You may know from my other site that the Cartoon Network program, Regular Show, is heavily censored in the UK. What I don't think is as well-known is that Adventure Time has also been censored over here, albeit far less than Regular Show (I'm fairly certain you can still count all the episodes of Adventure Time that have been censored on one hand, although don't quote me on that edit 30/07/16: well, this was accurate when I first wrote this back in 2013, but around season 5, CN UK started to really crack down on AT and they started censoring episodes left right and center, even going so far as to ban several important season 6 episodes. But that's another story for another time). Most of these edits are small and fairly understandable (i.e. cutting the word "moron" from episodes like "Heat Signature" and "Her Parents", since CN UK appears to have an issue with that word). However, the episode "Bad Little Boy" was censored rather confusingly, in my opinion - most of the song "Good Little Girl" was cut from the UK airing of the episode. Since this is such a big cut (and, well, it really annoyed me and I wanted to get it out of my system :p), I decided to make this page to explain how and what was cut, by making a transcription of the scene in question, so that others can know of the editing this episode received in the UK :) I felt this would be the best way of doing it. (Sorry for the long intro, just felt it needed it ^^;)
Text in red was cut in the UK version of this ep. Unusually, three clips from this episode were shown in UK adverts for the ep, although they were cut from the episode itself; these have been marked in bold. Song lyrics are shown in italics.

Update 30/07/16: Interesting news.. since I first wrote this, the episode has since been put on Sky's On Demand service, fully uncut. However, TV airings of the episode are still censored to this day. Why this happened, I don't know; other episodes that were censored over here are still censored for On Demand airings, so I'm not sure why they made an exception for this one. (Not that I'm complaining, of course :p) But yeah, I just figured that was interesting enough to note.

Lumpy Space Prince: You guys!! Marshall Lee is gonna play a song, you guys!
(Everyone crowds round as Marshall Lee leads Fionna onto the stage.)
Crowd: (cheers) Marshall! Marshall! (etc)
(Some skeleton butterflies fly into view, holding all manner of instruments. They begin playing softly, as Marshall plays a few notes on his axe-bass.)
Marshall Lee: (to Fionna) Follow my lead.
(They dance together in time to the music, Fionna imitating Marshall, until he start shaking his butt, trolling her.)

Fionna: (pushes Marshall) Hey!

(He flies over to the side, and begins singing; Cake and Fionna harmonize in the background.)
Marshall Lee: Good little girl
Always picking a fight with me
You know that I'm bad
But you're spending the night with me

What do you want from my world?

(Cake stretches into a more anthropomorphic form, still wearing Fionna's hat, revealing Fionna's long hair in what I like to call a "hair explosion".)
You're a good little girl..

(Marshall Lee puts his axe-bass down and starts dancing with Cake, as Fionna begins singing; during her verse, Marshall Lee and Cake are harmonizing in the background.)

Fionna: Bad little boy

(the crowd cheers)

That's what you're acting like
(Note that the animation for the following line was also shown in UK ads.)
I really don't buy
(Shot of Marshall and Cake dancing together. He gets a mischievious look on his face.)
That you're that kind of guy

And, if you are
Why do you want to hang out with me..?

(Marshall Lee dips Cake and hisses at her, pretending to bite her; Fionna rushes over, catching her
as he flies up, laughing.)

Marshall Lee: Don't you know I'm a villain?
Every night I'm out killing, sendin' everyone runnin' like children

(Fionna tucks her hair back into her hat as she and Cake watch Marshall.)
I know why you're mad at me
I've got demon eyes, and they're lookin' right through your anatomy
Into your deepest fears, baby I'm not from here
I'm from the Nightosphere

(He swoops over the stage, and lands in front of Fionna and Cake.)
To me you're clear, transparent
You've got a thing for me, girl, it's apparent

Cake: Oh, oh!
(She rushes forward and begins dancing very.. suggestively, shall we say.)
I got a hot potato! And I got two hot tomatoes
(Fionna begins walking over to Marshall in the background.)

Well, they'll make a good sauce, maybe..

(I have to explain how the previous cut was done, it was very interestingly done imo. I'm guessing that they wanted to show as little of Cake's dance as possible; the way they accomplished this is.. in the UK version, Cake's dialogue starts to fade out as she says "make", and then it cuts directly to the next scene - think how many songs fade out at the end. I have to admit, this was a better way of handling it than a simple cut, although I still wish it hadn't been cut, of course.)

(Most of the rest of Cake's song is drowned out by Fionna and Marshall's talking; however, she continues to dance rather suggestively in the foreground.)

Fionna: (to Marshall Lee) You're not so bad, you know. .............. Cake: So I'll shake my bottle, baby
Marshall Lee: Not so bad? I'm the son of a demon. ....................... I'll shake it and shake it and shake it
And the Vampire King. It's not something I have to try at. .............. and shake it and shake it all over the table..
You, on the other hand..
(The focus returns to Cake.)
Cake: ...the table,
For as long as I am able~!

(..and back to Fionna and Marshall.)
Cake: (in the background) La da da da da da~~~~ (etc)
Fionna: (again, to Marshall) I'm not trying to be bad! I'm hanging out with you because you're my friend.
Marshall Lee: What, like him? (he holds out one of Prince Gumball's cream puffs from earlier on in the ep, blowing the scent towards Fionna.)
Fionna: No! Different!
(She tries to take a swing at him, but he dodges, and she falls onto the stage instead.)
(She kicks out at him.)
Marshall Lee: (sending her up) Oh no~!
(He floats onto the stage slowly, like a leaf, laughing. Fionna rushes over and elbows him in the stomach; he retaliates by kicking her in the face.)

Cake: (oblivious) Da da da da da...
(She realizes what's going on, looking from Fionna to Marshall Lee, then rushes over to them, changing back into her normal form.)
Hey, break it up, you two!

Again, everything after that was 100% uncut, including Marshall's rap from later on in the episode. So now you know. :B

Adventure Time and all related things are the property of Pendleton Ward, Cartoon Network, and Frederator Studios. I do not own Adventure Time and am not claiming to, I'm just a fan who got bored and was incredibly infuriated that this scene was cut in the UK ;). Please do not take text directly off this page without my permission for any reason - sorry, but it took a long time to type! ;)