As you may or may not know, Regular Show is a really, really risque show. It's rated PG, and it's pretty obvious. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network in the UK are not as relaxed as CN US are, and a number of cuts have been made to Regular Show there (in the UK, that is). Since I live in the UK, and I have a tendency to rant on about censorship (and also have a decent amount of spare time on my hands), I figured I may as well make a page explaining what was cut or censored from Regular Show in the UK. (Also, the edits made to Over the Top pissed me off so much that I wanted to rant about them some more :p)

Please note that this site has now closed. I have no plans to check through any more episodes for edits; the site as it is now will remain online for as long as my site does, but I'm no longer updating it. Thanks to everyone who supported this site throughout the years! It was fun while it lasted!

Because of this, please do not email me telling me that an episode that isn't listed here was edited. I'm no longer keeping up with Regular Show and thus I'll have no way to verify edits. (However, if you notice an edit that I missed from any of the episodes listed below, then feel free to let me know!)

Update 28/06/17: Will update this page sporadically with random eps that I feel like going through. Still not gonna go through all the ones I've missed, but I might add the odd comparison here and there. (Mostly just for the Halloween/Christmas eps.)

Now, on with the show!

General Edits
- All swearing has been censored (with the exception of 'fricking' from The Night Owl.. whiiich isn't exactly a swear, but hey, close enough) - 'crap' is consistently changed to 'crud' (save for Ello Gov'nor; see below), and 'pissed' is changed to.. well, pretty much whatever the censors feel like at the moment, I guess :P. But yeah, unless otherwise noted, you can assume that all swearing has been censored :B.
- Also, for some reason, CN UK have an issue with the word 'moron' (wtf CN?), which has been consistently changed to 'idiot' (save for Really Real Wrestling, in which it was changed to 'dummy'). No, I don't know why. I won't be noting when this happens, since it's been consistent so far; if they let it past later on, I'll note that. (Note that this only really applies to the first two seasons, since they seem to have stopped using the word "moron" entirely in the show, probably to avoid having to redub it all the time.)
- Episodes don't always air in the UK in the same order that they did in the US. They *mostly* do, but sometimes episodes are swapped round, air in production order instead of broadcast order, and sometimes they air wildly out of order for seemingly no reason at all. (A notable example is "Sugar Rush", which - likely due to scheduling reasons listed below - ended up airing as part of season four over here) For ease of reading, I've listed the episodes in the original US broadcast order, with the original UK airdates included next to the titles. So keep this in mind as you read the airdates - if, say, the second episode of a season is listed as airing after the fourth episode, it's not a mistake, it's just CN UK being CN UK. :)
- Only one Regular Show DVD was ever released in the UK - "Regular Show: Season One", released in late 2014. However, it is far inferior to the US release, from what I've heard (I don't own any of the US DVDs myself), so I would suggest that any UK fans looking for DVDs of the show might want to look into importing instead. The UK (Region 2) DVD is heavily edited (containing all of the edits from the original UK TV airings, plus some extra edits that then carried onto TV airings; all of these are listed tomorrow), has NO bonus features whatsoever, a lackluster DVD menu design (which is nitpicky, but hey, it's the little things), and is inexplicably missing the episode "Mordecai and the Rigbys". As far as I know, the US DVDs contain none of these problems.
- In the US, the text "A Cartoon Network Original" has been added underneath the opening logo from "Maxin' and Relaxin'" onwards (like so). Except for "The Real Thomas", "Terror Tales of the Park IV" and "Terror Tales of the Park V" (which had different openings due to being specials), so far, all season 6 eps (or at least, all of the ones listed below) have used the original opening sequence instead. (This is likely just due to CN UK using a generic opening for all episodes they air, and not a "deliberate" edit, but I figured it was worth pointing out anyway, since it is still technically different to the US airing. -shrug-)

Season One | Season Two | Season Three | Season Four | Season Five | Season Six | The Movie | Season Seven

Please note that any dates listed are in day-month-year format. :)

Season One

The Power - season one, episode one (original airdate: 02/03/11)
- Right, how to explain this.. you know the scene early in the episode where Mordecai and Rigby call each other 'holes'? Well, that's been edited two different ways for UK airings. x) Originally, the only edit was that the line "Now, how in the 'H' are we gonna fix this 'S'?" was changed to "Now how in the 'H' are we gonna fix this hole?" (note that where the original version of the line had a slight pause after "now", the UK version does *not* have this pause. The UK line has a more casual delivery of the line in general, actually). However, sometime in 2014, more of the scene was edited out. Words in bold are cut from the current airing of this episode: "You're the one who threw me too hard, you hole!" "Don't- call me a hole, you're the hole, you're the one who wanted to wrestle!" Additionally.. maybe it's just me, but the current version appears to replace the pause after "now" in the aforementioned "Now how in the 'H'.." line. Like.. it has the US "now" and the rest of the line is the UK censored version, or at least that's how it sounds to me. I can't imagine why they'd do this, but I thought it was worth mentioning, anyway.
- Okay, this'll be an awkward one to explain :p Right, the Wizard taking a leak in the bushes was.. SORTA censored. First off, the music that plays when they transition in and out of the flashback (if that makes sense) was slightly different in the UK. Nothing too major (like I said under 'general edits', it's only noticeable when listening to both US and UK versions at the same time), just enough to be noticeable. The unzipping noises were left in.. sorta. I think they were redone for the UK, since it's *very* noticeable originally, but you pretty much need headphones to hear them in the UK version. But they are there. Additionally, the Wizard's breathing out was redubbed, and a few seconds were shaved off the scene (and, y'know, the, uh, pissing sounds were cut, too. >.>). I have NO idea why they bothered to edit this, you can still tell what's going on in the UK version, so it's kind of pointless.. (Hell, the censored version sounds *more* risque, if you ask me) A similar edit was later made to the Adventure Time ep "Marceline's Closet", for the record. All in all, about 5-6 seconds were cut from the UK version. (Man, all this text for such a short scene.. :p)
- The music that plays when Rigby plays The Power for the first time is slightly different in the UK version, probably because of the above cuts. Again, nothing major, just enough to be noticeable.
- The infamous line "Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches" was cut.
- Mordecai's line "You drillbit! What else did you send?!" was eventually cut down to simply "What else did you send?!" (for the 2014 DVD at least - again, not sure if these edits carry over to the TV airings or not).
- 'Pissed' was changed to 'miffed' ("But he's gonna be miffed!"), and 'crap' was changed to 'crud', of course. Other than that, the episode was intact. Whoo!

Just Set Up The Chairs - season one, episode two (original airdate: 02/03/11)
- Just a note - originally, this episode was shown in the UK sans title screen. However, as of 25/10/11, reruns of this ep include the title screen. It's not an edit (I'm assuming they didn't have the title screen or something), but I figured I'd note it down anyway, for interest's sake 'n all.
- It's pretty obvious what's been censored here, isn't it..? Rigby's line, "Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up these chairs!" was censored; 'balls' was changed to 'gumballs'. Yes, this does make the line extremely repetitive, but hey, that's the way it goes, I guess. -shrug-

Caffeinated Concert Tickets - season one, episode three (original airdate: 09/03/11)
- This is one of the.. spicier episodes, shall we say, so naturally it got a few cuts made. However, this is also kind of a notable episode, since CN UK have shown FOUR FIVE SIX! different versions of it so far! Originally, this episode was shown without the title screen, probably due to them being provided with an odd version of the episode or something. Reruns from 14/06/11 onwards included the title screen, and also ended a few seconds later than the original version (the one without the title screen). This is most likely because this ep has different credits music (the Fist Pump music continues onto the credits); I'm guessing CN UK had to cut the credits out themselves or something. However, from 25/10/11 onwards, CN UK started including some of the credits for this episode whenever they showed it. (Not *all* of the credits, though; see below for details) This continued until 11/11/12, a full year later, when they unexpectedly put one of the previously censored lines back in (see below for further details). This fourth version has the title screen intact, but no credits. (Just to clarify, none of these versions were shown interchangeably.. once they changed something with the ep, that was the version they'd run. If that makes sense.) The fifth version (which is also the version that made it onto the DVD) is the same as the fourth, save for a slight edit to the "Working for the Weekend" montage (again, see below for details). As for the sixth, it's exactly the same as the fifth version, except that they're now showing a snippet of the credits at the end of the episode again. I've noticed this happen twice now, so I assume it isn't just a one-time thing.. Some episodes just have all the problems ;). (If that made little to no sense, here's a briefer explanation of the different 'versions' of this ep shown in the UK. :B)
- As mentioned above, like "Just Set Up The Chairs", this episode was originally aired without the title screen. This was eventually fixed. Not really an edit, more of a mistake on CN UK's part, but I figured I'd list it anyways.
- The first edit in this episode is.. well, it's not what you're expecting, let me just say that. The line "..And ready to rock your 11-15 year old pants off!" was changed to "..And ready to rock your 11-15 year old jeans off!". No, really. Perhaps they had a problem with the "11-15 year old" part of the line, who knows.. it's the only time they've ever edited out the word 'pants', and in general that's not something that the UK censors would have a problem with (yes, 'pants' generally means 'underwear' over here, but it's pretty common knowledge that that's not the case in the US - where it means 'trousers' - so the original line is still perfectly understandable to a UK audience. I mean, SpongeBob isn't called "SpongeBob SquareJeans" over here :p), so it's all I can come up with. :s But that is just a guess of mine, I don't know for certain why it was edited. And before you ask, yes, they did leave the 'jail and rehab' line in. Heh.
- Also in that scene.. how to explain this.. okay, you know the "They just got out of jail! And rehab!" line? Well in the original, when they say "jail" and "rehab", there's a kind of 'whooshing' sound as those two words appear on screen. Does that make sense? If you've seen the ep, you'll prolly know what I mean. WELL ANYWAY, for whatever reason, those 'whooshing' noises (it's the best way I can think of to describe it XD) are cut from the UK version of this ep. ??? I'm guessing this was a 'side-effect' of the above cut? and not a deliberate edit? Of course, with CN UK, you never know :p.
- Okay, /now/ onto the cuts that actually make sense (not that I /want/ Regular Show to be censored, mind. I'm just saying that this cut isn't a completely pointless one :B). Rigby's line, "I can't believe you're going to a Fist Pump concert just for some lady pecs" was cut. UPDATE: This line was put back into the episode starting 11/11/12 (well, that's when I first noticed it, anyways) and is intact for the season one UK DVD.
- Similarly, the later line "You're lucky I care about lady pecs" was cut. Update: Like the above bit, this scene was also sort of uncensored starting 11/11/12. Sort of. The line itself was still cut (why is it okay to have the above line in, but not this line? o_O;), but it is now less cut. I'm not really sure how to explain this quickly, so here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to describe the scene, and put the parts that were cut in the original airing of this episode in italics. Here goes: Rigby falls asleep on the ground. Mordecai watches him for a few seconds, then says the 'lady pecs' line. There's then a 'screen wipe' kind of scene changer (don't know how else to describe it). Originally in the UK, that scene just cut abruptly from the shot of Rigby asleep on the ground, to the next scene, with no scene changer or anything. However, in the current UK version of this ep, they kept in the "Mordecai watching Rigby for a few seconds" bit, as well as the screen wipe. This makes me wonder if they were going to put this line back in, then chickened out at the last minute.. hm.. Either way, it's just another oddity of the UK 'dub'. ;)
- Okay, how to put this.. The coffee bean guy shooting coffee from his nipples (and Mordecai and Rigby screaming in response) was cut sometime in 2014; earlier airings of the episode left that scene intact. As a result, the "Working for the Weekend" montage starts rather suddenly in the UK version. Honestly, I'm just surprised they didn't cut this back in 2011 :P At least the montage itself was left alone.
- This is another 'not really an /edit/ edit but I thought I'd list it anyway' thing; as mentioned above, reruns of this episode between 25/10/11 and 11/11/12 (or thereabouts) included the credits. However, they were slightly cut down (probably for time, or to make sure people didn't think it was over and change the channel :P). Current reruns of this episode do not include any part of the credits. This snippet of credits was added back into the ep at some point; I first noticed it on 04/03/17, but it may have been added back in before then, I don't know. It cuts off just after the cast list, btw. But yeah, I just wanted to note that :B

Death Punchies - season one, episode four (original airdate: 23/03/11)
- "My pepperonis are roastin' down here!" was changed to "My chest hairs are roastin' down here!". Close enough, I suppose..
- Okay, um, this one might take a bit of explaining (as I suck at explaining things), so bear with me. The part of the flashback montage (the montage that starts after Rigby's line "I don't care! I'm sick of you always winning!") that shows Mordecai kicking Rigby in the crotch was censored; they took the scene of Mordecai punching Rigby from the beginning of the episode and put that in the offending scene's place. Here, have a comparison (eee, first comparison pic! 8D ..Not that that's really a good thing, tho.): That looks kinda painful..

Free Cake - season one, episode five (original airdate: 16/03/11)
- "Benson's gonna be pissed" was changed to "Benson's gonna go ballistic". Meh, flame me if you want, but I kinda like the censored line better. Still wish it hadn't been censored, 'course, but oh well.
- Probably the most blatant edit so far.. the 'naked party' scene was cut down. What they did was.. they cut the part with the unzipping sounds (they didn't just like, mute that part, it was cut.), as well as everything after "Skips is gonna be so surprised". I liked that line, too :(.
- Okay.. again, this exchange was left in originally, but was later cut sometime in 2014. The line, "Dude, I think we just screwed Skips" was edited out entirely, and the following line ("And ourselves! No Skips, no cake!") was cut down to "No Skips, no cake!".

Meat Your Maker - season one, episode six (original airdate: 30/03/11)
- 'Pissed' was changed to 'ticked' ("You ticked me off.").
- Okay, brace yourselves, cause this is a major "missing the forest for the tree"-type edit, if that makes sense. So, you know the scene that's basically Skips, Benson and Pops getting totally drunk together? Originally that whole scene was uncut over here. However, sometime in 2014, Skips crushing the "soda" can on his forehead was cut. Heh.. even without that part, it's still pretty obvious what's going on. :P
- A fairly weird edit here. Rigby's line "While you were dead, I found these talking hot dogs.." was changed to "While you were unconscious, I found these talking hot dogs.." (etc). I can kinda see why they did this, but /still/... (Unfortunately, this wasn't the last time they censored death.)

Grilled Cheese Deluxe - season one, episode seven (original airdate: 06/04/11)
- Most of the "ostrich thing with the balls" video was cut; the UK version cut off after the ostrich swung the bat. Yeah, they cut the punchline -_- This one really confused me when I first saw it (before I found out that it had been censored). Oh well.

The Unicorns Have Got To Go - season one, episode eight (original airdate: 16/03/11)
- The unicorns' "lady flashbacks" (everything between the lines "We know all about the ladies~" and "Actually, that would be pretty awesome, guys") were cut. Heh, I think it's kinda funny that out of all the things in this episode, they chose to cut *this* out. XD I mean, it's pretty clean compared to some of the other things in this episode, at least in my opinion.
- This one's sort of unique, in that it's the only thing that was edited specifically for the DVD - TV airings have always left this line in (the last time I saw it on the TV was 05/03/17, so they don't seem to have any intention of editing it out). In the scene where Mordecai and Rigby go to Skips for help, the lines "How'd you know?" and "They peed on my lawn." (referring to the unicorns) were cut. Kind of a silly edit imo (particularly since the line was left in for like.. three years before the DVD was released, and is STILL left in on TV airings even after the DVD was released), but whatever.

Prank Callers - season one, episode nine (original airdate: 30/03/11)
- Originally, this episode was uncut, save for a "crap" to "crud" edit. However, the line "I warned you to leave me alone. Now I'm gonna prank you so hard you're *both* gonna poop a duke." was cut sometime in 2014. Honestly, I can see why they'd cut this, but I kinda wish they'd left the first half of the line in... without it, the next line ("The 1980s called.." etc) seems a bit of a non-sequitor, if that makes sense. Oh well.

Don - season one, episode ten (original airdate: 23/03/11)
- 'Freaking' was changed to 'stupid' ("I don't want your stupid sugar!").

Rigby's Body - season one, episode eleven (original airdate: 09/03/11)
- Infamously, 'turds' was changed to 'planks'. 'Planks' is apparently a British insult (according to my mum, it's basically a way of calling someone stupid - i.e, 'as thick as a plank of wood'). This also confused me when I first saw it, haha.

Mordecai and the Rigbys - season one, episode twelve (original airdate: 06/04/11)
- This episode isn't edited for TV airings (well, aside from a "crap" to "crud" edit), but as a note.. for whatever reason, this episode is NOT present on the UK Season One DVD. I dunno if this is a case of censorship (I doubt it though.. why would they ban THIS, of all eps?) or just a simple oversight, but I figured it was worth noting anyway.

Season Two

Ello Gov'nor - season two, episode one (original airdate: 13/04/11)
- I noticed this a while ago, just wasn't sure whether or not to put it up.. on the first airing, this episode was slightly zoomed in. Why? Who knows; my guess is a problem with the videos or something. This was fixed in subsequent airings. Doors! ..yeah, I've got nothin'. (Once again, my apologies for the less than stellar photos.. my new TV isn't very good for taking photos like this ^^;;)
- Pretty small edit here; "friggin'" was changed to "flippin'" - as in, "You're screaming like a flippin' maniac!" Eh, close enough.
- "Holy crap, it's real!" was creatively changed to "Oh man, dude, it's real!". Maybe they got bored of 'crud'? :P

It's Time - season two, episode two (original airdate: 13/04/11)
- Another pointless edit.. the clip of Pajama Sisters 2 that's shown (in the "Looks like Pajama Sisters 2 is bombing~!" scene) is cut o_o; Everything else is left intact, though.

Appreciation Day - season two, episode three (original airdate: 20/04/11)
- No cuts! Whoo.

Peeps - season two, episode four (original airdate: 20/04/11)
- No cuts here, either. Well, that I'm aware of, anyways.

Dizzy - season two, episode five (original airdate: 02/05/11)
- Yep, this was shown uncut, too. Not that there was anything to censor anyways.

My Mom - season two, episode six (original airdate: 02/05/11)
- 'Turd' was changed to 'plank' again.

High Score - season two, episode seven (original airdate: 30/05/11)
- No cuts (afaik), but as a side note, 'turd' was left 100% intact! :o Go Cartoon Network!

Rage Against The TV - season two, episode eight (original airdate: 03/06/11)
- This one got through uncut, too. I hope you like hearing that, btw; CN UK were a bit more lax with season two (much to my - and everyone's, I'd assume - pleasure :3).

Party Pete - season two, episode nine (original airdate: 07/09/11)
- Okay, they weren't that lax, I guess. I missed this one for a bit.. Party Pete's crotch thrusting (also known as humping) when he showed up at the door was edited, and replaced with a shot of his foot tapping. I think this is the first animation edit, and it's not the last, either. However, despite this, Party Pete pretty much humping those girls later on in the ep was kept intact. Lawl. Okay, so I can see why they cut this..
- Also, Muscle Man's line "It takes guests with breasts, and mine don't count" was censored to "It takes guests with chicks, and my mom doesn't count". I pretty much expected that line to be cut/censored, though, so it wasn't really surprising. -shrug-

Brain Eraser - season two, episode ten (original airdate: 14/09/11)
- Amazingly, this episode - despite being the most risque episode of the series so far (at least in my opinion) - was shown one hundred percent uncut. Not only that, but it hasn't been censored in subsequent reruns, either! Bravo, CN :D.

Benson Be Gone - season two, episode eleven (original airdate: 07/09/11)
- This episode isn't really risque or anything, so naturally it came over uncensored.

But I Have A Receipt - season two, episode twelve (original airdate: 14/09/11)
- Also uncensored. Like I said, CN UK have been a bit more relaxed with season two (so far).

This Is My Jam - season two, episode thirteen (original airdate: 21/09/11)
- Also uncut! It's a nice change to be able to watch Regular Show uncut without resorting to YouTube :).

Muscle Woman - season two, episode fourteen (original airdate: 21/09/11)
- Yep, this one didn't get censored, either.

Temp Check - season two, episode fifteen (original airdate: 28/09/11)
- Another weird/mostly pointless edit.. the part where the random guy played a harmonica with his.. sitting muscle (I love Flapjack XD) was COMPLETELY reanimated; in the UK version, he sticks two kazoos up his nose (..wouldn't that hurt a lot?) and starts playing them. Wtf, CN? It was a well-done edit, to be fair (and hey, at least they kept it weird, right?), but.. seriously? >_< Gah. Here's a comparison shot: Kazoos up the nose, the leading cause of nasal blockages everywhere.
- I dunno if anything else was edited, since I don't really like this episode (no offense if -you- like it, but it's just not my cup of tea, so to speak), and thus haven't seen most of the UK airing of it. SO IF THEY DID EDIT ANYTHING ELSE (I doubt it, since it's really tame), please let me know C:.

Jinx - season two, episode sixteen (original airdate: 28/09/11)
- I can never remember the name of this episode (I always think it's "Jinxed" XD). Anyway, it wasn't censored for the UK.

See You There - season two, episode seventeen (original airdate: 05/10/11)
- No edits were made.

Do Me A Solid - season two, episode eighteen (original airdate: 05/10/11)
- No edits were made.

Grave Sights - season two, episode nineteen (original airdate: 12/10/11)
- No edits were made.

Really Real Wrestling - season two, episode twenty (original airdate: 12/10/11)
- No edits were made. Enjoy it while you can, because the next ep got censored quite a bit D:.

Over The Top - season two, episode twenty-one (original airdate: 19/10/11)
- This episode is quite possibly the most censored so far. The first 30 or so seconds were COMPLETELY CUT, making the episode EXTREMELY disjointed and confusing. Instead, it cut right to the scene in McHooligan's..
- ..which was also censored. The exterior shot of McHooligan's itself was edited, to remove the name 'McHooligan's' from the wall and on the door. Here, have a comparison shot: Never seen a bar that doesn't have it's name on the building..
- Muscle Man's line "McHooligan's, round two!" was hilariously and randomly changed to "Family restaurant, round two!". However, the mention of drink tickets were left in, which kinda misses the point, really :P.
- Also, High Five Ghost's line /after/ that ("Shotgun!") was cut.. I dunno why, maybe CN UK took it literally or something.. -shrug- (Thanks to Calvin Wong for telling me what he said ;) since I couldn't tell, heh)
- I hate it when I think 'oh, thank god no more edits were made' and then find another one. Death spitting in Rigby's mouth was edited; it was changed to a (new) shot of him firing a laser at Rigby. (I previously said this was an edited version of an earlier scene, but looking at it again, that's not the case ^^;) The shot after that (of the spit going in Rigby's mouth.. ew) was also cut. ..Here's a comparison shot: You've gotta love the cheesy lens flare -sigh- Stupid cuts.. This one's particularly stupid, since they haven't edited spitting out of any other shows (as far as I know). Maybe it was too 'germy' for CN UK's taste or something, I dunno. edit 03/11/16: well, that last statement was true when I wrote it, but after this CN UK decided they didn't like spitting at all and started editing it out of other episodes/shows ^^; Censors are fickle things!

The Night Owl - season two, episode twenty-two (original airdate: 19/10/11)
- Missed this one the first time round.. Muscle Man's line "I can't wait to shove my key into that sweet piece!" was censored to.. something about donuts. It's hard to tell, it's a really quick line.. I think it was something like "I can't wait to peel donuts in that sweet piece!". Which, yeah, makes no sense, but that's the way it goes, I guess. -shrug- Come on, CN, was the line really that offensive? I know it sounds kinda risque, but honestly..
- Despite the above edit, I'm almost entirely sure that nothing else was cut (so yeah, 'fricking' was kept in). Whee.

A Bunch Of Baby Ducks - season two, episode twenty-three (original airdate: 25/10/11)
- No cuts were made, afaik. Kind of refreshing after last week's fiasco.

More Smarter - season two, episode twenty-four (original airdate: 25/01/11)
- Unless I'm much mistaken, no edits were made to this episode either~.

First Day - season two, episode twenty-five (original airdate: 05/11/11?; probably aired as part of an Adventure Time/Regular Show marathon)
- Now that I've seen this ep, I can confirm that there were no edits made to it! :D Whee. (Well, I didn't think there _would_ be - it's pretty tame - but you never know, right?)

Go Viral - season two, episode twenty-six (original airdate: 06/11/11; aired as part of an Adventure Time/RS marathon)
- No cuts/edits here, either! Whoo.

Skunked - season two, episode twenty-seven (original airdate: 19/11/11; aired as part of a The Amazing World of Gumball/RS marathon)
- Pretty sure there weren't any edits in this episode :D.

Karaoke Video - season two, episode twenty-eight (original airdate: 20/11/11; aired as part of a Gumball/RS marathon)
- No edits! :D I was kinda worried about this episode after Over the Top (since, y'know, Mordecai and Rigby are totally drunk in that one scene :P), so I was glad to see it made it through uncut. Maybe CN UK just have a problem with (implied) bars/pubs. -shrug-

Season Three

Stick Hockey - season three, episode one (original airdate: 02/07/12; see below for more details)
- No edits :D However, there *is* a bit of an.. interesting story behind this ep in the UK, I suppose you could say. CN started airing adverts for new Regular Show (+ Adventure Time and Mr Bean) episodes on June 4th, claiming there would be new eps every Monday (as part of their 'Meaty Mondays' block), starting June 11th. However, they continued to air reruns of season 1 and 2 episodes until July 2nd, after they had actually made a NEW advert which *didn't* advertise Regular Show! (Well, it advertised RS. Just didn't advertise *new* RS eps) So yeah, it took a good 3-4 weeks for this ep to finally be shown over here. I was worried they were taking that time to, idk, chop the episode up Over the Top-style XD so it's good to see it made it over uncut.

Bet to be Blonde - season three, episode two (original airdate: 09/07/12)
- No cuts :) Not that there was anything to cut in the first place, heh.

Skips Strikes - season three, episode three (original airdate: 16/07/12)
- Again, no cuts. Wonder how long they'll keep this up for..

Terror Tales of the Park - season three, episode four (original airdate: 23/07/12 for "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit", 31/10/12 for "In The House")
Creepy Doll / Death Metal Crash Pit
- Okay, this surprised me.. I *really* thought they'd save this episode for, y'know, Halloween, but no, they aired it. However, they only aired the first two parts -_- I'm guessing we won't see "In the House" over here until Halloween. Annoying, but what can ya do. Anyway, in the way of edits, there was only one that I noticed: they didn't show the "Terror Tales of the Park" title screen. They *did* show the title screens for "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit", just not the title screen for the whole special. I'm guessing this is due to it being an out-of-season airing. Update 31/10/12: They showed the entire special today, so it does indeed appear that the title screen (and possibly "In The House") is only going to be shown on Halloween. Makes sense. Meanwhile, the first two shorts of this ep have been airing semi-regularly since July. If you were wondering ;). (A tweet by JG Quintel seems to suggest that "In The House" was produced seperately to "Creepy Doll"/"Death Metal Crash Pit" - note how the production numbers, etc, are different for this ep when compared to the other Terror Tales eps - so that may be why they aired in parts over here; CN UK does sometimes air episodes in production order, for whatever reason.)

In The House
- Okay first off, as you'll notice, this episode aired WAY after the others. My theory is that CN UK doesn't mind showing Halloween eps out of season, unless they actually say 'Halloween' in them. This theory's held up so far, as up to now, this episode has only aired on Halloween (every year from 2012 onwards).
- Right, edits! As I expected, this episode was censored quite a bit. I must say though, it fared a LOT better than I expected (I was anticipating another 'Over the Top' ^_~). Basically, anything 'too' explicit was cut, and just the 'general idea' was kept, if that makes sense. These cuts are really specific - so much so that instead of explain myself to death here (so to speak), I decided to transcribe the scenes that were censored, and explain in detail what was cut. So if you'd like to read that transcript, go here. Everything below is a shorter explanation of what was cut - if you want 'blow-by-blow' detail, read the transcript. :)
- First off, the 'skinned Muscle Man' scene was cut, like I figured it would be. How they did it was.. after Muscle Man was dragged off into the trees, they cut to the scene of Mordecai rushing over to Skips and Fives, and then everything between Benson's line "What are we gonna do then?" and the close-up of the phone ringing was cut. Lol, I wonder what they'll do with the flashback to this scene in "Exit 9B".
- Okay, I'm not sure how to explain this.. You know the scene where High Five Ghost is sucked into the phone, and all this white ectoplasm-type stuff flies everywhere? Well in the UK version, this scene went a little differently ^_~ Everything between Fives getting sucked into the phone and Benson and Pops freaking out about it was cut, including the shot of Skips and Mordecai getting covered in the ectoplasm stuff. My guess is either they felt this was 'too much', or they thought the ectoplasm looked like... other stuff. -cough- (Hey, I can't be the only person who was thinking it!) However, the part where Fives' remains slowly leak out of the phone (as well as his line "Worst phone call ever") was kept in. Again, a fairly well-done edit. I'm just glad they kept all the deaths in.
- The scene right after that, where Mordecai gets thrown into the bookcase, was cut, probably because the scene where he's actually hit is also the scene where he's covered in ectoplasm or w/e.
- I missed this one until quite recently.. Okay, you know the scene where Pops gets killed? His lines in that scene, "S-show yourself.. /Bad/ show.. Very bad show...." were cut; the UK ver goes from Benson's death-scene to Pops firing his slingshot at the bedroom door. I'm not sure why they cut this; my guess is that they felt it was too 'distressing' or something? Pops *did* sound pretty scared (understandably so :p) in this scene, so.. that's the only thing I can think of, heh.
- The later scene of Mordecai lying in front of the bookshelf, and then getting up, was cut down; they just cut to Mordecai running. Basically, they just cut right to his line, "I won't let anything happen to you!" The only thing is.. at the beginning of that line, you can still see the scattered books on the floor - this was left in the UK version, heh. I guess they figured it wasn't worth editing the animation or anything just for some books.

Camping Can Be Cool - season three, episode five (original airdate: 24/07/12)
- No edits~ I'm really happy that they seem to be airing new episodes all this week, it's been a while since they've done something like this ^^.

Slam Dunk - season three, episode six (original airdate: 25/07/12)
- Here we go, the first edit of season three! (well, airdate wise anyways, since this one aired months before "In The House") The infamous "Margaret's ass" scene was edited; they kept in her "Hey, Mordecai~" line and the close-up of her (which surprised me, since WOAH CLEAVAGE), but the shot of her on the bike was reanimated to make it.. less fanservice-y, I guess. (in the US version all we could see was her butt; in the UK ver, she actually turned her head at one point) To be honest, I'm surprised they kept the idea of Mordecai perving over Margaret at all, so points to them for that, at least. One interesting thing is that in the UK version, the background is coloured as if it was sunset, which makes it pretty obvious that it's censored since it goes from ~bright sunshine~ to sunset colours, ahah. Here's a comparison pic: At least she has tailfeathers in the UK version, right? NEW: You really need to see this edit 'in action', so I put together a little animated gif of it! It's a little choppy, but it's better than nothing :B It's not quite as fast as this in the episode itself (Just a note - the sky is *not* all pixelly like that in the ep itself, that was just an unfortunate side-effect of the program I used to animate it, thus why I included a screenshot of the scene as well, so you could see what it *actually* looks like :P)

Cool Bikes - season three, episode seven (original airdate: 26/07/12)
- No edits ^^.

House Rules - season three, episode eight (original airdate: 02/08/12)
- No edits C:

Rap It Up - season three, episode nine (original airdate: 01/08/12)
- No edits~

Cruisin' - season three, episode ten (original airdate: 03/09/12)
- No edits! Whoo. I missed updating this site :'D.

Under the Hood - season three, episode eleven (original airdate: 03/09/12)
- Once again, no edits! :D

Weekend at Benson's - season three, episode twelve (original airdate: 10/09/12)
- Still no edits~ Lol, I admit, I didn't think I'd ever see the "Mississippi Queen" montage over here.

Fortune Cookie - season three, episode thirteen (original airdate: 10/09/12)
- Also no edits. So yeah, they kept in all the talk of fanny packs, which sorta surprised me :o (Before I get email asking why that's surprising, 'fanny' means.. something else over here, let's say. -cough-)

Think Positive - season three, episode fourteen (original airdate: 17/09/12)
- No edits~~ :3

Skips vs. Technology - season three, episode fifteen (original airdate: 31/07/12)
- No edits, though they did air it waaayy out of order o_O; Something interesting, you know the weird "everyone disappears at 00:22 and 02:06" error in this ep? I dunno if it was fixed for the reruns in the US (I'm guessing it was), but it *was* fixed over here. Just figured I'd note that :3 (I thought we'd get the original version, haha).

Butt Dial - season three, episode sixteen (original airdate: 12/11/12)
- No edits afaik, though again, they aired this ep out of order (it was paired with "Replaced" over here). No big deal.

Eggscellent - season three, episode seventeen (original airdate: 24/09/12)
- Amazing as it seems, no edits! :O I was kind of concerned about this episode, heh.

Gut Model - season three, episode eighteen (original airdate: 05/11/12)
- Another 'not really an edit but I'm noting it anyway'; they didn't show the title screen on the initial airing. Whether or not this'll be fixed for the reruns remains to be seen, but it probably will be, like 'Caffeinated Concert Tickets' and 'Just Set Up The Chairs' were. Again, this isn't an edit, probably something just went wrong with the tapes, but I figured I'd note it anyways :P. Aside from that, I'm 99.9% sure the episode was completely edit free. Whee!

Video Game Wizards - season three, episode nineteen (original airdate: 30/07/12)
- No edits~ However, as you'll note, this ep was aired WAY out of order originally; it aired after Cool Bikes, which is really weird since CN UK usually doesn't do stuff like that o_O; (okay, they do switch the odd episode, and season-specific eps like, say, Christmas eps are usually saved until the appropriate season, but normal eps are generally shown mostly in order). My theory for this is that this and "Skips vs. Technology" were deliberately aired out-of-order, as a few weeks after those two aired over here, CN UK had a video games-themed weekend, which heavily featured this ep and "Skips vs. Technology". So I believe that these two episodes were aired early so they could be shown as part of that weekend, seems pretty logical to me. But again, this is just a theory, I could be totally wrong ^^;; I just figured it'd be an interesting thing to note, lol.

Big Winner - season three, episode twenty (original airdate: 11/02/13)
- No edits! It was aired waaay out of order, though, but that's nothing new really, heh.

The Best Burger In The World - season three, episode twenty-one (original airdate: 05/11/12)
- Aaaand no edits! Not really surprising, I don't think there's anything "questionable" in this episode anyways, lol.

Replaced - season three, episode twenty-two (original airdate: 12/11/12)
- No edits~ Again, this episode's pretty clean, so this isn't really surprising.

Trash Boat - season three, episode twenty-three (original airdate: 19/11/12)
- No edits, as expected.

Fists of Justice - season three, episode twenty-four (original airdate: 19/11/12)
- Aaand no edits here, either.

Yes Dude Yes - season three, episode twenty-five (original airdate: 26/11/12)
- No edits!

Busted Cart - season three, episode twenty-six (original airdate: 26/11/12)
- Still no edits. So nice to see so many unedited episodes.. Btw, if you're wondering, they did indeed leave the 'sobriety test' scene in, prolly cause it's really quick (heck, I didn't notice it the first time I saw it ^^;). Just to note.

Dead at Eight - season three, episode twenty-seven (original airdate: 04/02/13)
- "You get up there and put that kid to bed, or I'll haunt you turds for the rest of your life!" (er, I think that's the original line ^^;) was changed to "You get up there and put that plank to bed, or I'll haunt you planks for the rest of your life!". Okay, 'turd' getting edited out was a given, but why did they change 'kid'? o.o; Oh well, at least they didn't mess with any of the ~*death*~ stuff in this ep, I guess.

Access Denied - season three, episode twenty-eight (original airdate: 19/02/13; aired as part of a Regular Show
- No edits~

Muscle Mentor - season three, episode twenty-nine (original airdate: 04/02/13)
- I'm reasonably confident that nothing was edited in this ep.

Trucker Hall of Fame - season three, episode thirty (original airdate: 11/02/13)
- Aaaand no edits. I kind of thought they'd do *something* with this ep since, y'know, CN UK and death, but nah, it was all kept. (I'm guessing the fact that Muscle Dad wasn't a previously established character [like Rigby, f'r example] helped :B)

Out Of Commission - season three, episode thirty-one (original airdate: 19/02/13; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- The 'car sex' scene was cut, which was fairly expected I think. Just one of those scenes where I watched it and thought 'this is amazing, but it'll never see a UK broadcast'. Because of this, the music for this ep's montage was slightly redone (again, nothing you'd notice unless you were watching the two eps side-by-side ^_~). I also believe that the montage was slightly slowed down in the UK version, because when I was watching this scene alongside the US version (yeah yeah, I know, I'm a dork :P), it was perfectly in sync until the montage music started. I'm guessing this was to accomodate the cut, so the episode would be the normal length. (Just to note, Cart's line "And to think, I've still never felt the delicate touch of a lady cart" was kept in the UK version, making it a weird non-sequitor of sorts in the censored version ^_~ And while we're on the subject, yes, the 'family restaurant' scene was left 100% intact over here.)
- Okay, I expected the last edit. I did NOT expect this one - heck, I don't think //anyone// did. THEY CHANGED THE FRICKIN' ENDING. Like I did with "Caffeinated Concert Tickets", what I'm going to do is explain how the scene went originally, and put the parts that were cut in italics. The ending originally goes: Benson says "We need you to bring the old cart back. I bet you two are glad to hear that! You know.. It wasn't such a bad old cart after all.". Mordecai and Rigby stare out at the ocean in silence, then Mordecai sighs and says "Let's go get it.", and the episode ends. Everything up to Mordecai's line was kept (for this scene, at least), but in the UK version, after a few seconds of Mordecai and Rigby staring in silence, Benson suddenly says "Mordecai and Rigby, did you get all that?" on the walkie-talkie (and then the ep ends). I have NO idea why they did this, the original scene was as innocent as could be! Congratulations CN, you've somehow managed to confuse the hell out of me. >___<.

Fancy Restaurant - season three, episode thirty-two (original airdate: 25/02/13)
- Okay, so I missed this one until it was pointed out to me. Heh. Anyway, you know how near the end of this ep, the restaurant owner guy dies? WELL we all know how much CN UK ~loves~ death scenes, so that was censored over here, obviously.. The close-up of the meat fork (? I think that's what those things are called) falling from his hand was cut, and.. you know the shot directly before, where he's lying on the car blank-eyed, clearly dead? They.. dubbed in some creepy breathing (well, *I* thought it was creepy, at least :p) to this bit in the UK ver. So he's lying there clearly dead (they didn't edit the animation, after all) but OMG HE'S BREATHING, HE'S NOT DEAD GUYS. Reminds me of something from a 90s anime dub XD. (Thanks to Jo Po for pointing this out to me!)

Diary - season three, episode thirty-three (original airdate: 25/02/13)
- Hold onto your hats, folks, because it's another pointless edit. Okay, you know the "You're so whipped.." scene right at the beginning of this ep? Well, surprisingly (at least, it was surprising to /me/ :p), that was kept, except for one bit. Rigby's line, "Yeah right, you're whipped with a capital 'wa-pssh'!" (imitating a 'whiplash' sound) was inexplicably changed to "Yeah right, you're whipped with a capital 'wa-hizzit'!". First person to find logic in this edit gets $10. Go.
- Welp, I figured this one would be cut. Rigby's line, "Pff.. yeah, your friend /without/ benefits" was censored; the UK version of the line is "Yeah, your friend that'll never be more than a friend.." (yes, they cut the 'pff'). Lol, the UK version is kind of awkwardly wordy, not sure if that comes across in text. As a side note, I'm like 99% sure that the animation for this line was redone for the UK, so the lipflaps matched up. We've come a loong way from the first season, where the lipflaps were kept as-is (most obvious in "The Power").. not that that's really a good thing, though.. but hey, if they're going to censor it, might as well do it right, I guess.

The Best VHS in the World - season three, episode thirty-four (original airdate: 15/04/13)
- Okay, turns out this episode *was* censored after all (sigh..). Originally, the Video Shack Hut guy said the collection agency guys "broke thumbs", right? Yeah, apparently that was too much for the ~*delicate sensibilities*~ of English kids or something, so it was changed to "I hear those guys punch faces" over here. (The following lines, "We either return the video, pay a thousand dollars, or have our thumbs broken." "We don't have that kinda money! And I really enjoy my thumbs!!" were also censored accordingly, to "..or have our faces punched" and "..enjoy my face!", respectively) Actually, y'know, I kind of prefer the UK version.. 'Face punching' sounds more threatening than 'thumb breaking' to me.. I have no idea why :p As a note, unlike the other re-dubbed lines in this season, I believe the lipflaps for these lines were left as-is, so there was no 'new' animation for this episode. If that makes sense.

Prankless - season three, episode thirty-five (original airdate: 01/04/13)
- Heh, what an appropriate episode to show on April Fools Day. I wonder if they did that on purpose. Anyway, it wasn't edited! Yep, all the talk of death and such was left 100% intact.

Death Bear - season three, episode thirty-six (original airdate: 08/04/13)
- Yep, no edits here, either.

Fuzzy Dice - season three, episode thirty-seven (original airdate: 22/04/13)
- Okay yeah, so.. you know the scene where Benson's explaining how to play Skeeze Ballz? Well, that bit was censored for the UK airing :p Again, I'll describe the original scene, and what's in italics is what was censored over here: Benson, explaining how to play Skeeze Ballz: "The faster we go, the more chances to throw the balls we get. So I want everyone to line up, and when the balls drop.." Mordecai and Rigby exchange glances, and laugh. Benson sighs, facepalms, and says irritably, "When the game starts.. You throw and get back in line." Then there's a close-up of his face, and he says, "Now let's roll." I had a feeling they'd cut this, though, so it didn't surprise me much. -shrug-

Sugar Rush - season three, episode thirty-eight (original airdate: 09/09/13)
- No edits! However, there is something kind of interesting about this episode, and how it was aired over here. As you may notice, this episode aired after "Exit 9B". My theory for why this happened is that.. the same week that "Exit 9B" aired (half term, if you're wondering; new eps often air during half term), two new episodes of Adventure Time had aired earlier on in the week. I'm guessing that CN UK didn't want to show two eps of one show and only one of the other, but as they only had one episode left in season three to air (and they couldn't jump ahead and show, say, "Starter Pack", since it would spoil the events of "Exit 9B"), they had no choice but to show "Exit 9B" instead, which, being a 30 minute special, counts as two episodes production-wise. If that makes sense ^^; Again, this is just a guess, but it sounds pretty plausible to me.

Bad Kiss - season three, episode thirty-nine (original airdate: 29/04/13)
- No edits~

Season Four

Exit 9B - season four, episode one (original airdate: 29/05/13; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- Welp, I was pretty sure they'd edit this, and I was right :P (lol, I've been waiting *months* to see what they'd do with this scene) The flashback to "In the House" (as a refresher, it's a quick shot of !skinned!Muscle Man) was cut. Makes sense, since of course that scene was cut from "In The House" anyways. The UK airing replaced it with this scene from "Death Metal Crash Pit" (sorry for the bad-quality pic, it was the best I could do ^^;).
- Okay, this is.. odd. The "John Hancock" line was left in (to my surprise), but.. I dunno how to explain this. In the original scene, MM signs his name and then says the line right afterwards, right? Well, in the UK airing, there's a pause before the line.. the audio starts before the animation, so it's slightly out-of-sync for a second.. No idea what happened here, probably a glitch with the tape or something. Figured I'd note it anyways. :B

Starter Pack - season four, episode two (original airdate: 23/09/13)
- No edits.

Terror Tales of the Park II - season four, episode three (original airdate: 31/10/13)
- No edits! I dunno, I really thought *something* would be cut, but nope. :D Note that this one has, at least so far, only been shown in its entirety, unlike the first Halloween episode. (Which is good. ^^)

Pie Contest - season four, episode four (original airdate: 09/09/13)
- No edits~.

150 Piece Kit - season four, episode five (original airdate: - 16/09/13)
- No edits, woo.

Bald Spot - season four, episode six (original airdate: 16/09/13)
- Amazingly enough, no edits! I thought for sure they'd censor *some* part of this ep, haha.

Guys Night - season four, episode seven (original airdate: 23/09/13)
- Once again, no edits.

One Pull Up - season four, episode eight (original airdate: 30/09/13)
- Okay.. like "Temp Check", this episode is *really* not one of my favourites. (Again, no offense to anyone who loves this ep, heh) So as a result, I didn't.. really watch the UK airing of it. I doubt anything was censored, since this ep was pretty tame imo, but like always, if there *were* any edits let me know and I'll check it out. :)

The Christmas Special - season four, episode nine (original airdate: 02/12/13)
- The opening scene was edited to remove Quillgin shooting Santa. This'll be a bit hard to explain, so bear with me.. Okay, so as usual, anything in italics was cut: "Santa grabs the box and his hoverboard.. thing, then jumps off the sleigh. He spreads his arms out. Santa turns in mid-air to look back at the sleigh. Quillgin reaches into the sleigh, grabs a gun, and shoots Santa. Close-up of the gun-wounds. There's a close-up of Santa's face, and then he falls away. Quillgin says, "Merry Christmas, Santa Claus"." Anyone else think it's weird that they cut this, but left all the gun violence in "Fuzzy Dice" intact? Especially considering the gun scenes in "Fuzzy Dice" were (at least imo) much more graphic.. :/ I guess they didn't want to upset kids by showing Santa being shot (which I can understand), but it's still kind of odd that they cut this and left most of the other gun references in.
- Note that in the above scene, there's a split second (in the "Santa falls away" part of the scene) where you can clearly see gun wounds on Santa. These were painted away in the UK version of the episode. Who needs a bullet-proof vest when you've got censorship? Despite this, the shot directly afterwards (this one) was *not* edited; I'm guessing CN UK missed it, since it's barely noticeable (I only noticed it when I was taking comparison pics ^^;). I'm really surprised they bothered to edit any of this scene, to be honest; it goes by really quickly. I guess at least they're (mostly) not slacking off..? ^^;
- Similarly, all of Santa's gun wounds in the scene where Mordecai and Rigby find him in the garage were painted away in the UK version. More cover-ups. (And before anyone asks, his mouth wasn't edited in the UK version or anything, I just didn't screenshot the same exact part. ^^; If that.. makes sense..)
- The line "Well, sorry to disappoint you. But I was just SHOT AT! Fell 35-hundred feet and crashed through a garage! Besides, all that other stuff was just made up by advertising companies. Trust me! I'm the real Santa Claus!" was cut down to simply "Trust me! I'm the real Santa Claus!". Because, y'know, he totally didn't get shot in the UK version, or anything. >_>
- Despite the above edits, all the other scenes involving guns/shooting were left in. And, in true CN UK form, the 'bullet proof vest' scene (y'know, the one with the line "But I shot you!") wasn't edited at all in the UK version. I'm guessing it was too long to cut, but still.. (As a side note.. Santa's gun wounds are shown briefly for his line "That's right.." in this scene [and then they disappear completely in both versions, haha]; they were not painted away in the UK version.)

T.G.I. Tuesday - season four, episode ten (original airdate: 07/10/13)
- Okay, so this episode has a joke very similar to the one that was cut out of "Fuzzy Dice" ("This ballroom used to host the most elegant /balls/ in its day!" "Woah, were they big?" "Oh, they were /huge/!"). The joke itself was kept in (much to my surprise). However, Rigby snickering and Mordecai hitting him afterwards was cut. I'd guess that CN UK didn't want to make the joke obvious, but.. well, it's obvious without Rigby's reaction, so.. I dunno, censors are weird like that. -shrug- (Thanks again to Jo Po for pointing this out to me!)

Firework Run - season four, episode eleven (original airdate: 04/11/13)
- Oh, turns out this one was edited. Damn it. Anyway, near the end of the episode, Hector (the bad guy) rushes up to the park guys holding a golden machine gun, right? Well, I guess this was too violent for the censors' tastes, so over here it was changed to a handheld cannon (I think that's what those things are called). Because that's somehow less violent, I suppose. Note that despite this, the following scene with the pepper firework shooting guns left right and center was not edited at all. I don't get it, either. Where the hell did he get a golden gun from, anyway? (Thanks again to Jo Po for pointing this one out!)

The Longest Weekend - season four, episode twelve (original airdate: 07/10/13)
- No edits woooo~~.

Sandwich of Death - season four, episode thirteen (original airdate: 14/10/13)
- No edits, prolly because the subject of death is more-or-less played for laughs in this episode, as opposed to the more serious tone of, say, "Over the Top".

Ace Balthazar Lives - season four, episode fourteen (original airdate: 21/10/13)
- No edits :B.

Do or Diaper - season four, episode fifteen (original airdate: 31/10/13; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- No edits, yaaayy~~~.

Quips - season four, episode sixteen (original airdate: 04/11/13)
- Aaaand no edits.

Caveman - season four, episode seventeen (original airdate: 11/11/13)
- No edits, as expected.

That's My Television - season four, episode eighteen (original airdate: 11/11/13)
- Again, no edits. I'm glad season four hasn't really been edited that much, at least so far.. granted, most of the time there really isn't anything to cut, but still.. :P

A Bunch of Full Grown Geese - season four, episode nineteen (original airdate: 14/10/13)
- No edits! This episode *was* aired noticeably earlier in the UK, but that's not really *that* notable, considering. :B

Fool Me Twice - season four, episode twenty (original airdate: 24/03/14)
- No edits, unless I'm very much mistaken :p. (Also yeah, this one aired very out of order, no big deal.)

Limousine Lunchtime - season four, episode twenty-one (original airdate: 18/11/13)
- No edits~.

Picking Up Margaret - season four, episode twenty-two (original airdate: 18/11/13)
- And again, no edits.

K.I.L.I.T. Radio - season four, episode twenty-three (original airdate: 25/11/13)
- No edits! Of course, haha, there's not much to edit in this episode anyways.

Carter and Briggs - season four, episode twenty-four (original airdate: 25/11/13)
- Preeetty sure there were no edits here. :B

Skips' Stress - season four, episode twenty-five (original airdate: 03/02/14)
- No edits. (Yes, all the death talk was kept in. Which is good :B.)

Cool Cubed - season four, episode twenty-six (original airdate: 03/02/14)
- Okay, I hate to say this again, but this episode is *not* one of my favourites, so I didn't watch the UK broadcast of it. I doubt there were any edits since season 4's been pretty edit-free so far, but if anything was cut or edited, please let me know. :B

Trailer Trashed - season four, episode twenty-seven (original airdate: 16/11/13; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- No edits, no edits, yay~~~~ -shot-

Meteor Moves - season four, episode twenty-eight (original airdate: 10/02/14)
- No edits as far as I could tell~.

Family BBQ - season four, episode twenty-nine (original airdate: 03/03/14)
- The line "You know your father, always thinking with his chopper.." was changed to "You know your father, always thinking with his helicopter..". Eh, close enough. (Thanks to Mitchell for pointing this out! :D)

The Last LaserDisc Player - season four, episode thirty (original airdate: 19/02/14; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- No edits, of course.

Country Club - season four, episode thirty-one (original airdate: 24/02/14)
- Originally, when Muscle Man throws his shirt at the tennis ball guy, the dude yells "Ahh! It smells like barf!" For.. some reason, this was changed to "Ahh! It smells like armpit!". I don't get it, I'm sure they've left in lines like this before.. oh well, censors are nothing if not unpredictable. ^_~ I'm pretty sure they got a different VA to redub this line btw, his voice was quite noticeably higher-pitched in the UK version. (I think the "ahh!" part is the same in both versions, though - to me it sounds like they just redubbed the rest of the line and left that as-is, since the UK version seems to skip over the "ahh!", but I could be wrong) Thanks again to Jo Po for pointing this out! :)

Blind Trust - season four, episode thirty-two (original airdate: 31/03/14)
- No edits.

World's Best Boss - season four, episode thirty-three (original airdate: 10/03/14)
- I'm like 99.9% sure that this ep wasn't censored.

Last Meal - season four, episode thirty-four (original airdate: 17/03/14)
- You know those episodes you just can't stand, for whatever reason? Yeah, that's how I feel about this episode. Therefore, I didn't watch the UK airing of it. Sorry about that. (Although again, if it was censored, let me know and I'll check it out.)

Sleep Fighter - season four, episode thirty-five (original airdate: 14/04/14)
- So.. you know the scene in this episode, with the ostrich video? Y'know, the scene that's basically the same as that joke that got edited out of "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"? Well, it got edited out in this ep, too. :p Okay, so.. in the US version, the ostrich kicks the ball through the other dude's legs, then rushes forward and kicks him in the crotch (making the guy curl up in pain), then raises his wings in ~*victory*~. In the UK version, however, he pulls away after rushing forward, then flaps his wings as the guy just stands and stares. ...Eh, just look at these comparison pics: Seriously, how many crotch-kicking jokes does this show need? (Thanks once again to Jo Po for pointing this out~)

Party Re-Pete - season four, episode thirty-six (original airdate: 21/04/14)
- What better way to finish off the season than with an edit? (To clarify - this episode was the last ep of season 4 to air in the UK) Anyways, like in "Party Pete", Party Benson's crotch thrusting was censored. However, instead of being replaced with different animation (like in "Party Pete"), they just froze the scene. So.. instead of crotch thrusting, English kids were treated to a close-up of Benson's crotch (there's a sentence I never thought I'd have to type!). 8D;;

Steak Me Amadeus - season four, episode thirty-seven (original airdate: 07/04/14)
- No edits yaaay~~.

Season Five

Laundry Woes - season five, episode one (original airdate: 28/04/14)
- No edits.

Silver Dude - season five, episode two (original airdate: 08/09/14)
- The line "Why, I'm the God of Street Performing!" was changed to "Why, I'm the Dude of Street Performing!". WHAT. Normally I'd understand this, but they've never had a problem with the word "god" in contexts like this before.. (-sideglance at Adventure Time's Party God-) As a side note, "dude" sounded odd and out-of-place, as if they'd taken it from one of his other lines (I'm guessing they couldn't get his VA back to re-record the line, I dunno). Just an odd edit in general, really. -sigh- Also as a note, it seems that no one told the synopsis writers about this, as the episode synopsis (on Sky, at least) still calls him "the God of Street Performing". (Yet again, thanks to Jo Po for pointing this out~)

Benson's Car - season five, episode three (original airdate: 15/05/14)
- No edits.

Every Meat Burritos - season five, episode four (original airdate: 19/05/14)
- No edits.

Wall Buddy - season five, episode five (original airdate: 28/05/14; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- No edits! :D

A Skips in Time - season five, episode six (original airdate: 08/09/14)
- "What was edited out of this episode?", you ask? "Was it all the allusions to death?" No, no, they were all kept in. However~ Walks spitting at the book was cut and replaced with a shot of him looking at it instead. Despite this, the saliva clearly visible on the book a second later was *not* cut out. Eh... this scene's so quick, I'm surprised they even bothered cutting this, tbh. @_@; But at least they're consistent, I suppose.

Survival Skills - season five, episode seven (original airdate: 29/09/14)
- Okay, are you ready for one of the weirdest edits ever? :P Rigby's line, "This is it. See you on the other side.." was changed to "This is it. 50 years from now I'm probably gonna die from natural causes.", which, uh.. doesn't make any kind of sense at all. XD Sometimes I wonder if they make these censored lines as ridiculous as possible on purpose.. (Thanks to Jo Po for letting me know about this edit ^^)

Terror Tales of the Park III - season five, episode eight (original airdate: 29/10/14; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- No edits.

Tants - season five, episode nine (original airdate: 05/05/14? Either that or 28/05/14)
- No edits, at least not as far as I could see. -shrug-

Bank Shot - season five, episode ten (original airdate: 06/10/14)
- Similar to the edit in "Silver Dude", Mordecai's line "The God of Basketball?" was changed to "Nice ride, dude!". Another pointless edit.. -sigh- (Thanks again to Jo Po for pointing this out.)

Power Tower - season five, episode eleven (original airdate: 06/10/14)
- Another completely pointless edit.. okay, so, you know the scene where they're watching the tape and then a test card comes up? Well, for some reason, CN UK (or whoever it is that's in charge of edits, anyway) decided it was necessary to change the accompanying test card noise (kind of a dull "beeeep.." sound.. idk how to describe it). Seriously, what was the point in this?! (Once again, thanks to Jo Po for pointing this out~)

The Thanksgiving Episode - season five, episode twelve (original airdate: 24/11/14)
- No edits, but as a note - like all the other 30 min. specials, this episode has a unique opening. This was kept for the UK airing, however, they also aired the usual opening before it.. if that makes sense. Nothing major, just figured I'd point it out. -shrug-

The Heart of a Stuntman - season five, episode thirteen (original airdate: 13/10/14)
- The animation accompanying Rigby's line "Are you.. talking to me? Because.." was edited slightly. In the original version, when he says "Because..", he gestures to his eye (referring to the Stuntman's lazy eye); the UK ver changed this to him lowering his arm (although the following shot, where Rigby can be seen lowering his arm, was NOT edited). I'm guessing they thought the original animation may have been a bit too.. offensive I guess would be the word? (I can't really blame them; most of this episode made *me* feel a bit uncomfortable. I'm surprised they didn't censor anything else, tbh ^^;) That's just a guess, though, of course. I guess this was the only thing they could really cut, considering.

New Year's Kiss - season five, episode fourteen (original airdate: 28/05/14; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon.)
- No edits.

Dodge This - season five, episode fifteen (original airdate: 15/09/14)
- Every instance, written or spoken, of the name "Benson's Ballerz", was replaced with "Benson's Bomberz". Geez, we haven't had an edit like this since "Rigby's Body", have we? @_@; To be fair, I thought that name was a little off-colour, too. (as a note, again, everything relating to the original name was replaced, I just didn't see any point in taking comparison shots of every single time they showed the name, haha)

Portable Toilet - season five, episode sixteen (original airdate: 13/10/14)
- The line "3.. 2.. 1... Let's drop a laser gun 'number 2' on this dukebucket" was changed to "3.. 2.. 1... Let's liberate some latrines". To be honest, for once I actually prefer the censored line.. but I'm not at all a fan of toilet humour, so. -shrug-

The Postcard - season five, episode seventeen (original airdate: 14/02/15; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- Yep, we've got another pointless edit! The image on the "Fart Weekly" magazine was edited, because apparently butts are offensive now or something. -shrug- I don't get it, either. Pointless edit for a pointless scene, I guess?

Rigby in the Sky with Burrito - season five, episode eighteen (original airdate: 20/10/14)
- No edits, woo.

Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit - season five, episode nineteen (original airdate: 20/10/14)
- And again, no edits.

Saving Time - season five, episode twenty (original airdate: 17/11/14)
- No edits.

Guitar of Rock - season five, episode twenty-one (original airdate: 03/11/14)
- The line "We have received confirmation that American icon, Bruce Rock, has died after tragically falling off a five foot stage." was changed to "Uh, this just in - American icon, Bruce Rock, has just stopped being alive after falling off a five foot stage". (For some reason, the UK version has a kind of weird hesitating noise before "this just in", dunno how to describe it) Haha, the censored line is hysterical, cause it's said super dramatically. I'm starting to think they purposely make the edited lines sound as ridiculous as possible.. :P

Skips' Story - season five, episode twenty-two (original airdate: 19/02/15; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- The first edit of the ep is a pretty pointless one, at least in my opinion. Like always, I'll describe the scene, and anything in italics was cut: "Walks hits the nail with the hammer, breaking it; he leans down and squints angrily at the nail. Mona leans over him, putting her hand on his, and says, "Walks, it's not just about force." She stands up, then leans over him again, takes his hand in hers. "Take your time! And if your aim is true.." Shot of their faces very close together; Walks is blushing. She continues talking, "..then.." Mona lowers her/Walks' hand, gently lowering the hammer down on the nail. Skips' eyes dilate, as he says, "The nail is driven in." Klorgbane then shouts "Mona!" from off-screen." I can only assume they found this scene too ~*suggestive*~ or w/e, and that's why most of it was cut. Personally I didn't see anything suggestive in it at all (I thought it was a really sweet scene, actually), but whatever.
- Mona's dad's line, "Take good care of her tonight. Don't forget she's someone's little girl!" was redubbed to "Take good care of her tonight. Remember I can find out where you live!" Mm, I think that's a pretty good substitute. I'd rather they don't redub lines at all, of course, but if they have to, I'd rather have a line like this, that actually makes *sense*, instead of some of the weird/nonsensical edits we've had in other episodes (like "Survival Skills", for example). :P
- Most of the fight between Walks and Klorgbane was left untouched; however, there was a slight edit made to the scene where Walks first starts fighting Klorgbane. The US version shows Klorgbane pulling his fist back before punching Walks' face back and forth. This was changed in the UK version to a close up of Klorgbane punching frantically; however, Walks is not visible at all in the UK version. It's.. kind of hard to explain, so here's a pic: Man, he looks even more psychotic in the censored version. This was actually a really well-done edit, I thought it was handled pretty well, considering.
- Yeah, I knew this scene would be censored. That said, I was pleasantly surprised at how CN UK handled it; I was expecting it to just be cut. Okay, so, after Klorgbane's mace thinger hits the wall, there's a shot of the cracks spreading through the ceiling and then a close up of a large chunk of plaster falling from the ceiling. That was all kept for the UK airing; it was the next part that was changed. In the US version, Mona is shown lying on the ground before the aforementioned chunk of plaster falls on top of her; the UK version changed this to a newly animated shot of the plaster/shrapnel/whatever falling towards Mona, as she raises her arm to shield herself, before VERY quickly cutting to the next scene (the close up of Skips screaming "Mona!", which was the same in both versions). It's hard to describe in words, but the UK animation is literally lightning-fast (but then, the original animation is pretty quick, too). I think this was handled really nicely; obviously I'd rather have the original animation, but the new animation gets the point of the scene across nicely, too. This scene's so sad :c.

Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys - season five, episode twenty-three (original airdate: 03/11/14)
- Muscle Man's line, "If I don't take 'em off, I can't cool 'em off. Simple science, bro" was changed to "You want me to pass out from heat exhaustion? Get over it, bro!" Yeah, he sounded slightly more annoyed in the UK version. Not sure why they edited this, but whatever.
- Okay, so.. y'know that bit where Eileen's pretty much getting aroused over Rigby? (Well, there's a sentence I never wanted to type. x__o;) It was.. weirdly edited over here. This is how the scene originally goes: Eileen watches Rigby, her eyes dilated, and says, in a somewhat dazed voice, "Feel better now?" She then coughs, and repeats in her normal voice, "Feel better now, Rigby?". Well, for some reason, the UK censors felt it necessary to move the part where she coughs, so in the UK version she says "Feel better-" before coughing; the scene then progresses as normal. I.. guess they were trying to make it less risque? It's still obvious what's going on, though, so.. :/
- Mordecai's line, "We had to break up.. Didn't want to end up as British dirtbags, so.." was changed to "We had to break up.. Didn't want to end up as two losers, so..". I.. don't have to explain why they cut this, right? |D; Can't really blame 'em, I didn't like the original line either. -shrug-

Bad Portrait - season five, episode twenty-four (original airdate: 10/11/14)
- No edits, yaaay.

Video 101 - season five, episode twenty-five (original airdate: 10/11/14)
- No edits.

I Like You Hi - season five, episode twenty-six (original airdate: 29/11/14; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- Yuji's line "And that was the day.. I lost my innocence.. at making coffee! Not at making out with girls! I did that WAY earlier... TO THE EXTREME!" was edited slightly; "making out" was changed to "hanging out". Close enough.. although, personally I think the censored line actually sounds more risque. But hey, maybe I'm just gutter-minded..

Play Date - season five, episode twenty-seven (original airdate: 17/11/14)
- No edits.

Expert or Liar - season five, episode twenty-eight (original airdate: 02/03/15)
- Man, CN UK are getting really picky about scenes involving punching lately.. okay, so, you know the guy near the beginning of the ep that yells "You make me sick, liar!" and then punches Rigby? Well, apparently all this punching was too much for the UK censors, so the UK version changed it to him pushing Rigby instead. He's still a jerk, either way.
- Another violence-type edit; the scene where Rigby jumps on that punk-type dude is a little different in the UK version of the ep. This'll be hard to explain, but let's see.. originally, after Rigby tackles him, the punk guy grabs Rigby, holds him by his backpack, and then punches him away. This was changed to him grabbing Rigby by the wrist, swinging him round, and then throwing him away, if that makes sense. (I should note that Rigby's black eye in the following scene was *not* edited.) Poor Rigby, he gets put through hell in this ep.

Catching the Wave - season five, episode twenty-nine (original airdate: 23/03/15)
- The line, "Uh, yeah. Peachy's dead." was changed to "Uh, yeah. Peachy's done." Despite this, all the other death references, etc, were left in the ep.. I don't get it, either. -shrug-

Gold Watch - season five, episode thirty (original airdate: 02/03/15)
- Another animation edit.. although I can kind of understand this one (I'm guessing CN UK might have been nervous about showing a cop committing acts of violence, but that *is* just a guess). Anyway, originally, the cop hits Benson before arresting him; the UK version, on the other hand, has him pushing Benson instead. Pretty similar to the edits in "Expert or Liar", yeah. Man, what is this guy's deal, anyway?

Paint Job - season five, episode thirty-one (original airdate: 09/03/15)
- A really, really weird edit. Okay, so y'know the opening scene, where Mordecai's trying to launch those pizza pouches at Rigby's mouth? That was all kept in, nothing was cut. However, for some reason - I have no idea why - the UK version edited the animation, so Rigby is holding a plate for the whole scene. What the hell. I have no idea why they'd change this.. @__@; Pizza pouch launching, now with plates, and again, and again, and agaaaain, and once more for good measure.

Take the Cake - season five, episode thirty-two (original airdate: 09/03/15)
- Okay, you know the angry cake shop lady in this episode? Her line, "LINE CUTTERS! LINE CUTTERS GONNA GET CUT!!" was changed to simply "LINE CUTTERS! LINE CUTTERS!!" (and since this probably doesn't come across in text - yes, they did redub the whole of the line, they didn't just cut half of it out). However, her brandishing the cake knife at Mordecai and Rigby was kept in, surprisingly. I would've thought they'd have cut that as well. Not that I'm complaining, of course. -shrug- As a side note, I believe they also re-animated her mouth slightly, so that her lipflaps matched up with the new line. If that makes sense.
- I'm not 100% sure if this *is* an edit or not, but I think it's worth mentioning just in case. I believe the beeping noises in the background of the hospital scene at the end of the episode were quietened in the UK version. They're still there, but they're *much* less noticeable than in the original, uncut version of the episode (to the point where I thought they had been removed entirely at first). I listened to both versions with the volume turned right up several times and I'm definitely noticing a difference, but again, it could just be me, I suppose. -shrug-

Skips in the Saddle - season five, episode thirty-three (original airdate: 29/11/14; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- Haha, I knew this one would be edited. (You know that expression everyone except Muscle Man and Fives makes after hearing this line? That was the exact expression I made when I first saw this part :P) Muscle Man's line, "You know who else likes to polish people's rocks?" was changed to "You know who else dabbles in petrology?". ..Got to hand it to the censors, this edit actually taught me something new (dunno about you guys, but I certainly didn't know what petrology was before hearing that line :p).
- Skips punching the T-Shirt Guy in the face was edited, also. I'm not entirely sure how to describe this edit, so just bear with me. In the original version, Skips pulls his fist back and then slams it into the guy's face, right? Well, in the UK version, he kind of swings his fist instead, then we see the guy flinching (the UK version doesn't show Skips' fist actually connecting with the guy's face, but the edit isn't 'choppy' or anything - not like the new animation in, say, "Sleep Fighter". It's a very smooth edit). The 'punching' sound effect was kept in, though. I guess they just wanted to tone it down a little? idk. I guess Skips is one of those guys that punches faces instead of breaking thumbs, huh?

Thomas Fights Back - season five, episode thirty-four (original airdate: 16/03/15)
- Ready for a pointless edit? Okay, here we go! Muscle Man's line "And no starch this time! It wreaks havoc on my pepperonis." was changed.. to "And no starch this time! It wreaks havoc on my chimichangas." Because that's obviously much cleaner than the original line.. -bangs head against wall-
- Another redubbed line.. Gene's line, "They're trespassing. Fire at will." was changed to "They're trespassing. Tomato blast 'em.". I guess they wanted to make it clear that those were tomatoes that were being shot, and not, y'know, bullets. I mean, the next scene makes that obvious *anyway*, but I guess they wanted to play it safe. Can't really blame them, I guess. -shrug-

Bachelor Party! Zingo!! - season five, episode thirty-five (original airdate: 20/04/15)
- Quips' line "Please! Spare my life!" was changed to "P-please! Not the face!". Yeah, he stutters slightly in the UK version, idk why. Also, as with "Take the Cake", I'm 99.9% sure they also re-animated his lipflaps to accomodate for the line change. (I'm glad they did, it's much less awkward than having mismatched dialogue/animation. I'd rather they didn't edit anything, of course, but you know what I mean.)
- And yet another inane, pointless (and other such synonyms) edit~! The sign saying "People who died trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE" was edited to say "People who stopped living from trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE". ...Does anyone else think "never say die"-type edits like this are really stupid? Death is stated either way, so what's the difference? :/ Where'd they get the coffin-shaped frames from, anyway? I want some.

Tent Trouble - season five, episode thirty-six (original airdate: 20/04/15)
- The announcer's line, "Remember, this is an unsanctioned fight in a two-star restaurant! We are not liable for any injuries or deaths!" was changed to "Remember, this is an unsanctioned fight in a two-star restaurant! We are not liable for any permanent damages!". Another death cover-up, nothing special here. I'm pretty sure they re-animated his lipflaps to match the new line, too.

Real Date - season five, episode thirty-seven (original airdate: 14/02/15; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- No edits.

Season Six

Maxin' and Relaxin' - season six, episode one (original airdate: 27/04/15)
- No edits.

New Bro on Campus - season six, episode two (original airdate: 27/04/15)
- No edits.

Daddy Issues - season six, episode three (original airdate: 04/05/15)
- The title card for this episode (along with the storyboard credits, etc) have, so far, not been shown over here. Again, it's not really an *edit*, but I figured it was worth noting anyway.
- Rigby's line, "Hey, man, what's with the balls?" was changed to "Hey man, what's with the golf balls?". Kind of overzealous, don't you think? :p I should add that the delivery of the censored line is slightly different; Rigby sounds less irritated, and the line is said super quickly (they didn't reanimate the lipflaps and this shot goes by pretty fast, so I'm guessing they were concentrating on getting the line to fit). (Thanks once again to Jo Po for pointing this out to me!)

Terror Tales of the Park IV - season six, episode four (original airdate: 27/10/15)
- So I didn't plan on checking through any eps after "The Real Thomas" (see below). Then this episode happened. I noticed while setting other stuff to record that this episode was showing up as being in a shorter timeslot than it should be, and I couldn't resist recording it to find out why; I assumed it was an error. Well, no, it turns out that it was in a shorter timeslot because they cut half of the episode out. (The original ep runs for about 22 minutes including opening and ending credits; the UK version runs for a bit over 12 minutes) So here we are. To start off with, the title screen was edited. The "Terror Tales" title card was cut out entirely. The background gradient was changed from red to blue/purple (what do they have against red gradients? They did this in "The Real Thomas" too), and the title card for "Scary Movie Night" was cut, as that's the short that was cut out. Additionally, the background music was cut and replaced with the usual clicks. Here's a comparison shot. (Note that despite the "Terror Tales" title card being edited out, this episode IS still referred to as "Terror Tales of the Park IV" by CN UK. The episode title is still the same, even though it doesn't show up in the episode itself.)
- Note that, as this episode has an irregular (heh) running time, it ALWAYS airs alongside another episode in the UK. For the premiere airing, this episode was "Happy Birthday Song Contest", but I've seen it paired with other eps, so there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to which ep it gets shown with ("HBSC" was probably just the next episode in the queue). I mean, they generally show two 11-minute eps in a half-hour block anyway, but this one ALWAYS airs like that without exception, if that makes sense.

The Hole
- Mordecai's line, "That's only because you chose Uranus! Hahaha." (referring to Rigby's costume) was redubbed to "That's only because you chose a dwarf star, hahaha." Note that in the UK ver, there's no real pause between "dwarf star" and Mordecai laughing like there is in the US ver, since, y'know, he says more in the UK ver, and all. I believe they reanimated the lipflaps for this line, btw.
- So you know how a bit after the above line, there's a bit where Muscle Man waves his underwear around? Well, that was apparently too much for CN UK's tender sensibilities, so the UK ver has him waving around his shirt instead. I don't get it, either.
- Rigby's line, "Sucks to be you, Pops." was changed to "Tough break, Pops."
- Following up from the first vocal edit of the ep, Mordecai's line "Get him down from there, Uranus" was changed to "Get him down from there, Dwarf Star".
- Okay, here's the first (but not the last, sigh) really big edit. Like usual, I'll describe the scene, and anything in italics was cut. "Pops is thrown to the ground, Mordecai (offscreen) says "There it is". There's a shot of the hole's mouth opening, then a "bird's eye" shot of Pops. Pan over to an overhead shot of the hole, then a "looking down from above" shot with Pops, if that makes sense. Close-up of Pops - High Five's Ghost flies up out of the hole, Pops recoils and cries in alarm. Close-up of HFG's skeleton. Shot of Pops lying on ground." Note that in that last shot (Pops lying on the ground), HFG's skeleton is not visible in either version of the ep; they didn't edit it out since there was nothing there to edit in the first place. Just figured I'd clarify that...
- And another edit. Same scene as above, just a bit later. Again, anything in italics was cut. "Benson shoves Pops and yells "GET IN THE HOLE!" - Pops falls backwards into the hole, screen turns black.. and pans out to reveal him stuck in the hole by his head. Benson says 'huh', then walks over to Pops and continues "Well I guess I could.." and tries kicking him deeper into the hole. Close-up of Pops in the hole; hole struggles a bit, then "dies". "6 Months Later" screen pops up." I guess this was just too violent for their liking? -shrug-

Unfinished Business
- This part of the ep is all about death and ghosts and such, so as you can imagine, it got hit with the edit stick pretty hard over here, lol. They did leave in the general idea of "Mordecai and Rigby are dead" and the funeral and all, though. But anyway, this one has a LOT of body horror and jumpscares and such, making for a lot of precise cuts, and edits are hard to describe in a concise way, so - like I did with the first "Terror Tales", I've made a seperate page with detailed transcripts of what was cut, which can be viewed here. Everything below is a shorter, condensed explanation of the edits; if you want the super detailed version, check out that link. :B
- The scene where Benson first comes face to face, so to speak, with the Mordecai and Rigby ghosts (i.e. the bit where their faces appear in the back of their heads) was cut pretty much entirely. I can't really blame them for cutting this; it's a jumpscare, and a fairly effective one, at that. And the obvious body horror probably didn't help, either.
- Ghost!Mordecai and Rigby going into Benson's arm and freaking him out was cut.
- The climax/ending had a lot of little snippets cut out of here and there, mostly the parts involving body horror (check the above link for more info on that, it's stuff that's hard to summarize). Probably the most notable edit is that Benson's death was edited slightly; in the original/US version, we hear him fall down the stairs, we see the top of the stairs, and then the camera tilts to reveal a dead Benson lying at the foot of the stairs; his ghost then rises up and floats through the wall. Most of this was kept in the UK ver, except the camera-tilt that reveals Benson's dead body. We still see his ghost, just not the body. It's not exactly "new" animation since it's the exact same ghost animation used in the original, just with a different foreground - if that makes sense. It's hard to explain; it makes more sense when you see the two side by side. It's a shame, too; that camera move in the original was pretty slick.

Scary Movie Night
- This is a "not an edit but I figure it's worth noting" sort of note; the US version has the ad break halfway through the episode, after it pans up to reveal Muscle Man's mother's trailer and lightning cracks in the background, it fades to black, then after the ad break, the episode fades back in to show the gang walking through the woods. Despite the fact that the UK version doesn't have an ad break halfway through the ep (due to being ~12 minutes instead of 22 minutes), this fade out/in was kept in over here. (Which makes sense - I doubt there'd be any way of smoothly cutting it - but I figured it was still worth mentioning.)
- So again, the whole of Rigby's story was cut. No little snippets here and there, the whole thing was just cleanly edited out. To be more specific, everything between Benson's line "We didn't come all this way just to turn back now" and Muscle Man's line "Whatever, dude. We're here." was cut. Now, the real question is - why the heck did they edit this?! It's hardly the worst segment in the ep ("Unfinished Business" is way more graphic, if you ask me), and pretty much all of the really questionable parts were short enough that they probably could have been cut without shortening the running time too much. I can understand a lot of the edits they make to this show, but this one just baffles me. All in all, about 9 minutes were cut from the episode.
- That's the last actual cut, but we're not done yet! Some of the credits are slightly different in the UK version. (Yeah, they actually showed the credits for once, amazing.) My guess (and I must stress that I'm just guessing, I could be wrong) is that the missing credits were added into the US version at the last minute, but the copy of the episode that CN UK were given had an earlier, erroneous version of the credits. If that makes sense. Either way, I don't think this is anything to do with CN UK themselves, per se; I think it's just an error that slipped through the cracks. It's still a difference between the US and UK versions, though, so that's why I'm noting it. Anyway, here are some comparison shots.

The End of Muscle Man - season six, episode five (original airdate: 18/05/15)
- First off, as with "Daddy Issues", the title card for this ep hasn't been shown over here yet. Idk why, either.
- Okay, this episode is basically "Death Subtext: The Episode", so obviously there were a few edits made. I'd just like to say first, though, that they handled this episode really well; nothing was outright cut. Considering the subject matter, and how CN UK usually treat anything relating to death, I was pretty impressed by this. So anyway, onto the edits. Originally, after Muscle Man says "I have some news", the other guys exchange confused glances. The UK version replaces this with a close-up of Muscle Man walking up to Benson (new animation), and muttering "Wait'll they get a load of this surprise.." to himself. I'm guessing that was the trade-off; all the death subtext can be kept, as long as it's clear right from the off that he's not *actually* going to die. Which ruins the "punchline" of the ep, of course, but personally I much prefer this to them doing a hack-and-slash job. It could have been a lot worse, let's face it. Wow this comparison pic looks weird out of context.
- A similar edit to the last one; originally, when we see a close-up of "dead" Muscle Man lying on the statue, he keeps his eyes shut for the whole scene. The UK version adds in some new animation to this part, to make it perfectly clear that he's still alive; in the UK ver, he briefly opens his eyes, glances at Death, then laughs quietly to himself before shutting his eyes again. C'mon Muscle Man, you're gonna ruin your own prank.

Lift With Your Back - season six, episode six (original airdate: 11/05/15)
- Again, the title card wasn't shown... weird. I really don't think they'd intentionally cut these out (that wouldn't make any sense at all, for a variety of reasons - for one, it means the storyboarders and writers, etc, get no credit for their work), so I wonder what's going on :S. The episode itself had no edits, though, so that's something.

Eileen Flat Screen - season six, episode seven (original airdate: 14/09/15?)
- Mordecai's line, "Heheh, yeah, Rigby, whip it out" (referring to Rigby's whip, of course) was shortened to simply "Heheh, yeah, Rigby". Guess all the innuendo got too much for them! ^_~

The Real Thomas - season six, episode eight (original airdate: 25/05/15)
- Okay... this episode. Okay. So the basic plot of this one is that the gang find out that Thomas is actually a spy from Russia, right? And so 99% of the episode involves, well, Russia. Well, the thing is... for some reason, CN UK (or S&P, or whoever's in charge of censorship, I dunno) clearly had a problem with the Russian themes in this episode. (I have no idea why; normally I'd theorize about possible reasons they may have found it problematic, but this one's a bit out of my realm of knowledge; I don't know an awful lot about Russia, tbh. After a bit of research, I think it was likely due to continuing tensions between Russia and Ukraine; I guess they didn't want to deal with any potential fallout from airing the episode uncut. Either that or there's some other political-type reason for it that I'm not aware of. However, again, these are just guesses, we don't know for sure why this happened.) So, to get to the point - in the UK version, instead of Russia, Thomas is now a spy from the fictional country of Druznia. Of course, because so much of the episode involves Russia, this meant that many lines had to be redubbed, a lot of animation had to be edited.. etc etc. I think it would be safe to say there were far more things edited than were left intact. I've said "oh this is the most edited episode so far!" before, but this one just blows them all out of the water. Honestly, I'm amazed they even put the effort into censoring this one at all; it probably would've been a lot easier all round to just ban it. (I know, it's a plot-important ep, but hey, they've banned plenty of those in the last year.. -glances at Adventure Time-) But, for better or worse, they aired it, so here I am telling you about what they censored. :B
- The first edit of the episode is also the first thing we see; specifically, the opening credits. The US version has all credits, including the title card, shown first in English, then "re-written" in Russian; the background of these credits is a red kind of gradient. However, the UK version has English credits throughout; they also changed the background to the usual blue/purple gradient (I'm guessing the line of thinking behind that edit was "red = Communism", although that's just a guess. Alternatively, it may have just been easier to change the background to the usual one, who knows. The fact that "Terror Tales of the Park IV" also had its title card gradient changed from red points towards "it was just easier that way" theory, but again, I'm just guessing here..). A side effect of this edit is that, presumably to accomodate for the fact that the credits are now slightly shorter (as they're not shown in two languages, it takes less time for them to be shown), the storyboarders' names are shown on two seperate screens instead of on the same screen. And it just goes downhill from here, folks.
- Originally, when Thomas puts Cartwright (the spy dude from the beginning of the episode) in a chokehold, you can hear Cartwright choking. This was muted in the UK version.
- Thomas' line, "Sweet dreams, Cartwright", was cut.
- In the same scene as the above two edits, when Rigby asks "Is that dude okay?", originally, we hear the sound of crickets chirping. The UK version replaces this with faint snoring (similar to the edit in "Fancy Restaurant"). Because he's definitely not dead, guys! :p
- And here's where the fun really starts. Rigby's line, "When I go look, I see Thomas take some guy out! I think he was speaking Russian, too" was changed to "When I go look, I see Thomas (nap/nab?) some guy out! I think he was speaking Druznik, too" (I'm not entirely sure what he says instead of "take", but that's what it sounds like). So like.. I expected some edits in this episode, since they've been cracking down on violence a LOT lately and there's a lot of it in the episode. I figured *that* would be the main problem, so I wasn't surprised when I heard the first half of the line was edited. Then I heard "Druznik" and I knew we were in for a ride. -sigh-
- So yeah, following on from that, any lines involving the words "Russia" or "Russian" were changed to "Druznia" or "Druznik", respectively. However, no one's names were changed, and everyone that had a Russian accent originally still has one in the UK version. So I'm not sure why they even bothered editing it, as it's obvious that they mean Russia.. :/
- And here comes the first "proper" animation edit (if you don't count the title card). Originally, the sprinkler head has the Russian word for "Caution!" written on it. The UK version erases this text and replaces it with... nothing. Yep, Rigby just looks at a blank sprinkler and somehow comes to the conclusion that there's "Druznik writing" on it. Awesome. Just look at that Druznik writing. So beautiful.
- When Muscle Man says "Okay, this guy's not dead" (with regards to the unconscious dude in the kitchen cupboard), the UK version once again adds in faint snoring noises. C'mon, he just said he's not dead, we get the picture already!
- To break things up a bit, here's an edit that has nothing to do with violence or Russia! Benson's response to Natalia producing handcuffs off-screen was completely changed. Originally, he says "Oh! Handcuffs! Not sure that these are nec-", in a somewhat giddy/excited voice. The UK version changes this to "Handcuffs? Why would a school teacher need hand-", having him instead sound confused as he says the line. I don't need to explain why this one was edited, right? ^_~
- Rigby's line, "Oooooh, snap! Now we're all boned!" was changed to "Oooooh, snap! Now we're all toast!", again, for hopefully obvious reasons. (So for those of you keeping track at home, so far we've had edits for violence, suggestive dialogue and crude dialogue! And the ubiquitous Russian edits, of course. We've got the full variety of edits out tonight, folks, and it just gets better from here.)
- Originally, after Rigby says the above line, Natalia punches him. As is quickly becoming the norm for these kind of scenes, the UK version changes it to her swatting/slapping him. This is one of my favourite Rigby expressions ever, it's amazing.
- Thomas' backstory flashback sequence was edited quite a bit.. first off, this shot was cut entirely. His line, "I was born on a cold winter's night in Kiev" was shortened to simply "I was born on a cold winter's night." The full shot of the building following that line was also cut.
- Also during the flashback sequence, some scenes have Russian buildings visible in the background; these are painted away in the UK version. These are called "onion domes", btw! Another thing I learned through writing this comparison. (Please note that despite this edit, this shot from later on in the scene was not edited, I'm guessing because it goes by so quickly, so it's easy to miss)
- Every spoken instance of "KGB" was changed to "M.O.M". No idea what "M.O.M." is meant to stand for, if anything. (Knowing what censors are like, it's entirely possible that they just picked three letters that would fit the lipflaps for "KGB".)
- Originally, the projector screen shown in the flashback has Russian writing on it (I'm not sure what it translates to, sorry); the UK version changes this to read "Operation Parklift" in English. The following shot was also changed; "CCCP" is changed to "Druznia" (pretty bad edit, if you ask me, it doesn't match the rest of the text at all) and the little map of the USSR was also edited slightly, since I guess they realized it'd be silly to replace everything else but leave the map intact (which.. I mean, you've kind of got to give them credit for being so thorough. I guess that's /something/). Does anyone else flashback to early 2000s anime dubs when they look at that first edit? So 4Kids-ish.
- Also in the flashback sequence, the grey thing that's lowered into the ground (I'm not sure what it is tbh, a giant fan or something?) had "CCCP" erased from it in the UK version. I'm surprised they left the star on it, to be honest.
- After Muscle Man smashes the vase over the Russian guys' heads, the UK version again adds snoring noises in the background (after the dude cries out in pain, and over the last part of MM's line, "Let's find Mordo and Rigs"). Heh. So you can show scenes involving blunt object trauma, as long as it's clear that no one's dead. Good to know.
- Originally, when the gang are lead outside all tied up, Natalia is holding them at gunpoint; her gun is painted away in the UK version. Love that finger gun in the last shot.
- Ah, the control box. They had a lot of fun with that thing. Anyway, the first time we see it, the initials "CCCP" and "KGB" are again displayed. The UK version replaces this with a little flag and "DSA", respectively. (But I thought "KGB" was "M.O.M" in the UK version? Not sure what DSA could stand for.. maybe Driving Standards Agency, but that seems like a stretch to me.) Thomas' fingernails here always look weird to me, I dunno why.
- The text "Russian Anthems" was erased from the cassette tape over here. Note that the music played in the next scene was not edited, so if that actually is a Russian anthem (I know very little about Russia ^^;), that was left over here. (Admittedly, it'd be really annoying to change the music in this scene, because of all the explosions and such) Blank tapes, wooo!
- Originally, during the "Russian anthem" scene, several onion-domed buildings and statues, etc appear in the park; this scene was cut from the UK version, which just cuts straight to the next shot (the cop cars speeding up to the park) instead.
- Here's where things really start to get "fun". Every time the grey.. rocket.. things (I'm so articulate..) with "CCCP" written on them show up, the text is once again painted away in the UK version. I guess Druzniks don't mark their things, or something.
- This shot was also cut from the UK ver.
- And another shot cut from the UK version due to the presence of onion domed buildings. Those poor, poor onion domes. (Note that in several overhead views of the park in this sequence, these buildings are slightly visible. Unless you can clearly see them, the UK version leaves in all of these shots; they go by pretty quickly and you pretty much need to be looking for them, so I can't blame them for leaving them in)
- "CCCP" was erased from the little flag next to Koshkov. First blank sprinklers and now blank flags, what next?
- "Russia" is once again changed to "Druznia" on the screen-thing shown to the president. I know it's hard to tell but I assure you they edited it in the first pic, too.
- Yet another overheard shot of the park was cut. Those buildings are so gratuitous anyway, there wasn't even really a need to put them there in the first place..
- Every single time the text ("Russia") on Thomas' control box is visible - every time - it's changed to "Druznia" in the UK version. I'm not kidding - even when the text was only slightly visible, it was still edited. I didn't take screenshots of every single time it's shown, because that would be tedious (and damn near impossible - the box gets thrown around a *lot*, making it difficult to take screenshots of), but these pics should give you the general idea: This must have been really annoying to edit, geez.
- The shot of the military screen saying "Russia" was simply cut. I guess they thought it'd be too hard to edit the map this time?
- The red star on the Russian/"Druznik" guy's hat was erased in the UK version (for those who don't know, the red star is a Communist symbol). Nice attention to detail.
- This shot was also cut, as well as Natalia's line that accompanied it ("And thusly..").
- Natalia catching Benson's fist in hers was kept in, however, the close-up of her breaking his hand (as well as the accompanying sound effects) was cut. That's harsh, girl.
- Speaking of Natalia, her line, "IMPERIALIST DOG!", was changed to "NIKOLAI, YOU TRAITOR!" over here. I don't think they reanimated her lipflaps, but I could be wrong.
- Davis slapping his butt was changed to him pointing (gesturing? He moved his arm, so) at it instead. Because that's somehow cleaner? One more for the road.
- Rigby's line, "Dasvidania, Nikolai. You'll always be Thomas to us." was changed to "Goodbye, Nikolai. You'll always be Thomas to us", for obvious reasons. Note that they actually redubbed the whole line here, not just the first part of it (you can tell because he pronounces "always" a little differently in the redubbed line). And.. that's it! Yeah, it was pretty much edited from start to finish. This one was so annoying to go through...

The White Elephant Gift Exchange - season six, episode nine (original airdate: 07/09/15?)
- Two animation edits, both pretty close together, so I'll just list them under the same section. Now, the basic idea of the elf guy beating up Muscle Man was left in, but as is usual with these kind of scenes, the UK version toned down the violence somewhat. First off, the shot of him landing on Muscle Man and elbowing him in the chest was swapped out for a close-up of Muscle Man's face as he reacts. Sorry about the screenbug on the UK screenshot. Then when we next see these two, the US version shows the elf dude punching MM's face, whereas the UK version instead shows him straddling MM and punching him - except that his hands are close enough to the edge of the screen that we don't actually see him punching MM, it's just suggested - while MM's legs fly up in pain every so often. Kind of similar to that one animation edit from "Skips' Story", actually. It's a nice compromise, but I can't help but think the UK version looks kind of suggestive ^_~ I should probably add that the shot directly before this - the close-up of the elf guy flailing his wrists around - was NOT cut or edited in the UK ver.

Merry Christmas Mordecai - season six, episode ten (original airdate: 07/12/15?)
- Time for a pointless edit! Starla's line, "How about a bit of that holiday sugar~?" was changed to "Ohh, you're as sweet as figgy pudding!". So "sugar" is off-limits, now? :s They never had a problem with it before... And yes, the edited line sounds just as stupid as it reads, haha.

Sad Sax - season six, episode eleven (original airdate: 08/08/15; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon.)
- Okay, yeah, first off, they skipped ahead and showed this one BEFORE "Merry Christmas Mordecai", even though it follows on directly from that episode. Because that makes sense. (I know, they don't like to show Christmas episodes in August and I understand that, but c'mon, at least show this one in order. Besides, this ep's still pretty Christmassy, so I dunno why they bothered..) Anyway, this one was surprisingly edit-free, save for a line near the end. Mordecai's line, "CJ, I screwed up" was changed to "CJ, I messed up". ??? They don't normally have a problem with lines like this.. Whatever. -sigh-

Happy Birthday Song Contest - season six, episode seventeen (original airdate: 27/10/15; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon.)
- The dude punching the computer in the advert was changed to him just kinda pushing the computer. Pretty standard by now. Even inanimate objects are not safe from CN UK's 'no punching' rule!

Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special - season six, twenty-four (original airdate: 03/04/16?)
- Mordecai taunting the PlayCo guys was edited a bit over here. Originally he says "Wait wait, more like PlayBlows!", to which the PlayCo guys reply "Hmmm. Well, does THIS (opens briefcase) "PlayBlow"?". Obviously that wasn't gonna fly over here, so the UK version replaced this with "Wait wait, more like LameBros!"/"Hmmm. Well, is THIS (opens briefcase) "LameBros"?". It works well enough in the sense that it matches the lipflaps pretty well (not perfectly, but well enough that you wouldn't notice it unless you were specifically looking for it), but god that's a lame comeback, no pun intended. "LameBros"? That's the best they could come up with, really?

The Movie

Regular Show: The Movie (original airdate: 28/11/15)
- So, the movie! It's surprisingly edit-free, considering. Not to say that it is edit-free, cause they did change some stuff, but it could've been a lot worse. But yeah, there were just a few redubbed lines and one major edit, which is pretty good given that this is the same channel that butchered "The Real Thomas" so badly and all, haha. Anyway, first edit. In the opening scene, future!Benson's line, "Go stuff it, Ross!" is changed to "No way, Ross". Pretty obvious edit, since they didn't bother to reanimate the lipflaps to match the new line.
- Rigby's line in the arcade scene, "Well, he died" (referring to future!Rigby) was changed to "Well, he's gone".
- Muscle Man's line, "Always guard your pepperonis" got redubbed to "Always guard your chimichangas". I still think "chimichangas" sounds worse...
- More death edits! Of the "just STOPPED LIVING" variety. So originally when past!Mordecai and present!Mordecai see their future-self die, they have a little exchange that's like "Dude, did we just die, dude?" "Yeah, dude". Well, CN UK continue to have a problem with the word "die" (except when they don't), so that was changed to "Dude, are we alive, dude?" "No, dude" over here. These kind of edits are so silly....
- So the one really big edit I mentioned above was future!Ross' death scene, which was cut down considerably over here. These are pretty precise cuts and they're kind of hard to explain, so bear with me here. Now, in the UK ver, we see Ross fall onto the ledge, we see his "Time Is On My Side" tattoo, and we see the long shot of him apparently dead; all of that was kept. Again, I'll explain the scene and if it's in italics, it was cut over here. "Mordecai stands up, the rest of the gang fly in with the ship, land it, then come up behind Mordecai and Rigby. Skips says "you guys alright?", Mordecai says "yeah", then we see a shot of future!Ross, apparently dead. Skips says "Woah. Is he gonna regenerate?" and we see a different shot, a "bird's eye" kind of view, as Mordecai says off-screen "No. The fall must have broken his neck-collar." Cut back to a close-up of Skips saying "Let's do what we came here to do." Then we get Rigby's apology, etc; the scene progresses as it does in the US version, until we get to the part with Mordecai and Rigby dramatically taking the plutonium up to the Timenado. Everything up to, and including, the head-on shot of them doing this is kept in, and then it cuts to the later shot of them actually launching the box. You can kind of tell where they cut it if you're listening closely, as the background music jumps when the cut happens (it's not too noticeable, though). So basically, in the US ver, Ross "dies" and then his neck collar reverses time, he gets his head sliced off and basically gets a fate worse than death, etc. In the UK ver, all the neck collar and head-slicing stuff was cut, and he just dies the first time. (And they did indeed imply that he was dead, they didn't dub in any breathing sounds like they've done before, or anything like that) It sucks that they cut it, but at least they kept the idea of him dying in; they could've just cut the whole scene, it's not like they haven't done THAT before.. Anyway, that's the last edit in the movie, everything after that was left as-is. :)

Season Seven

The Dome Experiment Special - season seven, episode five (original airdate: 02/04/16?)
- So this one was... surprisingly edit free, considering. However, right at the end, the part where the guys all pull out knives? Well, in the UK ver, their knives are replaced with different weapons (baseball bat, lead pipe, etc). Except for Benson, who gets to keep his. (I'm guessing that's because a) he has it at his side for most of the ep and he's jumping all over the place with it, it would be *really* annoying to cut and/or b) his knife is really more of a sword, so it's less "realistic" than the other weapons - the fact that he's dressed like an extra from an 80s post-apocalyptic movie probably helped with this. But who knows, really; censors are weird about stuff like this) So let's see.. edited weapons, and again, and again, and again, and again (no, I don't know why Fives is weapon-less in both versions of this shot), and one more for the road. Note that despite this, they did NOT edit the sound effects that accompany this scene, so yes, their various weapons still make knife "shing" noises. Awesome.
- This one is really, really bizarre. Like, I've seen a LOT of weird edits on this channel, but this one really threw me off, it's so nonsensical. So at the end of the ep, Mr. Maellard says "Alright! The experiment was a test to see how the park and its employees would do in a zombie apocalypse", right? That much was kept in over here. However, Mordecai's response to this was changed for no flippin' reason. In the US, he replies "A zombie apocalypse? Seriously?", in the UK, it's changed to.. "In space? Seriously?". WHAT. I.. what.. WHY would you do this?!?! There's nothing wrong with the original line - they kept Maellard's line before it - honestly the only thing this accomplishes is that it kind of spoils the twist at the end of the season. I honestly have no idea why they'd do this; this is about as nonsensical as "Paint Job"'s 'plate edit' if you ask me. I'd *love* to know the logic behind this one. Also, note that while Mordecai's lipflaps match the edited line well enough, they're *just* off enough to lead me to believe that the animation was cut in a way to make the lipflaps match, rather than the lipflaps being reanimated entirely. If that makes sense.

Terror Tales of the Park V - season seven, episode nine (original airdate: 31/10/16)
Mr. Boss Man
- CN UK don't seem to like jumpscares (does anyone?), so the scene where Mr. Boss Man first talks to Benson was edited slightly. As usual, I'll describe the scene, and anything in italics was cut: "Benson walks up to the Mr. Boss Man doll lying on the ground. He picks up the doll; the "camera" pans up as the doll is picked up. There's a shot of Mr. Boss Man's back. The camera zooms in as Mr. Boss Man's head snaps back to face Benson; he says "This is my house now!!". Benson screams and flings the doll; it hits the wall, bounces off the end table and lands face-down on the floor. Close-up of Mr. Boss Man lying on his arm; he looks up and says "you don't deserve this job!", then stands up." Pretty straightforward edit. I think the background music got redone slightly for the UK version; the music sting that accompanies the jumpscare in the original is missing from the UK ver, and the music doesn't "jump" after the cut scene, if that makes sense.
- This next edit, however, is a LOT more drastic. Basically, the whole climax of this segment - with Mr. Boss Man chasing Benson to the park house and getting decapitated by the salad guillotine - was cut out entirely. Why? I dunno, either. Guess it was too ~*scary*~ for CN UK's tastes. It kind of sucks, since the UK ver just.. ends, and also it makes the earlier scene with Mordecai and Rigby pointless (since it sets up for the climax), but there you go. Anyway, it isn't quite a clean edit so I'll describe what was cut: "Mr. Boss Man's head spins around; Benson freaks out, opens the door and runs out. Close-up of Benson running out of the door, then he stops suddenly and looks down. Turns out the doll has grabbed his ankle! Benson grabs the door handle and slams the door shut on Mr. Boss Man several times, cracking his head in the process. Mr. Boss Man laughs and says "Benson, you're cracking me up!". Cut out to show both Benson and the doll, still stuck in the door - Benson runs offscreen. Cut to the next shot, of Benson running up to the park house." So basically, the UK ver *does* show the close-up of Benson starting to run away, but they cut away before showing him stopping. After this bit, the US version continues on to the rest of the scene (Mordecai and Rigby inside the house with the guillotine), but the UK version instead cuts straight to the white flash scene transition that ends the segment (the "smart.. smart.." dialogue echoing in the background of this bit was muted from the UK version). If that makes sense.. Oh, the music does skip a little over the white flash bit, due to these edits. Heh, it just wouldn't be Terror Tales without a major edit, right? ^^;

- No edits! Yup, they even kept in the shot of Pops decking the cop in the face.

Going Up
- The ending of this segment was edited a bit.. first off, they actually kept in most of the repair guy turning into a zombie, which amazed me, given how graphic it is. It was the bit after that that they edited, and even then, they left in more than I expected. This one's a little tricky, so I'll describe what was cut, then I'll explain what replaced it. Again, if it's in italics, it was cut over here: "Repair guy stands in the elevator and turns into a zombie, head lying on one side. HFG screams, Celia just stands there. Shot of HFG looking into the elevator all D8 as we see a full-body shot of the repair guy, who says "I need help with.." - he grabs Fives, while Celia looks horrified - "some repairs.." HFG is pulled back into the elevator. Celia reaches out after him and screams "Fives!"; at the same time, the repair guy says "Give me a hand..." Shot of the repair guy holding HFG, who screams "Celia!!". As he screams, black bars - i.e., the elevator doors - come in from either side of the screen, until the whole screen is black. HFG continues to scream through the end of the scene. Shot of the elevator numbers moving, then a shot of the elevator going the shaft until it bursts into flames. There's a white flash and then we cut back to HFG at the party." Now, in the UK version, after we see that full-body shot of the repair guy, it cuts back to the previous shot of him twitching with his head to one side, and then black bars come in from either side of the screen until it turns black (same basic idea as in the US, but the UK ver uses edited animation). Also, there's a slight jump/skip in Fives' screaming in the UK version; it's easy to miss, but it's there if you listen for it. So basically, in the US version, HFG and the repair guy both die in the elevator crash; in the UK ver, only the repair guy does. Note that despite this edit, the UK version DID keep in the sounds of HFG screaming offscreen. I don't get it, either. This looks weird out of context since they're not really all that different, lol.

- This one's just stupid. It's the last edit of the episode, though, so that's something, I guess. It's another little snippet that requires describing.. so, once more, anything in italics was cut from the UK ver. "Mordecai and Rigby are walking down the street. Teenager #1 shouts "hey look!", and there's a close-up of these three teenagers walking/skating in the road. Teen #1 continues, "That kid's dressed as a box of fart medicine!" The teens stop walking/skating and start laughing. Cut back to Rigby, who says "Oh no way!", and turns around to reveal that there is, indeed, a "Gas Be Gone" ad on the back of his costume. Still with his back to the screen, Rigby says "Where?" Close up of Mordecai, who gasps and says "Oh no, dude! You didn't paint the back?" Cut back to Rigby, who looks at the back of the costume." I don't... really get this edit either; it's a "missing the forest for the trees" sort of thing, imo. Like, why cut the teenager's line but keep in the shot of the box? -_- And yes, they did cut Rigby's second line in the scene, for whatever reason.

Pam I Am - season seven, episode thirty-two (original airdate: 24/10/16; aired as part of a Regular Show marathon)
- Fairly stupid edit here.. CN UK seem to be cracking down on gross humour lately, which I suppose is fair enough, but this one's pretty mild, all things considered.. anyway. Again, if it's in italics, it was cut: "Benson says, "The burp! Pam! You gotta burp!". She burps quietly; Benson says "You gotta let it rip!", she does, to which Benson says "Nice!". They float down; Pam says "it worked!", then she and Benson both burp again. Pam says "Best lunch ever!", Benson replies "Except the fan!", and then they land." Not much to say about this one, really. -shrug- It is what it is.

Season Eight

One Space Day at a Time - season eight, episode one (original airdate: 05/06/17)
- No edits.

Cool Bro Bots - season eight, episode two (original airdate: 05/06/17)
- 'Kay, so, you know the montage in this one? The one where it looks like the Bro Bots are gonna kill the guys but really they're being nice to them? That one? Well, *most* of that was kept in, but the part of it w/ Eileen was edited slightly. Specifically, this shot, where Eileen looks back to see the Bro Bot's hands bringing the length of rope up to her neck, was cut. Looks like this was another "we'll let the implications go so far, but this is the limit" situation. Meh, I'm just surprised they left in as much of it as they did...

Welcome to Space - season eight, episode three (original airdate: 05/06/17)
- Been a while since we've had a stupid animation edit.. or maybe it hasn't, I haven't been keeping up with the eps, after all ^_~ Anyway. In the US version of the Wing Kingdom scene, Benson gets thrown into a dumpster. Makes sense. However, apparently CN UK took deep offense to this dumpster, so in the UK version, it's a cardboard box. Silly.. Okay, seriously speaking, they prolly thought it'd be "imitable", but it's still a silly edit.

The Dream Warrior - season eight, episode seven (original airdate: 08/06/17?)
- Most of the violence was kept in (looks like CN UK might've lightened up a bit.. -crosses fingers-), but apparently this was the limit. Fair enough. As usual, I'll describe the scene and anything in italics was cut from the UK airing: "Nightmare Alien says "Pops! I didn't want it to come to this.." - he has Rigby in a chokehold - "..but now, you're gonna tell me where you live." Close-up of Pops w/ single tear; he says "No". Cut back to Nightmare Alien who still has Rigby in a chokehold. Rigby says "Don't listen to him, Pops! I can take him-" and then the alien chokes him. Rigby makes choking noises and twitches a bit. Nightmare Alien smiles, then flings Rigby over his shoulder." Note that they did keep in some of the "Nightmare alien choking Rigby" shot; they *didn't* show him actually moving his arms up to choke Rigby, they just kept in the last second or so of the shot where he *is* choking him (where he's smiling) - it's shown just long enough to see it without freeze-framing, but not too long. Rigby's choking noises are muted. Hopefully that makes sense.. I've gotta say, I'm surprised they left in as much as they did.

Stuck in an Elevator - season eight, episode twelve (original airdate: 15/06/17)
- No edits! Which is nice, I like this episode.

The Space Race - season eight, episode thirteen (original airdate: 16/06/17)
- Looks like CN UK's current stance on violence is "just cut out the absolute worst parts"; this one also came through reasonably intact, just with one particular part of the race cut out. Yet again, here's a description of the scene in question, and if it's in italics, it was cut from the UK airing: "Mordecai and Rigby both yell "Asteroid field!!". Hans and Lars dodge the asteroid; it smashes into the orange ship, which explodes. We see a shot from Mordecai and Rigby's POV. The orange ship explodes; one of the drivers, Philippe, smashes against Mordecai and Rigby's windshield. Close-up of Philippe as he quickly says "I just wanted to win that milk can!", and then starts to freeze. Mordecai and Rigby stare in shock as Philippe freezes and then shatters. Mordecai and Rigby scream as pieces of Philippe fly by their ship. Close-up of Mordecai as he yells "fix the hole, fix the hole!!". ...Ehh, can't really blame them for editing this one, tbh. I mean, I wish they hadn't edited it, but I can see why they did.

Terror Tales of the Park VI - season eight, episode nineteen (original airdate: 29/10/17)
- Very very slight edit to the opening sequence: the US version has the usual title card "click" sound effect play when the "Terror Tales" titlte card appears, but it's almost unnoticeable in the UK version - at first I thought it had been muted entirely, but it sounds like it *is* there, just a lot more muted. The other "clicks" are unedited, so I figured this was worth mentioning. It's not really a big deal, though, I'm just nitpicking.

Fear Planet
- It just wouldn't be "Terror Tales" without a major edit! Thankfully, this is the only really *big* edit this time. Anyway, 90% of the scene involving Benson being attacked by the fear sharks was cut; the UK version cuts from Benson's line "They're just figments of my imagination. They can't hurt me, right?" to the shot of Mordecai and Rigby watching from the van as the sharks surround Benson (and eat him, but that's not actually *shown*, just implied), then float away and disappear. I guess this whole scene was just too violent for the censors' tastes, lol. Btw, it's not that noticeable unless you're looking for it, but the music "jumps" due to the fact that they cut a whole scene out - they didn't bother to fix this or anything.
- Much smaller edit this time - sort of a silly one, but also I sort of see where they were coming from, too. As usual, anything in italics was edited out in the UK: "Close-up of Rigby as he says "Almost there!". Shot of Mordecai walking up to the petrol pump/petrol can; Rigby says from off-screen "Alright, you made it!". Mordecai stops, Rigby continues, "The can's on your right!". Mordecai reaches around blindly for the can and then finds it; close-up of him picking up the can. Close-up of Mordecai as he says "Alright.. So far I've kept my mind clear.." Yup, the UK version cuts out the "alright". Also, like with the last edit, the music jumps as the edit occurs. As for why they edited this out.. my guess is that they were uncomfortable with the shot of the petrol pump dropping to the ground, perhaps they saw it as "unsafe" and/or "imitable". (Which it is, of course. Be careful when handling petrol, kids.) Doesn't make much of a difference either way, I suppose.

King-Sized Candy Bars
- Another pretty small edit to start off with. Yet again, if it's in italics, it was edited: "Close up of Eileen as she says "Mosquitos?". Cut to Muscle Man who says "Yeah. Like that one that just landed on my neck." He slaps off-screen; pan out to reveal a vampire clamped onto MM's neck. Close-up of Eileen, who gasps. Cut back to Muscle Man, now being dragged backwards into darkness by the vampire. Close-up of Eileen, who screams and runs off-screen. Cut to shot of Mordecai, Rigby and Skips in the kitchen." Note that unlike the last two edits, the music did NOT jump with this edit - it's like that in the US version, too. (The rather jumpy, conspicuous cut between Eileen running offscreen, and the shot of the guys in the kitchen, is also present in the US version; it's actually *not* a result of shoddy editing on CN UK's part, lol.) Note that despite this edit, they did NOT cut out the later shot of Skips being dragged away by the vampires, because.... because CN UK logic, that's why.
- CN UK didn't like showing any of the vampires being stabbed, so these next few edits are much the same. Stab edit #1: "Eileen shoots a bunch of arrows offscreen. Shot of the vampires looking at her. Arrow comes in from offscreen and pierces through the right vampire's chest; he hisses and then explodes into dust." It's hard to really put these next few "stabbing edits" into words; they're very precise, slick edits. I'll give CN UK this, this was VERY well-edited; I don't think you'd be able to tell it was censored unless you'd seen the original version. Basically, with all of these "stabbing edits", they do show the arrows flying towards the vamps, but cut to them exploding into dust just before the arrows actually hit them, if that makes sense. These edits go by very, very quickly.
- Stab edit #2: "Vampire jumps from ceiling. Close-up of Eileen yelling "No!!". Cut back to the vampire flying/free-falling towards her; arrow flies in from offscreen and pierces the vampire through the chest; the vamp explodes into dust. Cut back to Mordecai standing in doorway." Same as before; it cuts to the vamp being dusted in lieu of showing him actually being stabbed.
- Stab edit #3: "Shot of Eileen screaming and shooting arrows all over the place. Cut to the vampires running around; an arrow flies towards one and hits him square in the chest. He rears back, hisses, and then explodes into dust." This one goes by VERY quickly.. I didn't think it was quite as well-edited as the other two stabbing edits, but it wasn't really a bad edit (quality-wise, I mean). It is what it is, lol.
- An edit that doesn't have anything to do with stabbing! The shot of Mordecai waving the candelabrum around, then being jumped by the vampires, who fly off-screen with him, was cut - the UK version just cuts straight to Eileen screaming. I'm not sure if it was the vamps biting him (violence!), or the candelabrum being waved around (unsafe action!), that caused this scene to be cut. Maybe it was both, who knows.
- One more edit to round off this segment. Again, italics = edited in the UK. "Rigby looks at the candy and says "wait.. these aren't king-sized.. they're count-sized!" Cut to vampire on ceiling hissing, then it jumps down. Cut back to Rigby standing there blankly; the vamp jumps down onto Rigby and bites his neck, knocking him to the ground. Cut to close-up of Eileen shouting "no! no!!" and shooting arrows everywhere." Just an edit to tone down the violence, nothing too big.

Alien Roommate
- Chance being stabbed was edited, although less edited than you'd expect. The UK kept in the actual stabbing scene (probably because you don't actually see him getting stabbed, just his reaction) and his "whole/hole" joke. The following shot, where he falls to his knees and then faceplants, was mostly cut; the UK version cuts straight to Shannon climbing into the attic (in the US version, the camera pans up with her as she jumps; the UK version only shows the last second or two of this panning shot, if that makes sense). The UK version also cuts Rigby's line "Worst. Roommate. Ever!! First she uses all the hot water and now she's taken Chance out of commission too.", since Chance's body was visible in the shot. The UK version cuts from the shot of Shannon climbing into the attic, to Muscle Man's "That chick really likes her TV" line. (which kinda makes it funnier, imo XD)
- Shannon dragging Recap into the attic was kept in, surprisingly; they did cut the next shots, though. Once more, italics = edited in the UK. "Assorted nuts/bolts/etc fly down from the attic. Close-up of Pops, scared; he looks up and says "Mr. Recap...?". A head falls down into Pops' hands and he says "huh?" and looks down. Close-up of Recap's decapitated, lifeless head; he makes a sad little dying robot-y noise. Cut back to Pops holding the head; he screams and drops the head off-screen, recoils, and then runs out of the room, still freaking out." Pretty smooth, straightforward edit; since the head gets thrown offscreen (instead of being held onto/thrown into the background/etc), they could just cut out the parts they found "offensive".
- And to finish off with, an incredibly stupid and pointless edit! Again, italics mean it was cut over here. "Neil DeGrasse Tyson says "Spaghettification is real."; he eats a forkful of spaghetti, chews, burps, then says, "And delicious!". ...I don't get it, either. I swear they do half of these edits just for the hell of it...

Christmas in Space - season eight, episode twenty-three (original airdate: 18/12/17)
- No edits!

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