Author's Note: This is just a little drabble I wrote late one night :) First off, this takes place after the ep "Muscular Beaver 3". It's standalone enough that I don't think you'd *need* to have seen the ep to understand this fic (if that.. makes sense..), tho (altho lol, it does spoil the ending of the ep a bit, I suppose). Also, this is a Treeflower/Norb fanfic, so.. well if you don't like that shipping, you know where the back button is ;) Okay, on with the show!

"A Question"
a The Angry Beavers fanfic by Carrehz (aka Sailor Nibaru, Carrie Clawz, Mew, etc)

" why do you like that spoot-head brother of mine?"
She stopped, staring at the younger beaver. She hadn't expected that, certainly.. She paused, lost in thought, then, after a second, smiled, and leaned on his bed.
"Well.. oh, I don't know!" Treeflower giggled. "What isn't there to like about Norb? He's funny, smart, and such a gentleman~" she trilled, aware that she was laying it on just a little thick. She knew perfectly well what the over-confident beaver was really like, but she'd play along with his game, why not.

Just as she'd played along with Dag's ridiculous superhero fantasies earlier on that day. What harm was there in letting people live out their fantasies?

Okay, so what if the day had ended with both brothers catching terrible colds, one of them ending up bedridden? (Norb was, so far, absolutely refusing to go to bed, claiming he was 'fine, really! Don't w-oh-rry about a thang, Tree!') That didn't prove anything!

Daggett burst into laughter, somewhat broken due to his cold, as she'd expected. "NORB? A ge~~ntleman?! Oh boy, that is too funny! Are we talkin' about the sa-" cough, cough
Treeflower turned back to face him, looking concerned. "Oh, Dag, you should really get your rest.. that cough sounds really bad, and if I remember anything from when I was a nurse-"
coughwheeze "-you didn't answer my qu-ay-s'tion." He stared at her resentfully, eyes streaming. She laughed in spite of herself; he just looked so funny!
"W-what's so funny?" achoo! "..nngh.."
"Nothing, Dag~" she said, trying to control herself. She leaned forward, and kissed the other beaver's forehead gently, before getting up carefully, beginning to climb down the ladder resting against the canoe-shaped bunkbeds. Daggett seemed to be temporarily rendered speechless - for once.

Eventually he managed to gasp out something that sounded like "what was that about?!" Treeflower giggled to herself.

"Maybe you'll understand one day, Dag~" she said softly, turning on her heel, walking out of the room. "How wonderful it is to be in love.." She was more talking to herself than she was to Daggett, now.

A few minutes passed in silence, as Dag lay there, contemplating what had just happened, trying to figure it out - and then a thought struck him. An evil grin spread across his face as he laughed softly to himself. "Ohhhh.. Norb is gonna be so j-ay-lous when I tell him what just happened.."