OKAY here's a partial transcript of the Regular Show ep "Terror Tales of the Park", specifically "In The House". Since there were so many precise cuts made to this episode, I decided this was the best way of fully explaining it. Text in red was cut in the UK version of this ep. For more info on cuts and edits made to RS in the UK (and theories as to why the following stuff was cut), go here.

It should go without saying, but as this is a transcript of the last 5 mins or so of an ep, this contains SPOILERS!

(Let's start the transcript with the scene where Muscle Man goes gun-happy, makes things easier.)
Muscle Man: Don't talk about my mom!
(Begins shooting every-which-way; 4 gunshots for the closeup)
(We see a shot of Skips, HFG and Mordecai watching from the house with kind of :O faces)
(A shot from the house's [Rigby's?] perspective, of Muscle Man shooting.)
(He shoots ten times [including that 4 above] before getting punched, he falls over and then gets dragged into the woods, shooting upwards all the while. Eventually he is dragged out of sight, and we hear three BIG gunshots, and see some flashes in the woods, then a shot of Mordecai looking out of the window, stunned. Another big gunshot is heard (off-screen). Mordecai rushes offscreen and then runs into the lounge, where Skips and HFG are.)
Mordecai: Did you guys see that?!
Skips: This is not good.
Benson: (panicking) WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO THEN?!
Rigby: (offscreen; VERY high-pitched) Guys...?
Mordecai: What, what is it?
(Loud banging on the door - three bangs - and a closeup to accompany them. Mordecai, Skips and Fives look terrified, and we see a shot of the door.. suddenly, all is still. Then the door creeps open, revealing Muscle Man WITHOUT HIS FREAKING SKIN. He flexes.)
Muscle Man: I told you I was ripped... (collapses)
(M, S and HFG freak out, then start to calm down a BIT. Then we hear the phone ring from off-screen, and, freaking out again, they turn to see what it is.
There's a silent close-up of it, it rings JUST before it goes off-screen. NOTE: In the UK ver, the phone ringing noises were taken from the 'off-screen' part and moved here. If that makes sense.)
(HFG hears the phone ringing, then flies off to it)
Skips: No Fives, wait!
(HFG picks the phone up.)
HFG: Hello...?
Wizard: (on phone) GOODBYE!
(HFG screams, gets sucked into phone, his knife dropping to the floor. We see Skips and Mordecai with :OOOO faces, they scream/react. The phone is in mid-air, just hanging there, and all this white... ectoplasm.. STUFF comes flying out of it. Shot of it hitting Skips and Mordecai. There's a close-up of Skips and Benson gasping; Benson turns around and vomits.. gumballs. :p The phone falls to the ground, and Fives' 'remains' slowly leak out.)
HFG: Worst phone call ever.
(Shot of Skips and Mordecai COVERED in all this ectoplasm or w/e.. yeah. x__x;)
(Mordecai gets punched, and flies off-screen. We see him smash into a bookcase - mysteriously, all the Fives guts ectoplasm have disappeared off him - and he slumps to the ground. Pan up
to Benson and Pops, horrified. They run for it.)

(This is the scene RIGHT after Benson gets flushed down the toilet [wow, that's something I never thought I'd say :p]. Everything between "Benson and Pops look horrified" and this was kept.)

(Pops is standing on the bed, shaking. Slow pan in.)
Pops: (terrified noise) S-show yourself.. (still shaking like a leaf) /Bad/ show.. Very bad show....

(Shot of the door of the bedroom. It opens, and Pops fires his slingshot [or w/e you call those things]; it hits something and we get a quick extreme close-up of Pops, shocked. He's thrown upwards, hits the ceiling and flies off-screen. The wardrobe doors open, and he flies into the wardrobe, which shuts, keels over and poofs into nothingness. Shot of House Rigby.)
Rigby: (distressed) What's happening? (turns head) Hello? Is anybody there?!
(Cut to Mordecai lying against the bookshelf unconcious, covered with books, his baseball bat lying at his side.)
Rigby: (off-screen) Can anyone hear me..?!
(Mordecai's eyes open.)
Mordecai: (coming to) Ugh.. Rigby?
Rigby: (happily/relieved) Mordecai!
Mordecai: (getting to his feet, picking up baseball bat) Don't worry Rigby. (on his feet) I'm here.
(walks forward) I won't let anything happen to you!
(Sudden, something invisible rushes towards him, we hear the sound of something being cut. He pauses with an O_O face, then we hear an kind of 'unsticking' sound [ew...]. Shot of Mordecai's legs; his head falls on the floor, into view.)
Mordecai: Huh. So this is what it feels like to be as tall as Rigby.

Everything after that was 100% uncut :).

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