So the Regular Show episode "Terror Tales of the Park IV", had a lot of edits, but "Unfinished Business" in particular had a number of very specific and precise cuts. Since it would take up too much space to explain this properly on the main page, I figured it'd be best to just put it on its own seperate page. So, text in red was cut in the UK version of this ep. For more info on cuts and edits made to RS in the UK (and theories as to why the following stuff was cut), go here.

(Benson opens front door of house)
(Close up of Benson w/ narrowed eyes)
Benson: Come on, Benson.
(Panning shot of lounge and hallway)
Benson: (o/s) This is what you were born to do.
(Shot of ghost!Mordecai and Rigby from behind)

(Cut back to Benson; close-up)
Benson: They are so fired.
(He walks up to ghost!Mordecai and Rigby; we still only see them from behind.)
Benson: Mordecai and Rigby... You're....
(Suddenly, faces appear in the back of Mordecai and Rigby's head, accompanied by an appropriate music sting.)
(Benson falls backwards, screaming, and lands on the ground. Ghost!Mordecai and Rigby float over him into the kitchen, laughing. Shot of Benson on ground, squinting after them. He stands up, dusts himself off and starts walking away.)

(Shot of Benson walking over to the kitchen, as ghost!Mordecai and Rigby continue to laugh off-screen.)


(tiny ghost!Mordecai and Rigby land on Benson's desk, giggling; he swats at them like bugs.)
(Ghost!M+R go inside Benson's arm)
(Benson's eyes dilate, ghost!M+R fly out of his eyes and laugh)

(Benson flops onto the ground, weary)


(we see a calendar; the "November" page tears away and we see the page for December)
(Benson runs up the stairs screaming, pursued by ghost!Mordecai, who has two mouths full of sharp teeth)
(December page tears off to reveal the page for January)
(Shot of Benson walking down the corridor)
Benson: (to himself) Gotta fire 'em...
(Ghost!Mordecai taps Benson's shoulder)
(shot of ghost!Mordecai w/ ghost!Rigby sitting in his mouth, standing one side of Benson, and ghost!Rigby - who's wearing trousers - standing the other side.)
(Ghost!Rigby turns and moons Benson, except we see Mordecai and Rigby's heads in place of his butt)
(Benson falls backwards, screaming. Ghost!Mordecai and Rigby float offscreen laughing as Benson lies twitching on the ground.)

(Ghost!Mordecai and Rigby fly through the closet doors.)
(Benson sits back and straightens up, annoyed. He runs after them and flings open the closet doors.. but there's no one in there.)
Benson: (exasperated noise)
(He turns around to see ghost!Mordecai and Rigby fused into this ghost... monster... thing)
(They screech at Benson, who falls backwards and lands on the ground)
Benson: So.. so scary...
(he notices the video game console lying next to him)
Benson: Their video games!
(Benson sets down the console, plugs it in and triumphantly turns it on. He hides behind the TV as ghost!Mordecai and Rigby laugh and sit down to play.)
Benson: Hook, line and sinker... (jumps out from behind the TV) Youuuuuu're FIRED!
(Ghost!Mordecai and Rigby start mutating)
(Close-up of Benson)
(cue flashback)
Mr Maellard: Yeah I dunno much about these newfangled computers, but I do know one thing. A worker is NOT technically fired until you delete them from the employee database.
(cut back to present-day Benson, looking dishevelled)
Benson: The employee database!
(He runs up the stairs; ghost!Mordecai w/ monster teeth flies at him)
Benson: Oh...
(He continues to run up the stairs; ghost!Rigby, also with monster teeth, appears)
Benson: (hiding eyes with arm) No...! (continues to run up stairs) How long are these stairs....

(Cut to Benson's office)
(He runs in; everything's flying around. We see the computer flying by, displaying the employee database on the screen. Benson flies over to it.)
(Mordecai and Rigby ghost monsters fly out)
Benson: (looking away) So scary.
(he swats them away,
then types on the keyboard.)
(Ghost-monster!Mordecai and Rigby pop-up ads appear on the computer)
Benson: Oh! So scary!
(he taps computer mouse and clicks "delete")
(Benson and all the contents of his office land on the ground; cut to black)
(cut back in; Benson stands up, triumphant)
Benson: I did it!
(Ectoplasm appears around Benson's feet..)
Benson: What's...
(..and then around the rest of him.)
Benson: What's going on?
(Benson flies back, then forward)
Benson: Ah!
(Benson's a ghost now. Mordecai and Rigby - normal M+R, not their ghost-selves - walk in.)
Mordecai: You're dead, dude.
Benson: WHAT?
Rigby: Yeah, man, you don't remember?
(Flashback; Benson putting up Halloween decorations at the top of the stairs.)
Mordecai: (wearing scary mask) Benson-look-at-this-mask!!
(Benson screams and falls backwards, Mordecai and Rigby gasp. We HEAR Benson fall down the stairs, but we don't actually see it, we just see Mordecai and Rigby's reactions. Cut to a shot of the top of the stairs.)
(This next bit is a little hard to explain, since it was edited in an interesting way. Originally, after the "top-of-stairs" shot, the 'camera' tilted to reveal Benson's dead body lying at the foot of the stairs. His ghost then rises up and floats through the wall, groaning. Ghost!Benson was kept in, however, the camera-tilt and dead-Benson shot were cut; in the UK ver, we don't move away from that top-of-the-stairs shot. Kind of an animation edit, but not exactly, since the ghost animation is still exactly the same as in the US ver, just with a different foreground. Here's a comparison screenshot.)
Rigby: (o/s) You've been haunting the house for months.
(cue series of flashbacks, starting with a shot of Rigby eating cereal; ghost!Benson flies up and scares him.)
(Mordecai walks up stairs holding a package, whistling; ghost!Benson is there, he startles Mordecai, which startles Benson who flies off, leaving Mordecai alone and confused.)
Rigby: (trying to open a bottle) No, dude, it's lefty-locky-righty-relaxy.
Mordecai: That doesn't even rhyme!
(Ghost!Benson flies up through the floorboards; Mordecai and Rigby react, ghost!Benson is freaked out.)
(cut back to present)
Benson: Then what are you guys doing here? You've RUINED my office!
Mordecai: We're not in your office. This is our office.
Rigby: We got promoted!
(close-up of Mordecai)
Mordecai: And this isn't our office...
(they're in a graveyard now, so the background changes accordingly)
Mordecai: It's a cemetary. (dramatically) AND THAT'S YOUR GRAVE. (lightning crack!)
(Close-up of Benson's grave)
(Ghost!Benson sinks to his knees)
Benson: NOOOOOOO!!
(cut back to actual Benson; end of segment.)

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