Author's Note: This is a rewritten version of chapter five of one of my old Pokemon fanfics, "Hey! Pikachu". I currently do not have any plans to rewrite the other chapters, so I recommend reading the first four chapters before reading this, as parts of this fic will not make sense if you haven't. (Why did I rewrite chapter five and not chapter one, you ask? I wanted to fix something in the original version of chapter five, and got bored.. ;) plus, chapter five is my favourite >w< XD) As in the original, this fanfic contains SLASH, specifically Krazyshipping (Meowth x Pikachu). Please note that I used Japanese names (as I did in the original fic), so Nyasu = Meowth, etc. Also, the song used is (of course) "Hey! Pikachu", and does not belong to me, it's an older Japanese Pokemon song~ Enjoy! :)

"Hey! Pikachu" (Rewritten version)
a Pokemon fanfic by Carrehz (aka Sailor Nibaru, Carrie Clawz, Mew, etc)

They were inside the tent, relatively warm and happy.. it had been a long day, and the two Pokemorphs were glad to rest up and just have some time to themselves for once. Suddenly, without warning, Pikachu turned to Nyasu. "Hey, Nyasu."
The cat-boy turned his head, looking at Pikachu. "Mm?"
"Thanks for today. I.. I really enjoyed it."
"Ah, it's okay. It was fun, wasn't it~?" He leaned back, folding his arms behind his head and leaning on them. "I'm glad ya enjoyed yourself."

They both fell silent, neither one knowing what to say, and stared at the fire. After a few minutes of this complete, rather awkward silence, Nyasu suddenly spoke. "Hey, Pikachu."
The Meowth 'morph continued, still staring into the fire and avoiding Pikachu's eyes. "You are the more experienced one of us, and a difficult rival.. but you don't know you're just a sitting duck."
"What?!" Pikachu said, firing up in spite of himself - what did Nyasu mean, how dare he say that? After the day they'd had together? Pikachu was starting to warm up a bit to his unlikely companion, but now..
"Hey, Pikachu!" He called out again.
"Hm?" Pikachu's ears perked up, curious despite the fact that he was rather annoyed with the catboy.
Nyasu went on, speaking quickly, as if he was trying to clarify his last words.
"Together, we are stronger
It's so~ true
You can't do a thing~"
Pikachu felt his ears flop down, disappointed. Oh. More insults, then. He paused. Well, that's nothing new, I suppose.. maybe.. His head drooped, and he stared at his knees. Did I really think he'd want to be my friend? Did I really-

"What? Pikachu, where are you..?" sigh

Pikachu glanced over at Nyasu, who looked worried. "I.. heh.." Nyasu turned his back to Pikachu, speaking quickly once more, stumbling over the words.. but he had achieved what he wanted, he had Pikachu's full and undivided attention now.. partially because from the brief glance he had gotten of the Nyasu 'morph's face, Pikachu had noticed that he was blushing. Why..?

"I want to see you, Pikachu
For example, that..
You are 'cute' is my reason and-"

Pikachu's eyes widened, shocked. "I- what?! Nyasu, I-"
"My worry for you has a limit!" he said quickly, in one breath, desperate to get it all out.


"Our feelings..
Are they only understood by us?
Our smiles..
Are our desires only understood by us..?"

"Nyasu, please.." Pikachu walked forward, his wrist taking hold of Nyasu's, trying to get the catboy to look at him. Why won't he look at me?!
Nyasu whipped round, as if Pikachu's hand had given him an electric shock. His face was redder now. "Huh? Pikachu?! What are you-"
The other boy just looked at him, still holding onto his wrist. "Keep going.." he whispered, the words falling out of his mouth before he could stop them.
Nyasu blinked, then smiled slightly, and continued, his words starting to turn a little into song, probably subconciously.

"Hey! Pikachu
You are like us -
A super hero
You don't know I yearn for you.."

Pikachu could feel his own face start to flush, what did he mean, what was he talking about?! "I- I, er, I.."

The catboy continued, his eyes closing slightly, as if he didn't want to see Pikachu's response. "Hey, Pikachu."
"I am like you
A comfortable rivalry
Sometimes I envy you."

He cocked his head to one side, surprised. "Really? I didn't kn-"

"I want to see you, Pikachu
As in... um..."

Nyasu was shaking now, his face a bright, scarlet red. Keeping his eyes shut, he blurted out,
"To hug you in a certain way, like a girl
It's not enough...

Our feelings..
Are they only understood by us?
Our smiles..
Are our desires only understood by us..?"

"Nyasu, I.. what are you.."

He kept speaking, interrupting the younger Pokemorph.
"Our feelings..
Are they only understood by us?
Our smiles..
Are our desires only understood by-"
"Nyasu, look at me!"
He opened his eyes at that, and looked down, surprised to see that Pikachu looked angry, upset, even. He pulled his hand away from the catboy's wrist. "Why won't you look at me? What do you mean?" He looked close to tears - another surprising thing.
Nyasu blinked, then said, in a rush, "Pikachu, I often eavesdrop on you.."
"No one is perfect.. I disagree!"

And with those last words said, he leaned forward and kissed Pikachu.