired last Saturday, I just didn't get round to watching it until today ^^;;;) and The Untitled AMZ Fansite. :)
21:08 pm: It totally slipped my mind to do this until now x_x; but I updated sections (on the RS UK edits list) to denote episodes that aired as part of a RS marathon (that would be "Access Denied", "Out of Commission", "Exit 9B", "Do or Diaper" and "Trailer Trashed"). :).

11 November 2013: So you know how usually I'm ranting about Regular Show being censored in the UK, and all that? WELL as any fellow UK fans know, that's not the only show to be censored in the UK; Adventure Time has also undergone censorship, although much less drastically... except for this weekend. Yeah, they censored "Bad Little Boy" and it annoyed me so much that I made a page to explain what was cut from the UK airing (from that episode, not from AT in general). Let me know if you like it.. Oh, and I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List too, of course ;).

10 November 2013: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.
A note to Regular Show fans - there's going to be a Regular Show marathon on CN UK next weekend, so there may not be a new ep next Monday, I'm not really sure yet. Figured I'd make a note of it just in case :).
17:29 pm: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite again. (Note that I forgot to add this update to this page until the 11th, because I'm an idiot like that.)

04 November 2013: Well, it's a Monday, so you can prolly guess why I'm updating. :B (Hey, like I've said before, it gets really boring saying the same thing over and over again ^^;) Anyway yeah, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add today's new episodes, "Firework Run" and "Quips" (I.. guess we're back to two new episodes a week again? I dunno, CN UK's scheduling for season 4 has been kinda confusing), as well as "Ace Balthazar Lives", which actually aired a few weeks ago and I just apparently forgot to add it until now. ^^;;;; Sorry about that, everyone.

02 November 2013: Added a new transcript to the transcripts page: one for the My Little Pony and Friends episode "Crunch the Rockdog"! :) Enjoy, pony fans! (If any even look at my site, haha) I'd also like to note here (since it's as good a place as any to put this X3) that this site has my full permission to reprint this transcript (and my transcript of "Somnambula") on their site. ^^

01 November 2013: Well, it's nearly 1 am so I guess it's technically November now, blah. Anyway, I updated the Regular Show edits list again to add "Terror Tales of the Park II", as promised. :)

31 October 2013: Happy Halloween! Have a site update. Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Do or Diaper"! Totally didn't expect another new ep in addition to the Halloween ep that'll be airing later on today, but hey, I'm not complaining :P.

18 October 2013: It was brought to my attention that I'd missed an edit in "T.G.I. Tuesday", so I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List accordingly. ^^

14 October 2013: Voila, an update. Updated the Regular Show UK Edits list; added "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese" and "Sandwich of Death". Which were both unedited. Which is good! :D I just.. wanted to say it since, y'know.. it's boring only saying the same thing every week. And.. yeah. That's it. :B

13 October 2013: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

10 October 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add "T.G.I. Tuesday" and "The Longest Weekend". I.. guess we're back to two episodes a week?? I dunno, CN UK are weird like that.

30 September 2013: Another week, another update to the Regular Show UK Edits list :B We're back to only one new episode a week, and unfortunately that episode happened to be "One Pull Up" which.. is not one of my favourites, shall we say, so.. yeah. -cough- Like usual, if there's an edit in that episode that I missed, please let me know :).

23 September 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List! First off, I did check last week's eps ("150 Piece Kit"/"Bald Spot") and they were unedited, so I updated their sections to reflect that. I also added the new eps that aired today, "Starter Pack" and "Guy's Night" (is it just me, or is that title grammatically incorrect? :/). Enjoy! :)

19 September 2013 (at 1:45 am): FINALLY re-did the index page's image! The old one was from 2009, so a new pic was well overdue if you ask me ^^;;. So uh yeah, that's it, haha. Small edit, but the old image was bugging me SO MUCH that I really wanted to tell about the update here. XD To Regular Show fans - we fixed the sound on my TV (turned out something got unplugged somehow, heh), so I should be updating the edits list later on this week. Again, sorry for the delay ^^;.

16 September 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "150 Piece Kit" and "Bald Spot". Unfortunately, the sound on my TV stopped working last night (and since I *know* someone'll ask me, no, it isn't muted. :p), and so I currently cannot say whether anything audio-related was edited in these episodes. ^^;; (I am, however, fairly confident that the animation was unedited) Sorry about that!

11 September 2013: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

09 September 2013: I'm back! Luckily I managed to get an earlier train home, which also meant that I got home 15 mins before the new eps aired on Cartoon Network ^^ So I updated the Regular Show UK edits list, to add "Sugar Rush" and "Pie Contest" :).

01 September 2013: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

30 August 2013: WOW it's been a while. And this isn't really even an update, it's one of those annoying 'not-really-an-update' updates, sorry about that. Anyways, for those in the UK, looks like new episodes of Regular Show (and Adventure Time/The Amazing World of Gumball!) will resume in two weeks (9th September). However, I'm going to a convention next week and thus may not be able to update here right after the new ep(s?) air. So in the event that the ep airs and it's terribly censored or something, please do not spam me with emails, I'll update as soon as I can :). (Not that anyone *has* been spamming me or anything, I'm just terribly paranoid about such things and.. yeah, I'll stop now. X'D;)

25 July 2013: Yeah, long time no update, I know. Not much I can do when Regular Show's on hiatus over here :p I need to find something else to work on. Anyways, I updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

08 July 2013: Hm, it's been a while, huh? Updated the Regular Show UK Edits Page to add a pic to the section for "Exit 9B". Sorry for the delay in doing so; at the time it aired I was unable to access my copy of that episode (long story, basically to do with my old comp being old :P) and then I sorta forgot. ^^;;; But it's up now.

19 June 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits Page; specifically, I updated the section for "Fancy Restaurant" since someone pointed out an edit I missed. ^^;;

18 June 2013: This was actually added pretty soon after the last update, but it's after midnight now, so hey. Moved all the transcripts from misc to their own page; if you see any broken links for those transcripts anywhere, lemme know and I'll fix it ASAP. Yay organization! XD
00:27 am: Tiny update (more of a typo fix, really) to The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

17 June 2013: Ten days without an update! That's more like it. XD -silly- Anywayanyway, I got my new computer and it's finally all set up and working and such. Well okay, I need to reinstall some stuff, update this and that, etc, but you know. I can update my site, anyway. Not that there's much TO update, but- I should prolly get to the point already, shouldn't I? XDD Okay okay. Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List. Specifically, another update to the section for "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" (NO, they didn't censor it again or anything like that. Just added a little list of all the diff. versions of it shown over here, I figured it'd be easier)~ Woooo.

07 June 2013: An itsy, bitsy, tiny update to The Untitled AMZ Fansite.
To Regular Show fans - I think the show is on hiatus again over here. I'll update when that changes, of course :)
And - I'm getting a new computer tomorrow. Long story short, the one I'm using now is very old and very badly needs replacing, so thus tomorrow I will be taking it into the local tech guys so they can move the files onto a new comp. This may take a few days. I *do* have an alternate computer, but the internet tends to be spotty on that comp for whatever reason so if I disappear, that's why. XD I know, I said this before, just figured I'd give another heads-up with a bit more detail. :)
12:46 pm: Another slight update to The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

02 June 2013: Another teeny-tiny update to The Untitled AMZ Fansite, nothing too interesting.
Regular Show fans: I don't.. think there'll be a new episode in the UK tomorrow (I haven't seen any ads, but then again I haven't really been keeping up with them ^^; And hey, they could always air one unannounced, it's happened before), but I can't say for sure either way of course, so.. There may be an update to the RS page tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up for one or anything ^^;
Also, updates in general may be slow(er than usual ^^;) from next week onwards, as I may lose internet access for a bit.. not sure yet.. We'll see. I'll update later if necessary.

31 May 2013: Another early morning update! Whoo! (It's 9:43 am, haha) Anyways, nothing big, I just updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite slightly.

29 May 2013: Mmm, a nice early-morning update. Feels good. (It's 9:53 am over here |D; I usually update in the afternoon/evening.) Anyways, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add "Exit 9B", which was censored. Nothing that wasn't expected, I don't think.. well, there was a little oddity with one scene.. but you can read about that on the page itself. :P

23 May 2013: Okay, this is one of those annoying non-updates. Sorry about that. Well.. I guess in one way it *is* kind of an update, since I updated the fanfics page slightly (I uploaded my Angry Beavers fic to ff.net at last :B) and also slightly updated the Regular Show UK Edits list. Because~ No new eps have aired since "Bad Kiss", but it's half term over here next week and you know what that means.. marathons! According to Sky's TV guide, "Exit 9B" will air over here next week (preeetty sure this is legit, since it was listed as "Regular Show: Exit 9B" and everything). Hm, wonder when we'll see "Sugar Rush" over here, then.. But yeah, barring anything going wrong you can expect an update next Tuesday or Wednesday! :) (I feel I should also add that if I //don't// update next Tuesday or Wednesday, assume that my internet died. Looong story that I don't feel like going into right now.)

05 May 2013: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite. Also, just a 'heads up' to any Regular Show fans out there, I prolly won't be updating the site until the Monday after next (or in other terms, I'm 99.9% sure there won't be a RS-related update tomorrow), as there's going to be an Adventure Time marathon tomorrow. (Cause, y'know, it's a bank holiday 'n all) Geez, I hope they don't put RS on hiatus again in the UK.. there's one ep in the season left, so that would really suck.. @_@; lol, but I doubt they will. Also slightly updated the Fanfics page. And.. what the hell, I'm on a roll right now, so I updated the RS edits list :B Just fixed some typos and stuff, minor edits like that. I also moved the transcript of "In The House"; that can now be found here. Again, if you see any broken links pointing to that page, lemme know and I'll fix it ASAP. :)
22:07 pm: Fixed a typo in "A Question" :) (well, actually it was a missing word, but close enough XD)

30 April 2013: Okay, we ended up getting our internet back like 2 hours after I wrote that last update. Which is good! I figured we wouldn't get it back until today at the /earliest/, so.. :p Anyways, I added an authors note to that fanfic I uploaded yesterday ("A Question"). Forgot to do that yesterday, since I was rushing (fun fact: that fic was uploaded from my mum's laptop, while I was sitting in the carpark of a local McDonalds. Hooray for free wi-fi!), lol. Bad internet connection. Anyway, speaking of fanfics, I moved that rewrite of my old Pokemon fanfic, "Hey! Pikachu", to a different location, so if you see any broken links regarding that fic, lemme know, k? :D Finally, I updated the Regular Show UK edits list, to update the section for "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" AGAIN. I swear, CN UK have it in for this ep!! Anyway, nothing major, just a little sound edit. I'd noticed this before, but I guess I forgot to put it up here? o.O; It happens XD Anyway, 'til next time~.

29 April 2013: Double update! First off, I updated the Fanfics page to add a new fanfic: "A Question", a little The Angry Beavers drabble I wrote last night. (My brain wouldn't let me go to sleep until I'd written /something/ for that show :p) Also, I updated the Regular Show UK Edits list, of course ^_~ to add "Bad Kiss". I totally didn't expect to see *that* ep today, I really thought they'd air the last two eps in order.. ah well. Just a note, my internet got cut off today. I'm hoping to have it back by tomorrow (possibly even tonight), but I really don't know for sure when I'll get it back, so, y'know, updates may be a bit sparse (..more so than normal, I mean :p).

23 April 2013: I really, really hate it when I re-watch an episode and notice an edit.. >:| Well, anyway, I updated the RS UK Edits list since I rewatched "The Best VHS in the World" today and hey, guess what, there was an edit in it after all @_@; I guess the good news is that the UK censors are good at their jobs, since I didn't notice this before.. or.. something.. (then again, I hadn't seen that ep at all in between it airing in America and airing here in the UK, so..) xD

22 April 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List (I swear, I could type that in my sleep by now XD), added "Fuzzy Dice"! Yeah, it was censored. ...on the bright side, there's only two more eps left in the season? 8D;;; (I've got my fingers crossed that this'll be the last one censored for this season.. but hey, you know what CN UK are like, at this point I literally don't think I'd be surprised by anything X'D;)

17 April 2013: Slightly updated the contact me page, also re-spaced my transcript for "Somnambula" (still not 100% happy with it.. so I may tweak it further later, we'll see). Oh, and I updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite :).

15 April 2013: Updated the Regular Show UK Edits list to add "The Best VHS in the World"~~ ..Yeah, nothing else to say x'D;.

08 April 2013: Well, it's a Monday, so I updated the Regular Show UK Edits List. I added "Death Bear" :) Wonder which ep they'll show next week.

07 April 2013: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

01 April 2013 (again): Aaand we're back! ...again! XD Updated the Regular Show UK Edits List to add "Prankless". (And no, this isn't a joke.. I don't do April Fools jokes :P Well, not on my site, anyway) And.. yeah, they only aired one ep this week D: I'm guessing they want to spread the new eps out a bit since there's only five eps left in the season. I'm personally predicting they'll finish season three this time, have a hiatus over the Summer holidays and bring season 4 over in September/October, but, y'know, we'll see. :B (That is of course just my theory, please don't go running around telling people that's definately what's going to happen)

01 April 2013: Well technically it's the first, since it's after midnight here. Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite :)

27 March 2013: Double updates! First off, I added a new transcript, for one of my favourite G1 My Little Pony eps: "Somnambula"! Hehe. Been working on it on and off for a while now, and I was really bored this morning, so here we go. I also updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite. Sorry for the lack of updates, CN UK haven't been showing any new eps of Regular Show, but~! New eps will start up again over here next Monday, so of course I'll be updating this site regularly from next week onwards ^_^ Woo.

02 March 2013: BIG update to the Regular Show UK edits list! Okay. First off, I went through "Trucker Hall of Fame" ("at last!", I hear you say :p) and "Fancy Restaurant" today, and they weren't edited, as expected. Secondly, I was watching "Diary" again when I noticed another edit in it (and yes, it's a pointless one!), so there's that. Finally.. I *finally* went through "In the House" properly - in other words, I watched both versions (Original/US/uncut ver and UK/censored ver) side-by-side and wrote down every single edit I noticed. What does this mean? Well, it means that a) I noticed an edit that I'd previously missed (it's... semi.. pointless?? idk, I can *sort* of see the logic in cutting it), and b) I could write down what had been cut in more detail than before - so much detail, that I decided to put it on its own page instead of cluttering up the main page further :) So go here for a transcript of the parts of that ep that were edited out. (and yes, that is linked to on the main edits list, too :3) Wonder what Monday will bring.. hopefully not another censored ep! It's actually kind of tiring work, checking eps through to see if they were censored or not ;) OH! I almost forgot, I also added new comparison pics (yes, pics) for "Slam Dunk" - take a look :).

25 February 2013: Okay, okay, you're going to have to sit down for this. The - wait for it - the Regular Show edits list was updated. Shocking, amirite? :P Heh, sorry, just got sick of typing the same thing over and over again. I added "Fancy Restaurant" and "Diary"; Diary was censored (bawww), dunno about "Fancy Restaurant" since my Sky Box decided that there was no better time to blink out than at like 4:28 pm, two mins before RS. -_-; Ah well.

20 February 2013: Tiny, itsy-bitsy update to the Regular Show edits list - I fixed some typos :).

19 February 2013: And another update to the RS UK edits list! This time to add the airdate for "Access Denied" (haven't gotten round to watching that ep yet - the only reason why I've seen the UK cut of "Out of Commission" already is because they just showed it again, heh. These two eps aired over here at 9 am, btw..) and a section for "Out of Commission", which was censored. Now I expected them to cut *something* from this episode (and the scene that I thought would definately be cut *was*), but they also felt the need to CHANGE THE ENDING OF THE EPISODE @__@; More info on the page, of course.
18:42 pm: Mkay, just went through "Access Denied", no edits :) So I updated the page to reflect that.

17 February 2013: Updated the RS UK edits list since I went through "Big Winner" tonight - it wasn't edited :) Going to try and go through "Trucker Hall of Fame" either tonight or tomorrow morning. Sorry for the lack of updates this week, been kinda hectic over here lately.. Btw, next week is half term in some places, so y'know.. marathons! Meaning, there isn't going to be a new ep (eps?) of RS over here until Tuesday :B ER so in less convoluted terms, don't expect anything too exciting tomorrow, lol. Also tweaked the contact me page slightly.

11 February 2013: Just a quick update to the RS UK edits list to add airdates for "Trucker Hall of Fame" and "Big Winner" (at last.. I was beginning to wonder if they'd ever show the latter ep). I'll try and go through those eps to see if anything was censored sometime this week (I've never seen "Big Winner" before, and I only watched the first few mins of "Trucker Hall of Fame" today, so.. That being said, neither *looked* censored to me, but hey, you never know, right? :p), but I can't say for sure when I'll get round to it.

04 February 2013: And updated the RS UK edits list again, to add "Dead at Eight" and "Muscle Mentor". Cause I mean, what better way to kick off the new year than to report that an episode was censored, right? >:| DAMMIT CN UK. I also added a section for "Trucker Hall of Fame"~ Wonder when they'll show "Big Winner" over here..

03 February 2013: Updated the RS UK edits list! Been tooo long. Anyway, as you've prolly guessed by now, they're going to show new eps again over here starting tomorrow ^^ So I'll prolly be updating the site every week or so again. But yeah, I updated the page, like I said. What's new? Well, I went over the whole page and updated it, adding words here, fixing typos/odd wording, making sections a bit more concise (I am a very rambly person, which is probably obvious at this point), etc. Just small, general site upkeep kind of stuff. The 'big' updates are that I updated the section for "The Power" to add some new notes, more detail to the older notes, etc, as I recently watched both versions of that ep (US and UK) side-by-side :B (I plan to do this for all eps, or at least for the more edit-intensive episodes, i.e. the Halloween ep. Don't hold your breath tho, it took a surprisingly long amount of time to go through just that ep, so I prolly won't be going through eps like that every other day or anything XD). I also added NEW, higher quality versions of the comparison pics for "Party Pete", "Over the Top" and "Temp Check". The older pics were all grainy and such, since I had to take photos of them (I don't have a motion capture card or anything, lol :B), but these are much better :D (Yes, I do plan to update my comparison pic for "Slam Dunk" eventually, I just haven't got round to putting that one on a disc yet) I hope you all enjoy them! ^__^

09 January 2013: First update of the year, and it's.. not what you'd expect! 8D; Updated the fanfics page to add a new Pokemon fanfic: a rewrite of my first fanfic. The new fic's called "Hey! Pikachu (rewrite)" (original, eh?), and can be found under the 'one-shot fics' section (or if you click here - although keep in mind that it's slash, so if that's not your thing, don't click :p). More updates may be coming in the future~
19:58 pm: More updates! I rewatched both MLP specials recently, so I updated my transcripts for them: "Rescue at Midnight Castle" (added attributions for one or two lines where I wasn't sure who was speaking :p), and "Escape from Catrina" (turns out that no, Surprise *doesn't* have a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in that special, that's also Baby Surprise. ^^; In my defense, the only way to really tell is Baby Surprise's necklace, and most copies of that special are so faded that the necklace is indistinguishable.. if that makes sense). Also updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

31 December 2012: One more transcript update for 2012 - updated my transcript for "Escape from Catrina"! Mostly just spacing errors; I just wanted to fix it before the new year. Speaking of which, to anyone who may be reading - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)
19:56 pm: Fixed some typos on this page, because typos drive me nuts :P.

19 December 2012: And yet more transcript tweaks! I keep noticing little errors, haha ^^; Fixed a bunch of minor errors in my transcription for "Rescue at Midnight Castle" (or Firefly's Adventure, whatever you want to call it). Nothing major, just fixed some typos, missing words/tildes (these things: ~ Some of the songs were missing them, nothin' major), messed-up spacing, a mis-attributed line, etc. Just one more transcript to go through for errors :) (Btw, just a personal note; this update was done on the 19th, but I didn't add it to this page until the 20th technically, since it's 12:03 am over here now, haha. Just to note that).

17 December 2012 (a few minutes after midnight.. again): More slight tweaks, this time to my transcripts for "Bummer of Love" and "Bye Bye Beavers" (I was in an Angry Beavers mood tonight, apparently :B). Just fixed some typos, spacing errors, etc etc; the biggest edit is that I missed one of Dag's lines near the end of Bummer of Love (granted, it was during the 'Dag chews on an amp' scene, and I didn't actually notice the line until tonight..). Nothing too major. I'll prolly go through my MLP transcripts for errors like this when I get a minute or two.

15 December 2012 (a few minutes after midnight): Slightly tweaked my transcript for "Come Home Cap'n" since I rewatched that ep and noticed one or two errors in my transcript. Nothing major, just some small tweaks here and there. Also added little dividers ('~~~') in between sections, like I did with my other transcripts.

04 December 2012: Updated the RS edits list; just tweaked the General Edits section slightly, since.. you know how I said on that page that CN UK left the word 'moron' in one Adventure Time ep over here? Well, I was watching that ep the other day and it was censored --; So I updated the RS page to reflect that. Btw, updates'll prolly be a bit sparse again, since there wasn't a new ep of Regular Show (or Adventure Time, FWIW) over here this week and I kind of doubt there will be until next year, lol.

30 November 2012: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.
17:41 pm: Updated the RS edits list. Slight tweaks to the General Edits section, to add yet another note about CN showing certain eps out of order x) Also updated my transcript for "Rescue at Midnight Castle", to add it's /other/ name ("My Little Pony in Dreamland" - okay, no one calls it this, but that's it's name on the original UK VHS tape, so.. -shrug- Might as well be thorough).

29 November 2012: Updated the RS edits list! Added "Yes Dude Yes" (I /said/ I thought they'd air it this week! :P) and "Busted Cart", as well as a section for "Dead at Eight". Dunno if they'll air a new ep over here next week, they haven't said anything either way.. we'll have to wait and see, I guess. (And yes, I know the RS edits list is pretty boring right now, since there haven't been any new edits since "Terror Tales of the Park", but hey, that's a good thing, right? :P Less edits are always good. Boring to read about, but still.. xD)
17:17 pm (about 5 mins after the last update..): Added a counter to this page because, y'know, I was curious ^_~ (Okay, so I can check through my site logs, but counters look cooler imo! :P)

21 November 2012: Fixed one or two typos in my transcript for "Bummer of Love". I always miss one ^^;;

20 November 2012: It's a Tuesday, so, ya know.. I updated the RS edits list. :P Specifically, I added "Trash Boat" and "Fists of Justice". Also added a section for "Yes Dude Yes" since I'm pretty sure they'll air that one next week.. I wish they'd just air them in order already, idk what's gone wrong with CN UK recently. Ah well, it's better than Adventure Time, the season 4 eps of that have been aired in completely the wrong order over here x) Er, but I'm rambling. Off the subject of Regular Show, I transcribed another episode of The Angry Beavers: "Bummer of Love"! I love that episode 'w' Lol, if anyone has any other eps they'd like me to transcribe, feel free to let me know. Can't guarantee I'll do it, of course, but it's a fun way to pass the time, so.. :B
21:04 pm: Fixed this update page; I'd accidentally put a 'June 2012' update after a 'July 2012' update, if that... makes... sense.. -cough- ^^;;
21:14 pm: More small updates.. added links to the main page on a bunch of pages, specifically the fanfic list, the misc page, and The Untitled AMZ Fansite (oh, and I added some links on the AMZ updates list, too :B). LIIIIINKS. Okay, I'm done.

14 November 2012: Updated the RS edits list; added "Butt Dial" (finally! I thought they'd never show it XD) and "Replaced", also added sections for "Trash Boat" and "Fists of Justice". (I add sections for the next few eps a week or so before they air because I find it easier that way. -shrug- If you were wondering.)

11 November 2012: Two edits in one week! Updated the RS edits list - specifically, the section for "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" - with something VERY shocking.. a line that had previously been censored was shown 100% intact today! :O More info on the page, of course. Still can't believe they did this!! It's prolly just a one-time error, but *still*... :P Also fixed these last two news updates, since I forgot to add the year to the dates before. (If that confused you, the last two updates just said '[whenever] November' instead of '[Date] November 2012'. Hey, it's my site, I can list every little tiny edit if I want to :P)
17:24 pm: Updated the edits list again, to elaborate more on the whole 'lady pecs' thing. They've shown that ep twice now, so I guess it wasn't a 'one-time error' after all :O Anyways, I mostly updated that page to add a note about the /other/ 'lady pecs' line, which was sort of 'uncensored' over here, too. Didn't notice that earlier on.. look at the page for details :) I also re-wrote the whole first part of that section (the one that noted about the diff. versions of it in the UK) to make it clearer (and ramblier, as is my specialty :P), and to update it with today's developments, etc. Oh, just go and look at the thing already XD.

06 November 2012: Cartoon Network UK's "Meaty Mondays" block has returned, so you know what that means.. new Regular Show eps! (and Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball, but.. ^_~) As such, I've updated the RS edits list. Added "Gut Model" and "The Best Burger in the World" (no, I don't know when they'll air "Butt Dial", my guess is next week), added sections for "Big Winner" and "Replaced" (blank atm, since those eps haven't aired over here yet. I'm just noting that down cause I'm a bit of a completionist that HAS to note every little update ^_~), and also updated the section for "Video Game Wizards", to add my theory on why that and "Skips vs. Technology" were aired out of order over here. Not much, just something I've been meaning to add for a while now.
To anyone who looks at that page semi-regularly: I've been thinking of splitting that page into a few pages, since it's getting kind of long now. So you'd have a page for season one edits, season two edits, etc. If I DO do this edit, I won't do it until season three has finished over here (probably), but in the meantime.. what do you think? Do you think I should split the page, or is it fine as-is? Let me know :).

01 November 2012: Updated the RS edits list. Nothing too exciting, just fixed some typos, re-worded some stuff to make it better worded, stuff like that. Prolly the most 'notable' edits are that I slightly tweaked the section for "In The House" to clarify one edit, and updated the section for "Slam Dunk" to clarify why I say that's the first season 3 ep to be censored :) (I count it as such because "Slam Dunk" aired before "In The House" in the UK, months before, in fact). Like I said, nothing really that exciting. Just routine site upkeep stuff. Ah, I'll stop rambling now :P.
16:30 pm: Fixed a minor error in my transcript for "Escape From Catrina" (it said "shoop-shooPurple Bushwoolieedoo".. heh, when I was typing it I just typed 'PB' by the aforementioned Bushwoolie's name, for ease, and fixed it later with CTRL + H in Notepad, but obvs I screwed up XD whoops). Tweaked the Contact Me page since it looked so cluttered, and it was driving me nuts :P Again, nothing big, just a little tweak.

31 October 2012: At long last, I've updated the RS UK Edits list again! This time to add notes for "In The House", which was censored, as expected. I said it on the page, and I'll say it here: they did well with these edits. They kept the general feel of the cut parts in, just cutting the scenes that were "too much". Still annoying, but not as annoying as previous edits.

30 October 2012 (a few minutes after midnight.. again): Here's something that someone out there'll prolly find interesting.. I've added a new transcript to the misc page: "Bye Bye Beavers", the unmade finale episode of The Angry Beavers. If you're a Nicktoons fan, you've prolly heard of this one. Hope y'all enjoy it, this was harder to transcribe than the MLP specials or that one Flapjack episode :).

29 October 2012: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.
To Regular Show fans: Terror Tales of the Park is set to air this Wednesday, INCLUDING "In The House"!! I will be updating the edits list as soon as I can, probably on Thursday.

20 October 2012 (a few minutes after midnight): At long last, I've added a comparison pic for "Ello Gov'nor" over at the RS edits page! :) Wonder when CN UK'll show more episodes over here.. ah, but that's neither here nor there, of course ;).

18/19 October 2012: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite.

16 October 2012: Added my transcript for "Escape from Catrina" to the misc section, since I apparently forgot to do it before ^^;.

24 September 2012: Added "Eggscellent" to the RS edits list.

23 September 2012: Something new for any fellow G1 My Little Pony fans that may be out there: a transcript for "Escape from Catrina", the second MLP special. Enjoy! :) (and no, I don't plan on transcribing all of the G1 cartoons XD I just figured I might as well transcribe both specials, haha).

17 September 2012: Added "Think Positive" to the RS edits list. Looks like there's only going to be one new episode a week now. Also fixed a minor error in the section for "The Night Owl" (I forgot the "sweet piece" part of the quote :B).

15 September 2012: Updated The Untitled AMZ Fansite, details of which can be found on the new updates page I made for it :) Updates to that site will still be noted on this page, but only in passing.

11 September 2012: Added "Weekend at Benson's" and "Fortune Cookie" to the RS edits list. Sorry for not updating earlier on, my internet was screwing up and I didn't get the time to update :/ (Also, my copy of "Weekend at Benson's" wasn't working and I had to redownload it, lol). I'm going to try and update every Monday, we'll see how that goes ;).

04 September 2012: Aaand we're back! Added "Cruisin'" and "Under the Hood" to the RS edits list, also added sections for "Weekend at Benson's" and "Fortune Cookie" (they haven't aired yet, but they'll prolly air next week, heh), and added some dividers. I think it looks more organized now ^^. Also updated my Rescue at Midnight Castle transcript AGAIN, I keep noticing small errors XD I'm pretty sure this'll be the final version, tho.

30 August 2012: Added some older updates to this page. Sorry for the almost complete lack of updates, btw ^^;;; The only page I really have a 'set' time to update is the RS edits list, and I can only edit that when new eps air (or I notice a previously unnoticed edit in an earlier ep), so other than that updates tend to be on-and-off around here.. this is prolly the most I've ever updated this place XD hahaha.

29 August 2012: Updated my transcript for Rescue at Midnight Castle, since I now have two copies of it (US + UK.. long story, but I planned it this way, so.. :P) and both of them spell Tirac's name the same way, so I think that's the proper spelling :3 so I added a note about that in the transcript, lol.

21 August 2012: Moved the fanfic list and Parallel Sailor Moon scanslation into the misc section; fixed some small errors in my transcript for Rescue at Midnight Castle.

16 August 2012: Uploaded a transcript for the first My Little Pony special, "Rescue at Midnight Castle" (also known as "Firefly's Adventure"). Why? Well, why not. (I love that special *_*) Created a misc page, which currently just has links to some character pages and a transcript for a Flapjack ep ("Come Home Cap'n") that I did a while ago and then never put anywhere. :P But hey, who knows, you might find something there to interest you. (And no, there still hasn't been any new RS eps shown over here afaik. I'm guessing they're holding them over until September, but don't quote me on that.) Added links to the main page on the RS edits list and CatDog music page. Oh, and on this page, too ^^.

13 August 2012 (a few minutes after midnight): Fixed a typo on the RS edits list.
To all my visitors: First of all, THANK YOU for all the hits! :) I've seen my page linked around, and you have no idea how happy that makes me. Second, I'm sorry for the lack of updates around here! Believe me, I'd love to update it (even if it's just to report that an episode came over unedited), but CN UK haven't shown any new episodes since last week :x (and yet, they're still running ads for new RS last I checked.. typical :P) So, I haven't forgotten about this page, I'm just unable to update it as of right now ^^; Anyways, I'm hoping to update the edits page soon with better quality comparison pics, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to do that. Hopefully soon.. but we'll see.
TL;DR: The RS edits page will be updated as soon as new eps resume airing over here :)

03 August 2012: Fixed a link on the Unofficial CatDog Music Page.
18:03 pm: Updated the Mythodreas Colour Viewer because man, if there's one thing I hate, it's leaving things unfinished. :p I'll prolly overhaul it completely later, but hey..

02 August 2012: First update after my birthday~ Updated the RS edits list: added "Rap It Up" and "House Rules", updated the General Edits section (since season three has been shown mostly out of order o_O;), and tweaked the section for "Skips vs. Technology" VERY slightly.

31 July 2012: Last update before my birthday! Added "Video Game Wizards" to the RS edits list (no, I *don't* know why they aired it over here already, but hey, I love that ep so I'm not complaining :P), and also added a note to the section for "Ello Gov'nor" (no 'new' edits, just something I noticed a while ago but didn't get round to putting up before now). Please note that updates may be a little sparse for the next week or so, since my main computer is currently out of action (freakin' viruses >_>) and my *other* computer's internet died. (I'm typing this on from a library computer) So no need to send me emails like "THERE WAS A NEW RS EP TODAY, WHY ISN'T IT ON YOUR LIST", most likely I am AWARE of it, but am unable to update my site. (not that I think anyone WOULD send me emails like that, I'm just sayin' ^_~)
19:52 pm: Updated the RS edits page again ^_~ added "Skips vs. Technology". Yeah, it looks like they're airing them out of order o_O; Weird, but ah well. Btw, CN UK appear to be airing new eps of RS at 5:30 pm now. I figured I'd note that, since I know *I* keep getting confused about when they're airing. ^_~

27 July 2012: Added "Cool Bikes" to the RS edits list.

25 July 2012: Two updates to the RS edits list: added "Slam Dunk" (the first real edit of the season! -sigh-), and added a quick note to 'general edits'. Also, for anyone else that's recording all of the eps as they air in the UK, it is indeed looking like the credits will be shown alongside the 5:30 pm rerun every day, which is good C:. Also tweaked this page slightly, to make it a little more organized and stuff.
23:20 pm: Updated the RS edits page AGAIN.. I now know what Fives' cut line from "Over the Top" was (thanks to Calvin Wong <3), so I updated that section to reflect that ^^.

24 July 2012: Added "Camping Can Be Cool" to the RS edits list. Keep checking back, it's looking like there'll be new episodes all this week (in the UK) and so I'll be updating it as soon as I see the new eps ^^ (Reminder: the new eps are airing at 8 am, with a rerun at 11 am and 5:30 pm. I *think* they're going to show the credits at 5:30 pm, they did yesterday, but who knows if they'll show them every day ^^;).
21:48 pm: Added comparison pics to the RS page, for "Party Pete" and "Temp Check". Sorry for the bad quality; I'm gonna *try* and get some better pics up ASAP. Also added some more older updates to this page.

23 July 2012: Added "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit" to the Regular Show edits list. I also added most of the original UK airdates, enjoy! (As it says on the page itself, if you know any of the ORIGINAL UK airdates that I'm missing, please contact me!) Added all previous updates that I could remember to this page. Added a counter to the RS edits list, as well as adding some links to other pages, fixing some typos, and adding in one or two more airdates. Y'know, small edits ;).

16 July 2012: Added "Bet to be Blonde" and "Skips Strikes" to the Regular Show UK edits page. Minor updates to the CatDog music page (fixed some typos, added links, etc). Made this page.

03 July 2012: Added "Stick Hockey" to the RS edits page.

01 July 2012: Updated the RS edits page with a quick note about the lack of episode-age. -sigh-

19 and 20 June 2012: I updated this on the 19th late at night, and the 20th after midnight, thus why I listed both dates ^^; Anyway, added eight songs to The Unofficial CatDog Music Page: three different versions of "Dig It, Meow", "Old 159" (four versions: the first three are just the verses by themselves [so three different downloads], and the fourth is a version I put together, with all of the verses in it. Enjoy!), "A Pretty Little Piece of Paradise (Rancid Rabbit's version)", "Who Wants to Rock", and two solo versions of "The Best Part of Christmas". Enjoy~

15 June 2012: Fixed the background on the CatDog music page.

03 June 2012: Updated the RS edits page to add a note about season three's then-upcoming airing (before they pushed it back like 4 weeks without telling us. @_@;).

26 February 2012: Added a buncha links to the main page, created the fanfics list. Also updated the CatDog music page (not sure what exactly I updated it with, I just know I updated it on this date ^^;;;).

20 February 2012: Created The Unofficial CatDog Music Page.

20 October 2011: Created the Regular Show UK Edits List.

29 March 2011: Updated Saclert's Field of Insanity. (pretty sure it was an art update.. hey, I'm writing this update on 23 July '12, don't judge me |D)

23 September 2010: Created the Sweets and Circuitry Plot Guide page.

28 December 2009: Created the A Murder in Acitius City Plot Guide page.

24 October 2009: Updated the main page because of the move to the domain.

19 October 2009: Updated the main page to announce THE CHANGE THAT IS (was) COMING~~ (if you're curious, it was the move from geocities.com/kittie_of_life to kittieoflife.com, due to Geocities' impending death)

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