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You are walking around in the rain, not really doing anything, when a glint of colour catches your eye. You walk towards it, and suddenly a bright rainbow is in front of you. You hear a voice saying 'Come through... Come through.. Come through... The rainbooooowwww.... Come throoooooooooough.....'. Weird, you think. You decide to go through the rainbow. As you do, a bright light blinds your eyes. You cover your eyes. When you pull your hands off your eyes, a small catchild is standing in front of you.

"Hiiii!!! CANDY! Candy, candy, candy candy!" yells the girl, rather fast, as if she had had a caffeine or sugar overload.

"What the---? Who are you?" you say rather puzzledly.

"Me... ME SACLERT!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!" the catchild replies

Oh god... I've met a nutter, you think to yourself. "I'm------" Before you have time to reply,the catchild yells,

"PICKLEHEAD!!! Or ummm...... Picklesqueak! YEAAH! HII PICKLESQUEAK!" Saclert yells. You start to protest, but the catchild pulls you along.

"Come onnnnn!!! Come on come on come on! COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" the Catchild yells.



For such a small little cute thing, this catchild sure is loud you think to yourself.

Name: QueenSaclert
Nickname: Saclert (Call me Sackie and you DIE!)
Title: Queen Saclert of the Insane (Except that I am a bit young to be a queen. DON'T LAUGH! King Edward VI was put on the kings chairthing when HE was nine! It's truuuuuuue! Mew-Mew told me!)
Species: Wocky
Colour: Cream (with rainbow markings!)
Birthday: August 1st (Same as Mew!)
Age: 9
Luff: Caine
Kittens: I'M still a kitten!
Pet: Fluffy the Spyder (She's so pretty! *hehe*)
Personality: Very genki (hyper) and insane. Not quite caffeine high, not quite sugar high. More like "inbetween". She likes to stay up on Saturdays with most of the lights off and have a insanely insane party watching Animaniacs episodes taped off the TV xD. Her favourite word is "xD". Does that even count as a word?
Owner-person: Mew

"MEEEP! This is my family peoples! Maybe you could give them a visit, like you have to me, huh huh, Picklesqueak, well?" screams the catchild. You decide to look at her family photo's.

(This is, yeah, under construction ^^;)
Mew: Mew is my owner-person. She's insane as well! AND SHE'S LIKE ME. Maybe my name should be Mew Jr...

Harpe: Harpe is so, um.. strange.. he used to be a werelupe! *screaaams* But, that was before he came to us.

Kittie: Kittie is my sissy! ^^ Sort offfff... *shrugshrug* She likes magic ^^ Kaaaaaboom!

Meep: Meepy is my OTHER sissy! Mew got her from the stoore late one niiiight! Meepy has a feepit for a petpet, and she has a CHAINSAW!!! *bows down to it*

Hannah: Hannah's one of the gelerts that I actually get ALONG with! She's married to Armi-armi.. o-o I like her.. she's nice ^^

You close the book and start to leave. "There's more though! That's just two accounts!" Saclert squeals. There goes my appointment.... you think.

"Anyways, Picklesqueak, some kiiiiind people have drawn me!" she yells. You blink. "So...?" "So you should look at them!!! NOW!!" Saclert screams at you.
Mew's Art

She pulls out a big pocket full of drawings and photos, before pushing it into your hands. "Mew did these, yep yep! Oldest first, newest last!" she screams.

Chibi Saclert

"This was the FIRST EVER picture of me! It's very old... I don't even know when it was taken! It's older than this rainbow!"


"This is a scanned photo! I'm saying hi :333"
Drawn on 21 December 2007

Older Saclert

"Mew drew this! It's me, older. Wowwww I look so serious! And she forgot my pink cheeks!"
Drawn on 21 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

"In this photo I'm saying Merry Christmas! I'm wearing a dress that Mew made for me :3."
Drawn on 21 December 2007

Over the Rainbow

"I look so serious in this one! I'm sitting over the rainbow~ feeling sad.."
Drawn on 21 December 2007

Fruits Candy

"Yaaaayy! I love that song ^^ It's got sooo many Englishy words in but also a load of words I don't understand in Japanesy ;-; Mew-Mew's teaching me to understand Japanesy though!"
Drawn on 8 March 2008


"I convinced Candy-Candy to cosplay with me! ^^ It's also for Fruits Candy. I'm To-mo.." she said, struggling with pronunciation. "To... person. And Candy-Candy is Saku-person! That's her petpet, Kimi, in her arms ^^"
Drawn on 8 March 2008

Kaze to Isshoni

"This is one that Mew-Mew drew of me ;-;.. It's so sad.. I'm older in it, but it still makes me all snuffly.. The song is BEAUTIFUL though! I love this picture though, she even coloured and shaded! But.." she sighs. "That song is too sad!"
Drawn on 18 March 2008

First Kiss

":O! How did this get in here? M-Mew-Mew!!"
Drawn on 1 June 2008

Let the Anvils Ring!

"I love that song! ^^"
Drawn on 16 July 2008

Updated Chibi Saclert

"Since my old chibi was ooldd, Mew-Mew drew another for me ^^ This one isn't in colour, but it's much better than the old one!"
Drawn on 29 July 2009

Happy Saclert

"Wheee, I look so happy!! ^^ Look, Mew remembered my pink cheeks! ^^"
Drawn on 8 August 2009

Older Saclert.. in PEN!

"O.O; Mew likes drawing me older!! I think it looks cool!"
Drawn on 8 August 2009

Brand New Love Song

"Another older picture... lit..." she struggled with pronunciation. "..ral..ly. Mew-Mew drew this aaagess ago, she just forgot to give it to me before now! ^^;"
Drawn on 2 October 2008

Snowball Fight

"Mew-Mew said she's going to do this when it snows over here :o I love snowball fights!! She said she messed up on the tree, though D: Oh well! I still think it's cool!"
Drawn on 30 August 2009

Oekaki Saclert

"Whee! :D Mew-Mew gave this to me when I woke up and said she'd drawn it at 10 am ^__^ I think it looks really cool! She should draw more pictures on this Ohe-kah-kee thing!!"
Drawn on 31 August 2009


"Uwaaah! I learned that from one of Mew-Mew's cartoons, hehe ^^ This is so cute! It's from the video of Koi Wa a La Mode, the Tokyo Mew Mew ending.. I love that cartoon! ^^ and I love this drawing~!"
Drawn on 1 September 2009

Chestnut is what I be

"This is so cool! :O I'm in the bottom corner, can you see me? ^__^ I wish Mew-Mew had drawn me with Cay-Cay though, hehe."
Drawn on 2 September 2009

Do we have to, Saclert?

"Eee!! Mew-Mew drew me and Cay-Cay!! ^___^ She says she's gonna put it on our lookup thingies! ^^ Hehe~."
Drawn on 25/26 September 2009

Updated Chibi Saclert (Colour)

"Yay!! Mew-Mew coloured my new chibi picture! ^w^ Hee! It's so cute, she should colour me more often!"
Coloured on 19 October 2009

Do we have to, Saclert? (Colour)

"Yay, yay, yay! Mew-Mew coloured me 'n Cay-Cay's lookup pictureee! It looks so awesome, yay!!"
Coloured on 3 January 2010

The Meaning of Christmas

"Hehe!! Mew-Mew did this comic of me 'n her, and Cay-Cay! ^^ It's funny! XD Hahaha~!"
Drawn on 13 January 2010

Fly to Me

"Oh, this is so cool!! Mew-Mew drew these pictures sep'rtly, but then she decided ta 'splice them together', whatever that means. It's wallpaper sized! n__n;"
Drawn on 29 April 2010

Another Happy Saclert

"Mew-Mew drew me with coloured lines again! At midnight, hehe ^^;;;. She says it was a 'throwback to my first picture' or something. I like it, I watched her draw it :D she even remembered my red nose for once!"
Drawn on 18 July 2010

Saclert in Markers

"This was one of the first drawings Mew-Mew did with her markers ^_^ She didn't have a black marker when she drew this (she still doesn't!! Baka Priz-ma things!), so she just lined it in blue ^^ Wheee, markers are great! Even if my colours ARE off ^_^;;"
Drawn on 15 January 2010

Saclert and Chihiro

"EEP! DD: Why did Mew-Mew draw me with Chi'iro-person? DDD: She freaks me out!! -hides-"
Drawn on ?? (Lost the date - around November 2010)

Older Saclert and Caine

":D :D It's me 'n Cay-Cay! As teen'gers! :D Mew-Mew said Cay-Cay's arm is too short.. but I don't think it is!! Cause Cay-Cay's short ANYWAYS, hehe! :D It looks so cool, hehe!"
Drawn on 27 February 2011

Saclert and Celtic Gypsy

"..Gypsy-person's weird.. And I don't know how to spell her name.. or say it.. she's got a silly name! >:C Anyway anyway, Mew-Mew was in a Lucky Star mood (I think Lucky Star is one of her anime things) and Gypsy-person happened to be around, so she got us to wear these outfits! They were really cool :DD Although Gypsy-person is kinda weird.. What's up with her? o.O Mew-Mew said we were cosplayin' Ayano 'n Mis.. Misa.. Misa-ow. Isn't that awesome? :D"
Drawn on 14 March 2011

White Day

"I dunno what White Day is, but Mew-Mew said that's when she drew it.. I think she said it's some kinda Japanese Valentine's Day or something.. I dunno. Anyways, she said she was art blocked when she drew this (what is art block? Is it something you can play with? :O), so she doesn't like it much, but I think it's pretty cool!!"
Drawn on 14 March 2011

Older Saclert

"Eee! n__n; Mew-Mew was hyper, so she was drawin' a bunch of things, then she drew me, but I looked too old, so she said it was a 'slightly older' me. It's so cool!! :DD I want her to draw me like this more! ^__^"
Drawn on 14 March 2011

Groovy Love Song

":OO I hadn't seen this one before!! Mew-Mew only just found it and gave it to me. I love it when she draws me and Cay-Cay like this!! ^__^"
Drawn on ?? (Lost the date - late March/early April 2011)

Neopets Everywhere

"Another one I hadn't seen 'til now!! A group pic of me and a bunch of th' other peoples in the mansion. Mew-Mew even added our petpets!"
Drawn on ?? (Lost the date - late March/early April 2011)

Let's just go wild and love each other

"Mew-Mew REALLY needs to take better care of her pics.. I hadn't seen this one before, either! We look so cool like this, even though Mew-Mew says she messed up on the arms. :D"
Drawn on ?? (Lost the date - around May/June 2011)


"Mew-Mew calls this 'the obligat'ry coloured-lines pic of 2012'. But.. I like it when she draws me like this! :D She even remembered my pink cheeks and red nose for once!"
Drawn on 22 January 2012

Quick Doodle

"Mew-Mew said this was just a quick sketch, but I like it anyways n__n;"
Drawn on 30 September 2013


(comments coming soon)
Drawn on 13/14 March 2014 (Mew-Mew couldn't remember which ^^;; Silly Mew-Mew, drawing after bedtime.)


Saclert, Queen of Colour
Drawn by Tib-Chu

"EEEE!! This is so awesome!! Mew-Mew got her friend Tibby to draw itttt, it's so awesome! n__n Thanks Tibby! <333"
Drawn on 20 October 2009

Well Technically
Drawn by Tib-Chu

"EEEEEEEEE!!! Tibby drew me again, it's so awesome!! I really like it, thanks again, Tibby! <3333"
Drawn on 26 October 2009

Fanart for a Watcher
Drawn by Kentara

"[description coming soon]"
Drawn on 26 January 2012

"Yep, yep, some people are kiiiiinddddd! But.... anywaaaaaayyyy! I haven't told you what I love and hate!" Saclert squeals. She sits down and starts talking. Again. Hyperly.

Loves and Hates


"Yepp, that's everything that I love and don't love! Erm.. B-but what's next? Ohhhh yes!! I've got these little adoptie thingies! Mew did them all in a day ^^ Oh, but there are some rules!" She suddenly becomes serious, and then pulls out a little piece of paper and starts to read from it.
"One, no stealing
Two, don't enter in any contests
Three, don't take customs that aren't of your pet
Four, don't erase "w-l5566"
Five, link back or die
Lastly, have fuuuun!"

You nod in agreement, and then say, "So where are these adopties anyway?" She points to a box in the distance - not too far away - and says, "They're in the box!"

To see which adopties have been done and which haven't, click here

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