NOTE: I have decided not to finish this page, as I wasn't around for most of the later chapters, and most of the information can be found at the 'ziki article (most of which I wrote, so I'd basically be repeating myself anyways :P). However, I will leave this page up for nostalgia and such. Enjoy!!

Sweets and Circuitry was !new!AMZ's second plot (third, if you count Aethelia's Story/prologue as a plot). It was first announced on 21 September 2010, and released at 6 pm AMZ time on 23 September 2010.

Prior to the release, it was assumed that you had to find City Hall. However, this was (presumably?) a red herring. Soon after chapter one was posted, Boris and Bok's images changed:

Bok's Grocery
Bok smiles at you and holds up a carton of delicious milk.

The Sweet Shoppe
Boris cradles his lollipop protectively. Please buy something else, anything else...

Victoire's eye also changed. Soon after, elleminnowpee pointed out that Victoire's profile had changed. After a bit of speculation, Inaachu was the first to point out that you could look up Voodoo Dolls on the Research Council:

Voodoo Doll
I wonder if these things actually work. *punches it* Ouch! Hey...
Type: Toy

User Price: More data needed

Nobody has this item in stock!

Mouse also pointed out that there were some needles to go along with it (though Lynxogirl was the first to link to them):

Squiggly Voodoo Needles
You can't have a voodoo doll without voodoo needles!
Type: Toy

User Price: More data needed

Nobody has this item in stock!

There was a bunch of speculating (as is the norm for these plots), until Sarrfur told everyone to put 'Lab 546' into the searchbar. Doing so would bring up a profile. Moon pointed out that, were you to put the letters -after- the dashes (the 'A' in IN-A, for example) in alphabetical order, the other letters would spell 'In Sa Ni Ty', which was believed to be significant. After a lot of speculating, Ace came in and said 'talrtihiianesonhst'. It was later revealed that he said 'thisisnotarealhint', effectively trolling everyone.

For a few hours, there was just a bunch of speculating. Moonstarz pointed out that the image in the '5000 members' newspost was a Pinga with Aethelia's appearance, but that was pretty much the only significant thing to happen for over three hours. There was a lot of speculating about whether the cyborg's names meant anything, until Hissyfit said that the cyborgs names were irrelevant. There was a bit of speculating anyway, until Weee5067 said that she had found Memory Beacon Recipe on Research Council. It would only show up if you searched for 'recipe', though. A lot of people thought it was significant, but most didn't think it would be significant yet.

Elleminnowpee was the first to figure out that the next step was to mail Lab546 with the words 'snobal', 'body', and 'what'. Doing so would get a zMail back. Nick then said that the next step was to mail the lab 'Generator Sacred Stone', on which you would get another reply. The lab would also send you a Generator Sacred Stone. A lot of people couldn't get it, and Introverted suggested that you might have to look at the cyborgs' augments on their profile before zMailing the lab. It later appeared that to trigger the augments, you would have to go to either Lab 503 (Victoire's Sacred Stone shop), the Cooking page, or both. Ace later said that it was a bug, reset everyone to right after they'd sent the second zMail, and went. There were a few bugs during this time, and Papermonkey was the first to say that you needed to buy the Memory Beacon Recipe from Regimen Heaven to proceed. It cost 6 Regimen points, and had to be stocked first, similar to the Salmon from the first plot.

Upon buying the Recipe, you had to then mail the Lab with 'Generator Sacred Stone', and they would send it to you, as planned.

After cooking the Memory Beacon, you had to go to City Hall with the Memory Beacon, which would unlock Scene Two of the plot and complete chapter one. Ace posted the original version of scene two, written by him and Drakath, but quickly removed it. Some people obtained the stone before the recipe, which was a bug, and fixed. So you needed to get the recipe, THEN zMail the lab.

Months went by with no chapter, then finally, on December 27th 2010, chapter two was posted. It took a while for speculation to pick up, though there was an ongoing discussion in IRC. Sarrfur was the first to determine that asking TOM wouldn't do anything useful. Mouse then pointed out that Tinker had an unreleased item in their user gallery: La Femme Ferro. The next step was to zMail Tinker with the words 'La Femme Ferro', and they'd zMail you back. After that, La Femme Ferro would appear in Tinker's official shop (not their user shop), with a price of 10,000 AP.

However, when you went to buy it, it disappeared. Tinker zMailed you again. The subject was 'I'm sorry!!!'. Hissyfit was the first to notice that Grandma had the perfume in her shop. If you guessed incorrectly, you would be greeted by this happy message. Ace eventually gave a hint as to what the serial number was - XXXNXXX9XXX2 - and Trellix was the first to figure it out (although x___JuiceeBox was the first to publicly reveal it :p): D21N28O9O3O2.

The La Femme Ferro would be sent to your inventory, and another part of the plot would unlock. The next step was to go to Veruca's profile, then to Elephant's profile, and get the Glass of Chelephant Juice.

December 30th, 2010 at 9:47 am - Elephant hands you her "Glass of Chelephant Juice" and passes out!

After that, the next step was to go back to Veruca's profile. You would receive the item Veruca's Photos.

December 30th, 2010 at 9:54 am - Veruca drinks the "Glass of Chelephant Juice" and blacks out! An envelope full of pictures slides out of her dress. You have received "Veruca's Photos"!

Afterwards, if you zMailed Roscoe with the word 'photos', he would zMail you back. You could give them to him via his profile, he would send you another zMail, and chapter two would be finished (as that was all that had been coded thus far).

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